To put it simply, getting your wisdom teeth removed can suck. Wisdom teeth typically pop up between the ages of 17-25 but they don’t really serve a purpose. Chances are you’ll have to remove them for a host of reasons including them being ‘impacted’. Around 5 million people get those pesky molars out every year. After having your wisdom tooth or teeth removed, you may experience pain, bleeding, and swelling in the area. If you’re someone who uses marijuana to reduce pain, you may be tempted to smoke a bowl. Not so fast! Here’s why you probably don’t want to smoke weed after your wisdom teeth removal.

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Can You Smoke Weed After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Nope, you shouldn’t be smoking anything for up to five days after the surgery. According to an oral surgery practice, people who have had a wisdom tooth removed shouldn’t smoke weed because smoking can:

  • Delay healing
  • Increase discomfort
  • May cause a dry socket
  • May cause bleeding to restart

The practice also said that high-temperature vapors should be avoided so that rules out vaping and dapping too.

However, not everyone agrees with this. According to NBC News, someone reported no adverse effects smoking weed after removing his wisdom teeth. NBC said that he used weed instead of opting for ibuprofen for post-surgery pain. According to him, his dentist commented that his swelling was significantly reduced. The patient himself said that it helped with his pain. 

Can I Smoke Weed Before Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Maybe you’re thinking that you could just use weed before getting your wisdom tooth removed. That’s also not a great idea. Using weed can alter the effects of the anesthetics that are used. NBC News cited a small study that indicated that marijuana users needed triple the amount of anesthetic required for nonusers. This can be dangerous. NBC News states, “higher doses can increase potentially serious side effects such as low blood pressure and depressed heart function.”

Mic spoke to a regular weed smoker who had her wisdom teeth removed. According to her, she woke up during the procedure and drifted back under soon after. 

It’s not known why marijuana affects anesthetics and so more research will be needed in that area. 

Can I Use Weed Edibles After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

It depends. First of all, if you’re taking narcotic pain killers, you shouldn’t use cannabis. The same oral surgery practice mentioned above advises their patients against mixing cannabis and narcotic pain killers. They didn’t specify what cannabis products to avoid, they just said to avoid them. 

Maybe you’re not on narcotic pain killers and wanted to use edibles instead of pain killers, it’s important to at least know what you can and cannot eat. After removing your wisdom it’s recommended that you eat soft foods such as mashed potatoes, lukewarm soup, and applesauce. The oral surgery practice says to eat, “anything that can squish through the tines of a fork”.

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The oral practice says to avoid:

  •  Acidic foods
  •  Spicy foods 
  •  Tiny pieces of food such as seeds and nuts 

Healthline also added to avoid difficult to chew foods or hard foods such as chips. These foods can actually reopen your stitches and prolong healing time. 

With a doctor’s approval, maybe you could opt for soft edibles or have weed-infused drinks, without a straw of course. 

There isn’t much information on whether or not edibles are safe to eat after wisdom teeth removals so it’s really best to ask your dentist. 


Smoking weed should probably be avoided right after taking out your wisdom tooth because it may cause harm. If you’re on narcotic painkillers, it’s also best to avoid cannabis products. However, if weed is something you want to use to reduce pain and swelling, it’s best to speak to your dentist. There isn’t a ton of research done in this area but they’ll be the best people to advise you. Don’t forget to tell your dentist about your weed use before you get any anesthetic either.

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