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Weed Strains for Creativity

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Best Weed Strains for Creativity

“There’s weed for every occasion”. That’s the most appreciated nuance bordering marijuana consumption. MJ can help everyone with distinct and similar preferences alike. It’s a beautiful thing we’ve got a lot of weed strains to explore. Not all weed strains induce couchlock and not all marijuana users seek to be couchlocked, am I right? Sometimes, hours of creativity, motivation, energy flow and laser-focused attention to detail is priority. The weed strains for creativity represent the missing piece of the puzzle to unlock your ascent to the creativity zone.

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Science’s Take on Weed and Creativity

Generally, science is still shy on the comprehensive effect of marijuana on the brain. Regardless, a paper published on NCBI has shown good promise for scientific evidence on weed and higher creativity. Increased Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) to some regions have been associated with higher creative performance. Marijuana use may acutely influence CBF.

Do You Crave Further Assurance?

More than enough successful creators have openly admitted the role of marijuana in their career. The internet is also a huge reserve for testimonials surrounding the creative impact of marijuana.

One study even suggested that the renowned William Shakespeare may have occasionally smoked pot. It doesn’t come as a surprise. More might have been uncovered if all the legends who appeared ahead of their time were investigated.

Is there a singular weed strain that’s best for creativity?

It’s worth noting that the weed strains for creativity that made it here may not be best for everyone. There’s something about the human physiology that makes it unique for every individual. It requires a bit of experimenting and trial & error method to determine what works best for you. We have made the process easier by presenting what has worked for a vast majority of users.

Fair warning: Do not overzealously consume these strains. Undesired effects may creep in when used at very high doses. You don’t want to defeat the purpose now do you?

Weed Strains for Creativity:

Durban Poison

It’s not a poison at all. However, you can posit that it poisons & kills foggy mind and sleep. Ironically, it doesn’t result in the haziness and high that are conversant with recreational weed. It offers an uplifting feel that makes you want to take on the whole world with a sound and motivated mind. It also alleviates pain if you have some. That way, nothing hinders your unstoppable force.

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“The creative adult is the child who survived” – Ursula Le Guin (Source: Synergist)

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is popular as a person and a weed strain. In the case of Jack Herer, popularity does not serve an undeserved hype. The sativa is reputable for delivering heavy blows of creativity and energy. Its CBD level is about 1% and a THC level of over 24%. Expect it to be highly potent but in a unique way.

Red Congolese

This a 100% pure sativa like Durban Poison. It kindles awareness while sparking a sensation of calmness and peacefulness. It heightens your perception of events while keeping you coordinated to deal with things accordingly. It’s like knowing everything at once but focusing on what’s important.

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international church of cannabis
“When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world” – Maha Ghosananda (Source: Unsplash)

Blue Dream                                       

With just a few hits, you can be well on your way to drawing the next Mona Lisa. This slightly sativa dominant hybrid is the magic wand that instantly waves you into productivity and creativity. Its effect are both physical and mental. It programs you into an updated software that runs on powerful hardware.

At an elevated dose, Blue Dream also deals with insomnia and mild cases of depression. It’s dreamy after all.

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“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Source: Unsplash)

Kali Mist

Kali Mist shrouds you in a mist of bliss and ease. It’s sativa dominant with a THC level of about 15%.

Ideally use before yoga or early morning meditation for smooth transition. It also deals with eating disorders. Kali Mist is perfect for microdosing.

Green Crack

A story has it that this strain was named by the legendary Snoop Dogg. The name came as a result of the explosive brain activity that resulted in acute sharpness of the mind. The feeling is also accompanied by happy thoughts and abundant flow of energy. Hence the name “Green (as in healthy/good) Crack”. It transmits the positive feeling derived from crack (cocaine) without the negative impacts.


The initial overwhelming effect of Chemdog sets it apart from the rest. The effects come at full speed and turbo charged. It’s best when you want to establish a line between strong euphoria and coordination. Sometimes, creativity needs a little push to the edge to cross into a new territory of thoughts.  

trippy art
“Everything you can imagine is real.” — Pablo Picasso (Source: Gstatic)

Amnesia Haze

Most strains in the haze family act contrary to their names. You imagine them to be a hallucinogen pump for illusions and they just disappoint (in a beneficial way). The strain helps drive focus by making you worry less and thirsting to create.


Just as the name suggests, this strain gets you fired up like high velocity sapiential rounds. With a THC content of about 20%, the effects start with a quick soft jolt in the head. After the initial strong push of motivation, it subsequently relaxes you. This enables you to calmly finish what you were motivated to start.

Purple Haze

Like in the movie “The Matrix”, “Enter the Purple Haze” is a perfect phrase to highlight the transition between worlds. Jimi Hendrix even made a song titled ‘Purple Haze’.

In the ideal sense, ‘Haze’ refers to confusion characterized by lack of clarity. In the Purple Haze, you’re equipped to think outside the box. The kind of creativity that changes the world takes place outside the bounds of limits. You can kiss sleep goodbye too.

You’re one joint away from unlocking your full potential

Just like supplements, using weed for creativity has to be done right. Sativa dominant species are prone to deliver better in this area. Experiment with each strain at varying doses whenever you’re trying to “crack a safe”. It’s advisable to start with small hits. Remember, the aim is to hack your way to becoming the next Einstein. You will know when you’ve hit the jackpot. The evidence is in the deeds. On that note, have you ever considered reading high? One of these strains may just inspire you to.

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