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Does Weed Make You Bloated?

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You may be bloated if your jeans require a little more energy to button. Bloating can be normal, but it may indicate something else, and you’re likely trying to figure out why. There are many reasons why you may be bloated. For example, you may be bloated due to constipation, swallowing air, or your period. But does weed make you bloated? Here’s what we know. 

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Can Weed make you Bloated?

Yes, weed can make you bloated. 

First of all, smoking weed can lead to swallowing excess air, which would lead to bloating and burping. 

If you also opt for chewing gum post blunt, that may cause your bloating. 

Secondly, weed may make you bloated because of the munchies.

Munchies refer to the increase in appetite cannabis consumers get after they ingest weed in any way.

You may feel bloated and uneasy after noshing on all your favorite snacks. 

Raffles Medical Group says, “Bloating is usually caused by the buildup of air or gasses in your digestive system and it is common after overeating. Besides feeling a tight sensation around your stomach, you may experience pain, burping, and flatulence.”

You can thank tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for the increase in appetite, the overeating, and therefore the bloating.

In addition, the food you choose to eat when you’re having the munchies could be the reason why you bloat while high. 

Healthline says that fizzy drinks, beer, and apples can cause bloating. 

Another reason you may be bloated is if you like to add tobacco to your skunk. 

Tobacco affects not only your lungs, according to Verywell Health, but your digestive system, too.

“Tobacco is a known irritant to the digestive tract that can cause bloating, cramping, gas, and stomach rumbling.”

Finally, weed may be making you bloat because it makes you constipated. 

Consuming weed slows down your digestive system, which can cause constipation and, therefore, bloating. 

Other Reasons you may be Bloating after Consuming Weed

If you notice that you’re bloated after eating edibles, it may be the ingredients of the edible and not the weed itself.

For example, if you have a gluten intolerance.

No, weed does not have gluten, but the weed brownies you ate probably do. 

The snacks you eat when you’re experiencing the munchies may have gluten, too. You can find gluten in bread, hot dogs, pasta, and other common foods. 

In addition, you may be lactose intolerant, and eating edibles with dairy products could cause you to bloat, too. 

CNBC says lactose intolerance affects most of the population and can start affecting you as you age.

However, you have options and don’t have to give up your faves completely. 

CNBC says, “Lactose-free products can be substituted for dairy products (milk or ice cream) to cut down on bloating, but not all of your favorites are off the table. Unsweetened yogurt is tolerated by most people, as most of the lactose is broken down.”

Ways to Relieve Bloating 

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to relieve bloating. Medical News Today recommends:

  • Exercise
  • Try gas relief medication
  • Massaging your tummy
  • Stock up on probiotics
  • Soak in a warm bath

To avoid bloating, you may need to avoid gluten, dairy, and chewing gum if you realize they specifically make you bloat. One of the best ways to prevent bloating is to avoid certain foods. Whether it’s beans, cheese, or soda, you can find and replace them with something else you love. 

If nothing works, see your doctor.

Does Weed Help with Bloating?

Yes, it can!

According to Time, Joe Silverman, who has Crohn’s disease, complained about abdominal pain and bloating but found relief with weed.

After getting THC and CBD capsules, Silverman said, “Within an hour and a half of taking them, I felt better. The bloating and pain went down, and my appetite came back.”

Bloating is only one of the stomach issues weed can help you with

The reason that weed can be beneficial for your gut health is due to its cannabinoids.

Dr. Stuart Lerner says, “Gut-interacting cannabinoids help improve poor digestive motility and visceral hypersensitivity, two common GI tract disorder features that contribute to chronic abdominal discomfort, bloat, gas, and frequent elimination changes (i.e., constipation, diarrhea).” 

This may be good news for people with Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who suffer from unpleasant GI symptoms. 

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation says that there is evidence that smoking weed can improve IBD symptoms such as nausea. However, they say that there is no evidence that weed can actually improve inflammation caused by IBD or improve the disease itself. 

At the same time, a 2016 study says, “A significant portion of IBD patients, particularly those with severe disease, use cannabis to relieve symptoms of pain, nausea, and appetite and to improve their overall mood.”

Therefore, while weed doesn’t seem to cure IBD, it seems that many people battling with the disease have gotten some relief by consuming weed. 


So, does weed make you bloated? It definitely can, and in some people, it may reduce bloating. Swallowing excess air by smoking, overeating because of munchies, adding tobacco to your blunt, and eating certain foods could all make you bloat. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce bloating, including over-the-counter medication and exercise.


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