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Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings

simple easy trippy painting ideas for stoners

Experimental evidence and individual testimonies are a guarantor of marijuana’s highly adorned position amongst art and creativity. There’s no other way to say it: Marijuana undeniably promotes art culture. The fate of the duo are greatly intertwined and they very much complement one another. Cannabis has been a stepping stone upon which many great artists took their baby steps to greater heights. You may view the stoner easy trippy paintings as our contribution to this endeavor.

Photo: Unsplash

Easy Trippy Painting Ideas (with complete tutorials)

The word “Easy” in Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings applies to relatively everyone. For all we know, these ideas can fly out the window the moment the ganja hits. You’re left with the mind of Da-Vinci and the hands of Pablo Picasso to do as your highness (pun intended), lord Cannabis commands. Now that’s where things get really interesting. Depending on your existing level of artistry, results might differ too.

Here are some easy trippy things you can (try to) paint with the extra boost of creativity while high after a few hits from your best glass pipe.

Galaxy painting

acrylic galaxy painting easy
How to paint a galaxy

This is the most soothing and relaxing painting you’ll ever do high. It doesn’t require lots of energy. All you need to do is kick back, relax and wave your brush on the canvas. Slowly and steadily, you can create a beautiful galaxy of your own. Dream big and make your dreams come to life with this easy galaxy painting. There are many great galaxy painting tutorials you can check out below, although some get pretty complicated!

How to paint a galaxy tutorial

While drawing I discover what I really want to say. ― Dario Fo

Other Galaxy painting ideas

Galaxy spray painting tutorial

Galaxy spray painting tutorial by Sketch Art

Watercolor galaxy painting

Watercolor galaxy painting by Studio of M.M

Galaxy acrylic painting tutorial

Galaxy acrylic painting tutorial by Studio Silver

Swirl tie dye painting

tie dye with acrylic paint
How to make a swirl tie dye pattern painting

If you have never felt any motivation to paint, staring at this is all the motivation you need. The rainbow spiral has a strong pull that makes you want to abandon everything else and just paint. Tie dye spray paint dries faster if you’re a results driven stoner. Let’s see how creative you can get, shall we?

How to paint tie dye painting tutorial

If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery. It wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all. ― Michelangelo

Other tie dye paint ideas

Bart Simpson tie dye with acrylic paint

Bart Simpson tie dye with acrylic paint by Frida Picasso

Tie dye painting on canvas

Tie dye painting on canvas by JP Arts and Crafts

Checkerboard Background with Saturn and a Dino

simple easy trippy paintings ideas
Checkerboard Saturn dinosaur painting mashup

Art is not defined by the bounds of logic. It doesn’t have to “make sense” even when it actually makes lots of sense viscerally. Art is not mathematics. Art appeals to each and every person in a unique way. What’s your interpretation of this cute dinosaur painting? Get inspired by this crazy optical illusion painting featuring a checkerboard design.

How to paint a trippy dinosaur tutorial

Art is a line around your thoughts. ― Gustav Klimt

Other easy trippy painting ideas

How to paint easy dinosaur painting

How to paint easy dinosaur painting by Trippydraws

How to paint Saturn painting planet

How to paint Saturn painting planet by Sketch Art

How to paint checkerboard wall

How to paint checkerboard wall by Jorian Valentine

Trippy mushrooms painting

trippy mushroom painting tutorials
Easy trippy mushroom painting

In certain cultures, mushrooms are often associated with good fortune and rapid growth. Psilocybin which naturally occurs in certain psychedelic mushrooms has proven effective in managing OCD, addiction and migraine headaches. It makes sense to want to paint this spiritually significant plant while high, doesn’t it? We could refer to the portrait as a painting of marijuana’s cousin. And who knows. Maybe after creating your masterpiece you’ll want something more permanent, perhaps a trippy mushroom tattoo would do.

How to paint trippy mushrooms tutorial

There is no must in art because art is free. ― Wassily Kandinsky

Other trippy mushroom art

Trippy mushroom painting

Trippy mushroom art by Trippy Draws

Mushroom Forest painting

Mushroom forest painting time-lapse by Nicolas Abtan

Trippy doodles

trippy doodle art tutorials
Cool trippy doodle art

Anyone can doodle. It only costs an absent mind and wandering hands. However, doodling when high can turn to pure art. You can begin your journey to trippy doodling with this simple tutorial. Who knows what you might come up with next? Maybe the trippy mushroom doodles below will get you inspired. If you end up with a really cool design you might even consider creating your own trippy mushroom wallpaper! It all starts with a vision.

How to draw trippy doodles tutorial

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others. ― Salvador Dali

Trippy doodles ideas

Easy trippy mushroom drawing doodle

Easy trippy mushroom doodle by Trippydraws

Colorful crazy trippy mushroom doodle

Colorful crazy trippy mushroom doodle by Trippydraws

Fluid art painting

fluid painting
Fluid art painting

Fluid art is one of the most expressive forms of art. We’ve added a few tutorials on different fluid art techniques so you can learn how to do fluid art. All you need is to grab your fluid art supplies, light a blunt and get lost in the mesmerizing waves.

Fluid painting tutorial for beginners

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art. ― Paul Cezanne

More fluid art tutorials

Fluid acrylic art intro

Fluid acrylic art pouring techniques by Olga Solby

Abstract fluid art tips for beginners

Abstract fluid art tips for beginners by Arteza

Acrylic pouring techniques: Black hole

Fluid art diy black hole technique by Tiktus Color Art

Acrylic pouring techniques: Dutch pour

Dutch pour painting by Erica Hughes art

Art masking fluid

How to make art masking fluid by Windsor & Newton

Trippy smiley face painting

trippy smiley face painting tutorials
Trippy smiley face painting under LED lights

“You are never fully dressed without a smile”. This is not just any smiley face, it’s a trippy melting smiley face. It stares deep into your soul and evokes a lot of emotions. If the first dripping smiley face didn’t do the trick for you, below are more you can try. Did you observe any differences? Which one did you like better? Again, this one aesthetic trippy smiley face may end up so cool you’ll want to tattoo yourself with it. Just not sure if the colors of your trippy smiley face tattoo will come out the same so mull it over once your high has worn off.

Trippy smiley face painting

A true masterpiece does not tell everything. ― Albert Camus

Trippy melting smiley face

Every artist was first an amateur. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trippy rainbow art

rainbow painting
Cute drippy trippy rainbow painting

Rainbows are beautiful and so are you! You have a light inside of you and the time has come to express it on a canvas. Let it shine and make it trippy with the one and only drippy trippy rainbow in acrylic.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. ― Pablo Picasso

Jellyfish painting

how to paint a jellyfish
Easy jellyfish painting by Home Art

You might not have had the luxury to see one of these beauties in their natural habitat. Why don’t you paint one yourself? It won’t be the same thing, but you can bring it to life. All it takes is marijuana, a canvas, brushes and paint.

How to paint a jellyfish tutorial

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. ― Henry David Thoreau

More jellyfish painting tutorials

Easy jellyfish painting

Jellyfish acrylic painting beginner lesson by Angela Anderson

Black light trippy jellyfish painting

Cool trippy jellyfish painting by Kilaarts

Trippy painting is the new cool

Art is a magnificent way to express one’s self and trippy paintings are enveloped in mysticism and spirituality. It’s very easy to tell these trippy paintings apart from regular ones. You can literally perceive the elevated perspective, depth and magnificence. The next time you toke up, get painting and unleash creativity. Here are some of the best weed strains for creativity to get started.