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12 Stunning Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

Side boob tattoo

Tattoo placements on or near the chest tend to be more painful than the average ink. They are, however, effortlessly chic. They can be as cool as they are pretty. And of them all, rib tattoos are some of the most stunning. If you’re unsure of what to get inked, here are 12 side boob tattoo ideas to inspire you.

What’s more, these tattoos are the perfect way to enhance your stoner aesthetic.

Photo: Unsplash

Floral Rib Tattoo

The reason side boob tattoos tend to hurt more is that they generally go right over your rib bones. Other parts of your chest might have thicker skin and plenty more flesh, so they’re better cushioned.

Despite this, this placement is extremely popular. And this piece is a perfect example of why. Not only does the floral imagery lend itself to a stunning and dainty piece, but the actual spot it sits on also makes it stand out even more.

Ribcage Lettering Tattoo

Text and lettering tattoos can be even more painful when inked on the ribs. But Nietzsche’s adage “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” rings ever more true. Plus, the side boob placement happens to be one of the most popular tattoo ideas for women.

Lettering can come in the form of a name, quote, date, or other text that is special to you.

Weed Leaf Tattoo

The weed leaf remains a classic when it comes to ink. It is a stoner essential in every way. It is also an iconic image that works no matter the placement. Beyond its obvious implications, the weed leaf also represents a love for nature or environmentalism, friendliness, and in some cases even rebellion and revolution. Given the herb’s history, it’s easy to see how it earned all these connotations and more.

This specific tattoo also doubles up as a BFF tattoo. The wearer has the number four inked in Roman numerals above the weed leaf. It represents being one part of a foursome, each of whom shares the same piece.

Under Boob Statement Piece

As far as stoner aesthetics go, a tattoo that says “trust your vibes” really checks all the blocks. Pair it with a simple, stylish font of your choice and you have yourself an elegant piece.

Side and Under Boob Tattoo

A great way to turn a simple design into something magical is by extending it beyond its placement. Side boob tattoos can often trail further below the chest. This can make quite a statement.

And when paired with designs like this floral bouquet, it turns into an enchanting piece.

Mandala Side Boob Tattoo

Of course, if magical tattoos are the goal, nothing beats a mandala. In Sanskrit, mandala means “circle.” In ancient cultures and religions of Asia, mandalas were used to represent the cosmos and the deities. It is also a sacred tool used for meditation. Each part of a mandala is thought to symbolize an aspect of higher wisdom. As such, the mandala is a guide to enlightenment.

Mandalas are extremely popular as tattoo designs. They can symbolize balance and eternity. For instance, the lotus is especially beloved. Its beauty is unparalleled. Within a mandala, it represents harmony. Beyond this, however, the lotus is also a symbol of thriving amid adversity.

Solar System Tattoo

Tattoos that draw inspiration from the universe are as timeless as rib tattoos. Space is magical and eternal. And the solar system – including Pluto – makes for one of the most intriguing tattoo designs. It is a stunning representation of the adage, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

Fineline Snake Rib Tattoo

Snake tattoos symbolize rebirth and power. They can also allude to fertility and temptation. On the other hand, flowers often represent purity, innocence, and femininity. Roses in particular mean love, passion, and sensuality.

When paired, these two symbols take on a whole new meaning. From mature beauty and grace to blinding passion to the corruption of innocence, a rose and a snake represent a spectrum. And when placed on the side boob, they form the ultimate temptation. Beauty, power, and allure, all rolled into one stunning piece.

Leaf and Branch Tattoo

Florals are a natural fit for most tattoo placements. Most people wouldn’t think to get leaves and branches inked, though. Yet these can deliver a unique and equally gorgeous design idea.

Olive Branch Rib Tattoo

The ancient Greeks believed the olive branch drove away evil spirits. They attributed the plant to Eirene, the goddess of peace. The symbolism stuck, and till today, the notion of “extending an olive branch” remains.

As a tattoo, olive branches represent much more. As a symbol thought to ward off evil, it is also linked to prosperity, abundance, love, and life. It can also embody healing, victory, reconciliation, and inner peace.

Fern Leaf Tattoo

Of nature tattoos, ferns definitely hold a special place in tattoo lovers’ hearts. The plant itself is extremely important to cultures that have been tattooing for a long time.

For the Maori, ferns represent new beginnings. For the Japanese, ferns point to family, lineage, and hope for future generations. In Western cultures, ferns are thought to represent humility and sincerity.

Fern tattoos, thus, can symbolize youth and a new chapter in your life. It can also represent your personal dedication to the journey you are about to take.

Love Yourself Rib Tattoo

Speaking of journeys, is there any more rewarding than the journey toward loving yourself as you are? Many a book exists to encourage one along this path. Yet the simple act of reminding yourself to do so in the form of ink can be far more powerful than anything else.

This tattoo in particular changes things up a little. Text tattoos are extremely versatile since you can play around with the font and style. You can also pair it with other symbols to match the message or feel you’re going for. Or you can opt to have it spelled out in a different language. This Arabic script translates to “love yourself first.” The tattoo was popularized by Selena Gomez who features it boldly on her ribs. It has since taken on a life of its own, however.

Give Your Heart a Break

Rib tattoos are special for many reasons. They’re absolutely gorgeous, naturally. But they also point to something you choose to hold close to your heart. They are, in essence, the inked equivalent of turning your deepest emotions into works of art. And in doing so, you carry with you an eternal reminder.

These side-boob tattoo ideas are but mere canvases. The personal message these pieces may hold is, however, entirely up to you.