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Top Black Mirror Episodes to Watch High

best black mirror episodes to watch while high

Best Black Mirror Episodes to Watch While High

Is it a can of worms or a Pandora’s Box? A commercialized technophobia? Is it a dark reflection of technology or the humans that use it? We can all agree on one thing: Black Mirror is a colossal mind f*** – the biggest there is. The title “Black Mirror” when expressed both literally and practically doesn’t bring any ‘good’ connotation with it. The top black mirror episodes to watch high are the worst for the psyche, in the best way ever. And after a few bong hits from your perc bong, you’ll be questioning everything.

Is Black Mirror really worth it?

The shortest possible answer is a reassuring ‘Yes’. Black Mirror is an anthology, which means the episodes don’t follow a linear storyline (Twilight Zone and Outer Limits). Every episode is unique and unrelated (except for one that brings them all together). It’s more of a Sci-Fi psychological thriller set in a distant future. Some episodes are better and that is the reason behind the top black mirror episodes to watch high. Overall, it’s a phenomenal show!

Full disclosure: Black Mirror and Basic People are two B’s that don’t get along. The show has developed somewhat of a cult following. There are people who are just done with the usual drama we see on TV. Happy endings might have become cliché and Black Mirror offers something different, intense, disturbing, rattling, tragic and yet addictive.

Not everyone is a fan of this mind-provoking show. However, there’s a potent remedy for that. *Drum roll* Yes, marijuana is the answer. Nobody gets high and stays basic. Besides that, the creators may have caved in to the demands of the mundane and made less intense episodes with the newer releases. If you want to savor the full extent of the shows mind bending and twisted dark reflection, you’re better off sticking with the older episodes.

It’s been a while your thinking piece got hammered and the top Black Mirror episodes to watch high will give you the willies. You might want to pump the breaks on binging and go one episode per day/week to avoid complete nervous breakdown. Or you can go for the trophy if you’re that guy!

Special: White Christmas

I was not a DJ

It’s quite ironic how the Christmas special of Black Mirror turned out to be extravagantly mind crippling. For real though, this episode was released as a Christmas special on December 16th, 2014. If you saw this episode upon release, your Christmas may have been hijacked and swayed in a different direction. How do you think about Santa when your mind has been gutted and fed to you?

The extended runtime on the episode makes good for roping in the viewer before being bashed with a rollercoaster of twists. It begins with two men swapping stories from their past lives and ends with a climax that pops your brain right out of your head. To put it into perspective, you get tormented thinking about the torments that ensued in the episode.

Season 3, Episode 1: Nosedive

Two stars?

If you thought all the rage about social media approval systems like Instagram likes and Reddit upvotes were bad enough, wait till your life basically depends on it. There’s no telling the kinds of abomination that may rise from such a measure and the lengths people might go.

Season 4, Episode 1: USS Callister

Lt. Cole, welcome aboard

The absurdity of Black Mirror festered across all walks of life and didn’t leave gamers behind. Movies like ‘Ready Player One’ have offered sneak peeks into what gaming could look like with advanced technology in the future. That’s not the angle Black Mirror is playing. Theirs is something delightfully awful.

Season 3, Episode 3: Shut Up & Dance

if this gets out, I’ll lose my kids

If you speak to movie characters while seeing a movie, you might find yourself doing a lot of it in this episode. Also, the technology employed in this episode is closer to home than in any of the other episodes. Get ready for some emotional turbulence.

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Season 1, Episode 3: The Entire History of You

This isn’t me!

This episode is like an essay on ‘the worst things that could happen to a young father’. But Black Mirror doesn’t just tell the story like anyone else would. The elements of intensity, attention to detail and the quirky technology that accompanies it delivers and entirely different experience.

Ready to get your mind zapped?

The plausibility in the absurdity of these episodes will become clearer because when high, the mind makes connections and connects several dots by bypassing logic that may hinder your creativity.  Amplify your mind with Mary Jane and journey to new heights with this mind-blowing episodes. Keep the energy and the mood rolling with these must see sci-fi movies to watch high.