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Trippy Tapestry Ideas for Aesthetic Stoner Room

psychedelic trippy tapestry

Trippy wall tapestries for sale

Trippy tapestries can be a surprisingly profound statement piece. When you have friends over, it can spark conversation or more importantly, help you reflect in solace on life and what you want out of it. Finding a the right tapestry can instantly get you into the right frame of mind, elevate and inspire you. This is why we’ve curated a list of the best trippy tapestry ideas to set the vibes right. 

Source: Etsy

Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry

indian tapestry
Psychedelic Mandala Tapestry (courtesy of TrippyStore)

This trippy wall tapestry is like looking at a microcosm of the universe. The mandala’s kaleidoscope design will help you achieve the perfect stoner room aesthetic effortlessly. Whether you’re high or simply high on life, this boho tapestry leaves you in a trance, meditating on the beauty of the cosmos.  

Dancing Bear Grateful Dead Tapestry

grateful dead dancing bears tapestry
Dancing Bear Grateful Dead Tapestry (Courtesy of TrippyStore)

The Candyman brought some dancing bears along for your next trip to paradise. The question is, are you ready? You’ll be mesmerized and uplifted by this colorful spiral of frolicking bears as they pull you into the vortex beyond. Listen to a “Friend of the Devil” or “Brokedown Palace” and and you’ll become a Deadhead instantly, that is if you aren’t already. If you were lucky enough to go to a Grateful Dead concert you know that it was quite possibly the happiest place on earth; all about good vibes, honest lyrics and the psychedelic blues that made for mass hypnosis. Stare deep into this Grateful Dead dancing bears tapestry, take a hit and you’ll get a taste for the experience. 

Psychedelic Bear Grateful Dead Tapestry

grateful dead dancing bears tapestry
Psychedelic Bear Grateful Dead Tapestry (Courtesy of TrippyStore)

This retro Grateful Dead bears tapestry looks like it could be a stained glass window in the Chartres Cathedral. Interestingly, the boho tapestry breaks with the conventional mandala with its fun ring of dancing bears against the intricate details resembling stained glass. 

Brad Rhadwood Tapestries

If you’re looking from some of the coolest, trippiest art around that goes well beyond tapestries, Brad Rhadwood’s “derp” inspired collection is one of the most unique by far. The detail, quality and trippy designs will blow your mind. We’ve included a few of our favorite trippy tapestries below but it’s also worth checking out his wood prints, pins and sticker sets.

Psychedelic Mountain Tapestry

Trippy Eyes UFO Tapestry
Trippy Eyes UFO Tapestry (Courtesy of Etsy)

Trippy Mushroom Tapestry

psychedelic mushroom tapestry
Psychedelic Mushroom Tapestry (Courtesy of Etsy)

SuperKnotural Trippy Tapestry

trippy eyes tapestry
Animal Forest Tapestry (Courtesy of Etsy)

Trippy Electric Forest Tapestry

Trippy eyes tapestry
Trippy Eyes Forest Tapestry (Courtesy of IG)

Medieval Unicorn Tapestry

psychedelic tapestry
Medieval Unicorn Tapestry (Courtesy of TrippyStore)

Have you ever been called a unicorn? Do you have a unicorn in your life? There have been many definitions thrown around, some more naughty than others. We define a unicorn as someone who is rare, unique and makes quite the catch. She’s someone who’s smoking hot but down to earth, has a magical energy about her, is NOT batshit crazy (thankfully) and just plain awesome to be around. This psychedelic unicorn tapestry has a 3D effect making the red unicorn look as if it’s floating above the trippy purple and blue background. Let your unicorn know she’s fire. 

Kyoto Nights Anime Tapestry 

moon tapestry
Kyoto Nights Anime Tapestry (Courtesy of Society6)

This anime tapestry features a cat walking down the streets in Kyoto, Japan under a crescent moon. The gorgeous pastel hues of this trippy pink tapestry have a calming effect and transport you to another kind of world entirely. We also recommend, listing to “Alone In Kyoto” by Air for the full effect. 

Dark Side of the Moon Tapestry 

pink floyd tapestry
Dark Side of the Moon Tapestry (Courtesy of TrippyStore)

This Pink Floyd tapestry inspired by the Dark Side of the Moon album cover features the iconic rainbow and triangle at its center but with a twist. It’s surrounded by a blue mandala-like spiral of rabbits, footprints, clocks, pistols, bones, campfires and planes surrounding. Generally, the triangle across cultures has been symbolic for thought, creativity and ambition, while the rainbow is likely a reference to Pink Floyd’s psychedelic light shows. The rest is a mystery, as it should be. Extract your own meaning as you gaze and blaze. 

Pink Moon Tapestry

galaxy tapestry
Pink Moon Tapestry (Courtesy of Society6)

The moon is symbolic across cultures for immortality, wisdom, intuition, love and fertility, among many other themes. It’s been said that the phases of the moon embody the cycle of life and death, perhaps the phases of the human condition. So as you look into this pink moon tapestry, imagine your rebirth and live for today. Life can get complicated but as the moon controls the seasons and the tides, life itself ebbs and flows. 

Majestic Moon Tapestry

ocean tapestry
Moon and ocean tapestry (Courtesy of Original Tapestries)

You’ll be mesmerized by this majestic moon tapestry dead-center lighting up the ocean and surrounded by a sky full of stars. Get drawn into the power of the moon, as it’s gravity pulls on the earth’s ocean’s creating waves and currents. 

Sun and Moon Tapestry

sun tapestry
Sun tapestry (Courtesy of Etsy)

You probably got one Dan Morris birthday card from mom and dad over your lifetime. Well the man is pretty talented, especially when it comes to this celestial sun and moon tapestry design. Feel the warmth emanating from the smiling sun/moon. It makes for a warm welcome, day or night. 

