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15 Cute Hip Tattoo Ideas for Women

Floral hip tattoo

Tattoos are intriguing no matter where on your body they sit. But some placements can truly elevate a design. The right spot can take an idea from cool to mesmerizing in a flash. These cute hip tattoo ideas for women offer just that. A touch of mystery, a dose of playfulness, and a whole lot of fun.

So go on and whip out the cutest pipe in your collection. A few tokes always helps give a sense of clarity when picking a tattoo, after all.

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Floral Hip Tattoo Ideas

Hip tattoos are the perfect placement for a piece you want to be able to hide when necessary. They are also stunning regardless of who can see them and when.

This blooming rose tattoo on the hip is a statement all on its own. It needs no color or bold lines. It evidently doesn’t even need the fanciest of outfits. Its beauty shines, even in its simplicity.

Blackwork Scorpion Tattoo


Scorpions are a popular tattoo design. Most commonly, they find fandom among Scorpios. They do, however, have a following beyond the Zodiac.

The tiny arachnid has a largely negative symbolism. It is associated with death, pain, evil, and sacrifice. Spiritually and culturally, however, same qualities also translate to highly desirable qualities. These include power, guardianship, ambition, perseverance, independence, and intelligence. The scorpion and its qualities are unique, even among the endless string of animal-inspired ink out there.

And if there’s one style that can truly bring out these qualities of the scorpion, it’s blackwork.

Butterfly Hip Tattoo Ideas

Butterflies represent metamorphosis. It’s an extremely popular design among tattoo lovers and first-time inkers alike.

Because they have such a meaningful and tender symbolism, butterflies are popular as small tattoos on intimate placements. This way, you can carry a very personal message with you always without much fanfare.

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Minimalist Hip Tattoo

Among minimalist tattoos, there are a few that really make a statement. The mix of simple traditional linework pieces with the boldness of styles like blackwork makes for some truly awe-inspiring work. The resulting piece is a blend of the beauty, intrigue, and artistry of traditional and contemporary styles.

Small Lightning Hip Tattoo

Lightning bolts are an ancient symbol representing the destruction of ignorance. While they were traditionally associated with the wrath of Zeus, they have now become synonymous with Harry Potter and his battle against the ultimate of all evils.

Whether your interests tend toward mythology or fiction, the lightning bolt makes for a pretty stunning hip tattoo.

Dragon Hip Tattoo Ideas

Chinese and Japanese mythological creatures are extremely important to tattoo culture. Their symbolism is, of course, a major reason. But their place in the history of tattooing is of equal importance.

East Asian tattooing has significantly impacted modern tattoo designs. Smoke and cloud tattoos are a great example of how pervasive these styles are. Tigers and dragons represent yin and yang, respectively. Their duality is significant to East Asian spiritual beliefs.

As a tattoo, the Chinese dragon represents protection, wisdom, luck, and strength, among other things. It is designed to lend its wearer the power to weather any storm. It also makes for an extremely impressive-looking hip tattoo.

Rose Tattoo

Roses are popular as a tattoo for many reasons. Beyond the obvious symbolism of love and lust, they also represent unquenchable passion and desire. And outside of these connotations, roses can also be used to memorialize a love lost.

Hello Kitty Tattoo

The Hello Kitty franchise has spawned a lot of beloved things. The character itself, however, remains its most iconic creation. It has inspired all kinds of merch, including clothing, accessories, and even bongs.

Beyond this, it has also become a pretty reliable way to upgrade your look. This specific tattoo pairs Kitty with a perfectly placed jewel piercing. The result is a piece that evokes an early 2000s aesthetic that has recently come back into fashion.

Tiger Hip Tattoo

Tigers represent many things. One connotation that does come up frequently is stretch marks. These are often termed “tiger stripes.” As such, a common hip tattoo idea for women is to get a tiger inked over their stretch marks. While some may opt for a total cover-up of their marks, others bake it into their tattoo. That way, their “tiger stripes” look like actual stripes on a tiger.

Hip Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas

A good cover-up tattoo leaves behind no traces of that which we’d rather hide. Most cover-up tattoos, therefore, tend to be detailed and feature blocks of ink.

This floral tattoo is a fantastic way to fix a tattoo you’re no longer too fond of.

Moon Tattoo on Hip

Moon tattoos are an interesting blend of all aspects of nature tattoos. After all, the oceans wouldn’t ebb and flow and living creatures would not slumber without the moon’s light.

This adorably tiny hip tattoo of the moon is a wonderful reminder to embrace the feminine within. The moon also represents the rhythm of time and the cycle of life itself. And beyond it all, the moon is a symbol of enlightenment and mystique.

August Hip Tattoo

Taylor Swift’s “August” has taken social media by storm. The song itself dropped in 2020. But it has resurfaced this year, making its way into videos detailing lost love and summer heartbreak.

This tattoo takes inspiration from the song’s lyrics. Lettering tattoos can work on all placements, so long as you find a font and style that you love. Lyrics hold deep meaning for both their writer as well as their audience. So they make for some of the best and most personal tattoos.

Spiritual Tattoo Ideas

A staple when it comes to tattoos is the use of spiritual symbols in an inked piece. You might assume floral tattoos are the most popular among cute hip tattoo ideas for women. Spiritual tattoos, however, tend to hold just as much love among women who ink. Not only can they hold deeply personal meanings, but spiritual symbols can also represent our hopes and dreams.

This is most noticeable in traditional and tribal tattoos. Thai tattoos, in particular. are often inked by traditional artists who happen to be Buddhist monks as well. Each piece is deeply spiritual, representing the wearer’s personal journey. Additionally, the monk will usually bless the tattoo and by extension its wearer.

This specific ornamental tattoo brings together several sacred symbols. And despite their seemingly unassuming nature, each subsequent symbol holds a very special and unique meaning. The lotus, for instance, represents the purity of the body, speech, and mind. More specifically, it points to thriving no matter how difficult one’s surroundings get. 

Karma Hip Tattoo

Of course, a deeply spiritual tattoo can be far more straightforward than a combination of symbols. Sometimes, the simple concept behind a spiritual path is enough to convey depth and wisdom.

The Sanskrit word “Karma” appears in both Hinduism and Buddhism. While there is no singular English word that encompasses its meaning, it does represent the idea of cause and effect. More specifically, it means that the sum of one’s actions in one life directly influences what happens to them in the next life.

Simple Linework Flower Tattoo

The hip placement offers a pretty wonderful canvas. It works just as well for simple, small tattoos as it does for large intricate pieces. And as gorgeous as Chinese-inspired dragons or alluring scorpions may be, a tiny flower is a classic tattoo idea that will never go out of style.

A Pocketful of Cheer

Tattoos on the hip can be both sexy and playful. Some designs are elaborate representations of who we aspire to be. Others are simply fun little trinkets we like to show off now and then. No matter which of these cute hip tattoo ideas for women you draw inspiration from, you’re bound to walk out of your parlor with a piece that sparks joy. A piece you get to carry around in your pocket at all times.

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