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Top 420 Nails & Rasta Nails Ideas

rasta nails

You’re the kind of chick that can roll a blunt with stiletto nails better than anyone you know. Much like rolling a blunt, not everyone can do justice to 420 nail art. This list of 420 nails and rasta nails ideas will help you get it right and make you look like a cannabis queen, especially if you’re going for the ultimate stoner aesthetic.

Photo: Hotpressnailco

Top 15 420 Nails & Rasta Nails

Long Rasta Nails

long rasta nails
Rasta Nails (Source: Etsy)

These black rasta nails with colorful pot leaves and rasta stripe accents are gorgeous. They’re handmade, thick and durable, lasting roughly 10 sessions. These rasta color nails even include a free nail care kit which includes pretty much everything you need to get started: nail glue, buffer, file and a cuticle pusher.

Yellow 420 Acrylic Nails

420 nails
Neon 420 Nails (Source: Etsy)

These neon yellow 420 nails with pink pot leaf accents are perfect for summer. All sets are customizable so you can choose between a black or holographic pot leaf accent. These acrylic nails are handmade with 7 coats of gel so they are as sturdy as they come and also come with a mini nail kit. Separately, the seller makes custom sets so if you’re looking for 420 nail art with a twist they can hook you up!

Glitter 420 Nails

420 acrylic nails
Glittery 420 Nail Art (Source: Etsy)

If you want to be blunt these 420 nails are just that. The glitter and pot leaf nail decals against the black gel is a nice touch too.

Bob Marley Rasta Nails

rasta nails
Jamaican Rasta Nails (Source: Etsy)

These rasta nails are stunning. Inspired by Bob Marley, these rasta colored nails feature gold pot leaves and a colorful foil. The pinky nail has an elegant rasta stripe and the set alternates nicely against the black gel. 

Tie-dye Rasta Nails

rasta nails
Tie Dye Rasta Color Nails (Source: Etsy)

These tie-dye rasta color nails are a trippy, retro accent to your look. It’s becoming clear that 420 nail art is becoming an artform in its own right and these will definitely get you tons of compliments. 

Palm Tree Rasta Nails

Rasta Nails with Palm Trees (Source: IG)

These rasta ombre nails are a combination of all the best elements of 420 nail art. They have tie dye, palm tree, glitter and stripe accents all in rasta theme.

Gold Marijuana Nails

420 nails
Gold 420 Marijuana Nails (Source: Tumblr)

If you want to go to the next level, these marijuana nails will take you there. The gold flakes and real pot leaf have a natural feel that will look good with anything you wear. 

Money Marijuana Nails 

money 420 nails
420 Money Nails (Source: Pinterest)

Similar to the gold marijuana nails, these claw shaped nails incorporate strips of real dollar bills along with a gold pot leaf nail decal. Even the way the herb is sprinkled in makes it look like it’s raining cannabis. If you’re looking to make a statement these will do the trick.

Smokey 420 Claw Nails

420 nails
420 Nails Claws (Source: Etsy)

These 420 acrylic nails have a smokey effect that makes you want to light one up. The ring finger even features a glitter pot leaf accent that gives these 420 nails even more appeal.  

Green Ombre Nails

green 420 nails
Green 420 Nails (Source: Etsy)

Similar to the previous claw nails, each nail within the set has different textures and shades that all look great together. If you’re looking for more discreet 420 nails, these ones are more versatile since they don’t feature any pot leaf decals.

Rasta Nails Strip

rasta nails stripe
Cute Rasta Nails (Source: Pinterest)

These 420 nails are just the right mix of elegant yet edgy. The rasta color nails against the jet black gel is particularly striking. 

Buttercup Puff 420 Nails

power puff girls 420 nails
Powerpuff Girls 420 Nails (Source: Etsy)

If you are a Power Puff chick then these 420 nails are a cute way to let everyone know!

High Kitty 420 Nails

kitty 420 nails
Hello Kitty Nails (Source: Etsy)

These Hello Kitty 420 nails standout in pink but they spell out stoner, literally. High kitty is super cute with her heart shaped bloodshot eyes. Sanrio and Keroppi also look like they got a little too baked.

Pot Leaf 420 Nails in Black

420 nails black
Gold Pot Leaf Nail Decals (Source: Etsy)

These elegant 420 nails with black with gold foil pot leaf decals are absolutely gorgeous. The long coffin shape, leaves at the base and single clear gold foil nail make these marijuana nails a stunning addition to your overall look. 

Savage Pot Leaf 420 Nails in White

420 nails white
White Marijuana Nails (Source: Etsy)

Another classy yet edgy set, these 420 acrylic nails in white are crisp and have a unique cursive accent with the word “savage”. If you’re going for a more toned down graceful look, these luxury nails will make the right impression.

Bonus Ideas

Holographic 420 Nail Polish

420 nail polish
Green Holographic Nail Polish (Source: Etsy)

This green to red shift nail polish gives off a cool holographic shimmer in the light. This quick drying, cruelty free vegan polish lasts nearly a week.   

Pot Leaf Nail Decals 

pot leaf nail decals
Pot Leaf Decals (Source: Etsy)

If you want some pot leaf nail decals for the next time you go to the nail salon or paint your nails at home these ones are just the right size. The set includes 80 leaves per sheet so you’ll be golden for a long time!

Pot Leaf Nail Charms

pot leaf decals
Pot Leaf Nail Decals (Source: Etsy)

These gold pot leaf charms are the perfect final touch to any set of 420 nails.

Roll in Style

Now that your nails are done and the blunt is rolled you can sit back and watch one of your all time favorite stoner movies.