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Weed Strain of the Week: Durban Poison

marijuana bud durban poison

Durban Poison Review

This article could fairly be titled as “giving credit and recognition where it’s due”. There ought to be something special about Durban Poison marijuana that qualifies it for the strain of the week. The name alone spells something mysterious and uncanny. Its praise has been sung by stoners worldwide. By a major consensus, Durban Poison has been inducted into the marijuana hall of fame. What makes this weed strain special? Let’s demystify the hype around the Durban Poison strain.

Feature Photo Source: Unsplash


DP or as we like to call it “the last pure sativa” is a 100% sativa strain indigenous to Durban, South Africa. Durban Poison marijuana stems from the sativa landrace gene pool. They were first discovered in the late 1970s by America’s international strain hunter Ed Rosenthal. The rest is cannabis history.


growing durban poison indoors
Dutch Passion Euforia (Source: Seedfinder)

Durban Poison is endowed with round and chunky buds. Their oversized resin glands make them favorable and well suited for concentrate extraction. Tiny whitish feathery hairs cover the marijuana plant. Most areas of the cannabis plant is covered by a thick coating of trichomes. This in part indicates the strains closeness to the wild.


Durban Poison is characterized by a mixture of an alluring sweet smelling and spicy aroma. The blend of aromas include orange, lemon, anise and a sticky/creamy fragrance. Tinges of herbs and mint are also some of the common descriptors. Durban Poison is a well-known pleaser of the olfactory senses with its amazingly undeniable scent.


The THC content averages between 16-25%. The CBD content is very low and rarely exceeds 0.02%. It is an original weed strain often used in the siring and crossbreeding of new strains.


Durban Poison is amongst the marijuana strains with a high Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) concentration (nearly 1%).  This makes Durban Poison powerful at quelling the munchies. THCV is also potent for relieving stress and relaxing.

Durban Poison Effects and Qualities

This Shakespearian style marijuana has been known to spark creativity accompanied by energetic and uplifting effects. The effects come on very fast and begins by dilating the mind and sharpening clarity. This flow transcends to a feeling of energy surge in body energy. All these happen without any form of intoxication or being overwhelmed. Durban Poison is a cannabis with all the good stuff after the intense high have been subtracted. In other words, it is the “good cannabis” for everyone. In essence, it is a medicinal marijuana. It can be safely used at any time of the day without fear of an uncontrollable high. The reverse is the case, it keeps you awake, alert and in control.

It is pertinent to note that the true South African Durban Poison are quite racy, psychedelic and induce extreme anxiety. But that maybe even harder to find around the United States and Europe. The selectively bred Dutch cultivar is what you’re most likely to find.

Durban Poison Medical Benefits

The obvious medical benefits include energy, migraine & pain relief and anti-nausea properties. The Durban poison strain has also proved useful in the treatment of mood-altering conditions such as depression and anxiety. Durban Poison was made for the health of the mind and body. It can even substitute your morning coffee.

Adverse Reactions to Durban Poison

Unless overzealous laughter is considered an adverse effect, there isn’t much to worry about. The usual cottonmouth and dehydration may set in. It’s nothing a sufficient amount of liquid can’t handle. There have also been cases where some people didn’t take too well to Durban Poison. Instead of experiencing all the good feelings, they had it tough. Make sure the weed strain is for you.

Growing Weed: Durban Poison

growing durban poison outdoor
Dutch Passion AutoDurban Poison (Source: Seedfinder)

AutoDurban Poison (Dutch Passion) thrives best in warmth climates with little moisture. DP is an avid sun worshipper. It is unusual for a sativa to thrive in colder parts of the world. However, Durban Poison breaks barriers and can survive in slightly colder regions too. It can be grown indoors and does best outdoors. The Durban Poison weed strain is an excellent choice for first time growers as it doesn’t require intensive care. Durban Poison seeds are also highly resistant to many infections that require advanced skills to protect against.

Durban Poison marijuana plants takes 7 to 9 weeks to reach full maturity. It can grow really tall (over 6.5 feet) and yields a bountiful harvest (average of 16ounces/plant).

Alternative Popular Marijuana Strains

If you’ve hit a rough patch with the Durban Poison weed strain, it has some cousins in the market. These can help replicate similar effects and flavor.

  • Jack Herer
  • Ghost Train Haze
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • J1
  • Chernobyl
  • XJ-13

Durban Poison Strain: Not just hype

It is now clear that Durban Poison is not actually a poison. It’s rather a cure. Its usefulness and advantages abound. It’s quite easy to see why it’s popular. Have you tried it out yet? With all that creativity sprouting, a high read is definitely what you need.