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Can I Smoke Weed After a Root Canal?

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Root canals are routine dental procedures for removing the unhealthy or dead pulp from an otherwise healthy tooth. Thousands of root canals are done daily and are usually done under local anesthesia. Root canals typically take a couple of hours but sometimes require more than one appointment. As with many dental procedures, you need some amount of aftercare. There is usually a list of activities you can and can’t do. Is smoking weed after a root canal on the no-no list? Here’s what we know. 

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Can You Smoke Weed After a Root Canal?

You may want to put down your bong after your root canal as weed may delay healing. 

Kanaka Creek Family Dental says that marijuana use can increase the risk of bleeding and complications after dental procedures such as root canals. 

Lorne Park Dental echoed that statement and said, “….using cannabis affects blood vessels and increases heart rate which can result in increased bleeding and complications or slow healing after a dental procedure.”

In addition to that, weed may interact with your medication. 

For starters, you may want to take painkillers. Root canals often come with pain after the procedure. Healthline says you may experience mild pain for several days that will decrease over time. However, many people use marijuana for pain management. Since weed is not optimal during this healing period, you may want to opt for over-the-counter medication. Healthline recommends acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

However, WebMD says that weed can interact with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Philip Lazarus, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, told WebMD that ibuprofen “is toxic to your liver and… kidney anyway, but [if] you start taking marijuana on top of that, then you’re going to see some significant effects. It would probably cause toxicity because you’re slowing down its metabolism, so that means you’re not excreting the stuff, and you have more of it sitting in your body.”

Can You Smoke Cigarettes After a Root Canal?

If you’re skipping out on marijuana while recovering from your root canal, you may wonder if picking up a cigarette is okay.

Smoking cigarettes, just like smoking marijuana, may result in a delay in healing time. Healthline says, “your body will be recovering following the procedure, and smoking may delay your healing.” 

Healthline also discusses the harmful effect smoking cigarettes has on oral health. Cigarette users were more likely to need a root canal. says, “The researchers found that cigarette smokers are 70% more likely to need root canal treatment than non-smokers.”

The researchers weren’t sure why this was true. They theorize that cigarette smoking suppresses the immune system’s capabilities. However, more research is needed. 

When Can I Smoke Weed After a Root Canal?

So, when can you start using weed again after a root canal? 

Unfortunately, there is no set time to start using weed again after a root canal. There is also no set time to start smoking cigarettes again, either. 

Your best bet is to wait for your mouth to heal and ask your doctor for their professional opinion. Healthline says, “Follow your doctor’s instructions about when you can engage in activities involving your mouth.”

Does Smoking Weed Result in Root Canals? 

Generally speaking, using weed isn’t great for oral health, whether or not you had a procedure. As a matter of fact, smoking weed could technically lead to needing a root canal.

According to Healthline, having multiple procedures on your tooth or an infection due to cavities may result in a root canal.

Unfortunately, weed can result in oral issues such as cavities. Lornepark Dental says, “Smoking cannabis…..can cause dry mouth, resulting in increased risk of tooth decay, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, sore or burning mouth and difficulty chewing, swallowing or speaking.”

You may be wondering about edibles. Since most edibles are sweets or pastries, they’re also not great for your teeth. Lornepark Dental says eating edibles like that can increase the risk of tooth decay. 

However, there are ways to reduce dental disease or problems as a cannabis user. You can:

  • Brush your teeth twice per day
  • Floss daily 
  • Seeing your dentist at least twice per year

In addition, Lornepark Dental suggests rinsing your mouth and drinking water after each cannabis use. 

Remember, cavities that lead to root canals are those left untreated. Therefore, if you take better care of your oral health and treat cavities quickly, you can still smoke weed and avoid many of these problems. The goal is to prevent cavities as best as you can. 


Can I smoke weed after a root canal? It’s not encouraged. You can opt for an over-the-counter medication if you need pain relief. It’s important to remember that mixing weed and painkillers could cause problems. If you need to use weed for any other reason, ask your dentist for their recommendation and advice. 


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