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How to Roll a Perfect Joint

how to roll a perfect joint

How to Roll a Joint Step-by-Step

The indescribable appeal & sensation derived from handcraft are one of the few things machines can’t take away from us. A good number of people still purchase hand made products as its own form of art. As a person of culture, you may decide to stick with the labor of manually rolling joints. It doesn’t have to be too technical and you don’t need to be the most dexterous person. Our guide on how to roll a perfect joint is aimed at simplifying the entire process.

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Is There a Perfect Way to Roll a Joint?

Should the weed go in before or after the roll? Technically, there’s no one perfect way to roll a joint. There’s a thousand and one ways to roll a joint. Then there’s our perfect way to roll a joint. You could even come up with your own unique method. For now, it’s advisable you stick with what we’re offering. A lot of considerations went into this. Ease and perfection top the list of several considerations that went into this finesse method of rolling a joint. It may not be the greatest time saver, but every artist needs his time. If you’re intent on taking your artistry to greater heights, joints can be rolled into several shapes too like the Scorpion joint!

Supplies Needed to Roll a Perfect Joint

Make sure that these materials are in their best shape and dry.

  • Cannabis grinder
  • Desired cannabis strain
  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch (Filter)
  • A pen or any similarly shaped object

How to Roll a Perfect Joint Step-by-Step

Step 0: Get Your Groove on

turntables dj music
Listen to music (Source: Unsplash)

Tune into some feel good music, rolling a joint is not a death sentence.

Step 1: Break Down the Cannabis

gold weed grinder
Weed grinder (Source: Unsplash)

With the aid of a grinder, break down the cannabis properly. Dried cannabis is easiest to break down. In the absence of a grinder, you can improvise. A number of hard objects can be used to attempt disintegrating the cannabis into tiny bits. In this case, it’s advised to remove lumps and woody bits to achieve even consistency.

Step 2: Make Yourself a Crutch (Filter)

weed filter
Joint crutch (Source: Unsplash)

A crutch (filter) is the end piece of a joint. It’s there to make sure you don’t get your fingers burnt while burning one. It also helps you make sure that every weed is accounted for. Raw paper (about 1.5 inches) makes a great crutch.

Many wonder how to roll a joint without a filter if you don’t have one available. In reality though, you can make a joint filter out of most anything, as long as it’s thin cardboard. A piece of a cereal box may even do the trick if your pack of rolling papers doesn’t come with a few. Carefully roll from one side with aim of creating a concentric shape. Once you hit the end, you should have what looks like a cylinder with tight concentric circles. Hold it softly and it will loosen up a bit. If you accidentally let it get two wide/loose, just tighten it again.

Step 3: Prepare Your Cone

how to roll joint
Preparing cone for joint (Source: Unsplash)

Flatten your rolling paper as much as you can, with the glue side facing up and farthest from you. Insert the non-glue side of the paper into the entrance of the crutch’s spiral. For bigger cones, tilt your crutch and begin to roll. Apply slight pressure to keep it tight as you roll. Once the cone is about to be completed, lick/wet the glue. Now you can roll all the way to the end of the paper. It will stay glued.

Step 4: Fill Your Cone

rolling a joint
Pack joint (Source: Unsplash)

Your perfectly shaped cone is ready to be filled. Get the ground herb into the cone (with a funnel maybe). Occasionally use the pen to pack it down. Once it’s as firm/thick as you want, just twist the open end. Eureka!

mushroom skull bong feb sale

Filling joint with herb video guide (Source: Youtube)

Step 5: Time to Toke

smoke joint forest
Smoking joint in forest (Source: Unsplash)

It’s time to congratulate yourself for a job well done and take delight in burning your perfectly rolled joint.  

Other Ways to Roll a Joint

How to use a joint roller featuring the Raw Joint Roller (Source: Youtube)

Perhaps you’ve tried to roll a joint but your thumbs don’t take your mind’s lead. There are many tools that can help you roll a perfect joint including an automatic joint roller, a joint roller box or simply getting pre-rolled joints. Electric joint roller machines or glass blunts are great if you’re looking to save money over the long run. However, smoking from a glass blunt is more like smoking from a pipe than smoking a real joint.

Get Rolling and Pass the Joint

pass the blunt
Pass the joint (Source: Unsplash)

As stated earlier, there are several ways and shapes you can roll a joint. You will eventually find out what works best for you and is more comfortable. For beginners, you can practice for a while before doing the actual thing. There is pride in creating art. Ready to roll a joint? Eventually, you may get so good you’ll learn how to roll a cross joint blindfolded. Once you’ve lit one up amongst good company, for your viewing pleasure here are the best movies to watch high.