Tie Dye Tapestry 

retro tapestry
Tie dye retro tapestry (Courtesy of Etsy)

Sometimes the simplicity of a tie-dye tapestry is all you really want to brighten up the room. The rainbow explosion of this hippie tapestry adds a burst of color to any space instantly and will surely make you wonder when tie-dye will officially make a comeback.

Acid Bath Trippy Tapestry

trippy tapestry
Acid Bath Pink Tapestry (Courtesy of Electroheads)

It’s hard not to trip with this vivid paint splotched tapestry hanging in the room. The vibrant pinks, blues and bright yellow accent bring dimension to any space and you’ll love to see the colors change under LED light strips.  

Tree of Life Tapestry

floral tapestry
Floral tapestry (Courtesy of Phil Lewis)

If you’re willing to spend a a little more, you’ll love Phil Lewis’ wall tapestries. Personal favorites include his One Love tapestry, Phoenix tapestry, Wolf tapestry, Jellyfish Ocean tapestry and Elephant tapestry but his Tree of Life design takes the cake. The Tree of Life sybolizes a fresh start, which should be encouraging if you ever wake up one day and want to move into a new direction. Also, each tapestry is printed through heat dye sublimation so the colors are especially bright and long-lasting. 

Mandala Elephant Tapestry

mandala tapestry
Mandala tapestry (Courtesy of Sivana Spirit)

If you prefer the look of a large wall tapestry, this rich green Indian tapestry will make the perfect centerpiece measuring 85 x 100 inches. This boho tapestry can even be used as a bedspread, tablecloth or picnic blanket, given it’s massive dimensions.

Skeleton Tapestry

sun and moon tapestry
Skeleton sun and moon tapestry (Courtesy of Wish)

The All Saints’ Day skeleton tapestry features the sun, two crescent moons and a caped skeleton praying against the backdrop of a starry night background. Let the piercing eye dead-center of the sun look straight into your soul and determine your fate.

Crazy Eyes Trippy Tapestry

trippy eye tapestry
Crazy Eyes Trippy Tapestry (Courtesy of Amazon)

This spooky trippy eye tapestry will have you looking at it like Where’s Waldo? Even when you’ve looked at it for the 20th time you’re sure to find something you didn’t see before like a crazy faced clown, one-eyed cat or spooky sloth. It’s definitely a wild statement piece and conversation starter. 

Mushroom World Black Light Tapestry 

glow in the dark tapestry
Glow in the dark tapestry (Courtesy of Etsy)

Ponder on this mushroom universe day or night. This black light tapestry is a high quality sublimation print that glows under UV light. When you change your room to trip mode, BAM! You’ll see this mushroom tapestry in a whole new light. It’s vibrant by day but epic by night. 

Trippy Mac Miller Tapestry

cool mac miller tapestry
Mac miller rapper tapestry (Courtesy of Wazshop)

This black and white Mac Miller tapestry is positively Macadelic with psychedelic brushstrokes and a trippy cloud of smoke. The rapper tapestry honors a true artist who had amazing flow, always a message and really struck a chord with fans. His “Circles” album, released posthumously is beautiful, moving, real and heartbreaking. This tapestry is just a small tribute to a poet, who lives on in his songs.  

Trippy Glitch Skull Tapestry 

skeleton tapestry
Skeleton tapestry (Courtesy of Amazon)

Like a digital glitch, this trippy skull tapestry is frozen in time. For some, there is an intrinsic beauty in death as symbolized by skeletons because they make you realize how precious life is. The skull serves as a reminder that we’re not here forever. The media makes people look perfect, almost immortal but we’re all just human. We’ll all turn to ashes, which makes life all the more beautiful. And while skulls may not be characteristically called cute, this one’s SUPER cute. It’s perfect if you want to add a subtle touch to your space that really pulls the room together.

Surf Ocean Tapestry 

beach tapestry
Beach tapestry (Courtesy of TrippyStore)

Get lost in the eye of the sun as waves crash over you in this 3D ocean tapestry. This dope beach tapestry of a tropical paradise sprinkled with a line of palm trees and a psychedelic wave will sweep across your room. Just don’t forget to put on your sunscreen.

Trippy Sunset Tapestry

mountain tapestry
Mountain tapestry (Courtesy of Etsy)

Is life but a dream? This trippy sunset tapestry may call everything into question, in the best kind of way. The explosive pink sunset peaking through the psychedelic mountains will put you in a welcomed trance. You’ll get the aesthetic stoner room vibes perfectly with this one.

How to Hang a Tapestry on a Wall

Method 1: Some tapestries already have built-in loops which is really best if you want to make sure your tapestry doesn’t rip over time. Whether you want to drape tapestry or have it completely spread out is up to you. If your tapestry has built in loops you can use push pins through the loops to hang. For tapestries without loops you’ll just pin the corners of the tapestry directly. As long as the fabric is not to heavy it shouldn’t tear over time.

Method 2: If you don’t want to damage the walls you can use picture hanging strips with velcro texture on one side and a sticky on the other side. These Command strips can hold normally hold around 15+ pounds. 

Method 3: Another method is to use damage free Command hooks that stick directly to the wall but you’ll need built in loops for these to work. 

Cool Trippy Tapestry Ideas for Bedroom  

We hope you found a cool wall tapestry just for you or at least got inspired! The right aesthetic tapestry, although just a small facet, can become a small expression of you. If you want to hit the drawing board yourself to create the ultimate aesthetic stoner room with your own personal touch,  check out these cool stoner trippy drawings or stoner easy trippy paintings ideas