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Rick and Morty Art for Fans of the Multiverse

Rick and Morty

If you could breach the confines of the known world and fall into a multiverse, what pickle would you turn yourself into? While you ponder that, here is some of the best Rick and Morty art for fans of the multiverse. Bonus points for all pickles who smoke out of a functional work-of-art like this glowing Rick and Morty bong.

Photo: Flickr

Release the Multiverse

There is, of course, much to be said of multiverses and madnesses. While many have attempted to harness the power of this story, few have done it justice.

With the exception of Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, and Rick and Morty, of course.

Now You’re Thinking With Portals

What makes Rick and Morty’s multiverse work so well is its ability to think outside the box. The fact that it does so while also delving into philosophy, nihilism, reality distortion, and more just makes it that much better.

Rick and Morty’s Adventure Time

Speaking of thinking outside the box, this abstract crossover piece with Adventure Time is definitely fresh.

Back to the Future

It’s no secret that most viewers believe Rick and Morty to be directly inspired by Doc and Marty. Even their names match.

It’s also not hard to imagine that in an alternate universe, a butterfly flapped its wings weirdly, and the two franchises collided into a single zany storyline.

Rick Falls

It might be an odd pairing, but seeing a Ford Pines and Rick walk through a portal would be something to behold.

Where’s Morty?

This stunning piece is like a Russian Doll-inspired version of finding Waldo. Every time you lay your eyes on it, you’ll find something new.

flash sale fish bong

Kind of like the multiverse.

“You’re Gonna See Some Serious Sh*t”

Morty has, for better or worse, seen some things. You’d think it would be hard to come back from seeing yourself die. Even more so when you have to bury yourself and assume your dead self’s identity after having accidentally annihilated all of humanity in your neck of the woods.

But, as Morty so eloquently tells us, “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV.”

Sexy Rick

We did warn you about seeing some serious sh*t. As did that one specific rule of the internet that shall not be named.

The transition of Rick from evil Rick to Sexy Rick was, as Thanos would say, inevitable.

The Genius of Geniuses

If you’re wondering what would possess someone to turn Rick into a sex symbol, we’d recommend familiarizing yourself with season four, episode four.

In the meantime, here’s a reminder that Rick C-137 is, in fact, the “Rickest Rick.” And that if the Central Finite Curve was where the Declaration of Independence was signed, the world would look remarkably different.

Rick, Morty, Beavis, and Butt-Head Walk Through a Portal

There are a million different side-splitting Beavis and Butt-Head moments out there. And one doesn’t need to wax poetic about Rick and Morty’s comedic gold.

If the multiverses were to collide, this would most certainly be a welcome pairing.

The Life Is Suck

If there’s one thing humanity got absolutely right, it’s Rick and Morty fan art on Tumblr.

Multiverses have become the norm in filmmaking. They transcend the known world. And what lies beyond what we can perceive is magical enough all on its own.

But the notion that there are alternate versions of us out there who haven’t endured what we have, who have succeeded where we haven’t, is extremely comforting. Within it, after all, lies our salvation. An ability to start over.

Rick and Morty might seem like a casual, silly animated show to most. Yet it has the ability to delve into some of the most intense and profound philosophical discussions. And it does so without ever needing to beat you over the head with a metaphor.

Yet, it can also turn one-half of its leading duo into a pickle. And still somehow remain both side-splittingly outrageous and heartfelt.

If there’s anything that perfectly encapsulates that duality, it is this glitch-style fan art aptly titled “Life Is Suck.”

The Scream (of Morty)

If there’s a style that emulates the multiverse, it’s Edvard Munch’s expressionist piece. Originally, it was designed to symbolize the anxiety of man.

This crossover, however, perfectly depicts Morty’s horror alongside Rick’s nihilistic optimism.

“You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?”

Let’s face it. An alternate universe where Rick is the Joker would probably blow our minds. But having that Rick beat up our Rick? Now there’s a match we’d all pay to see. Probably.

Onward, to Someplace New

Rick and Morty’s adventures have ended the human race time and time again. It’s not hard to imagine what they’d do if they were given access to all the Holiday Doors. It would be sort of like a trainwreck: horrifying, hysterical, and hard to look away from.

If there’s one thing that isn’t a trainwreck, however, it would be crossover art. And within the world of Rick and Morty art for fans of the multiverse, this Tim Burton crossover is truly a masterpiece.

Breaking the Beyond

Breaking Bad was a phenomenon all on its own. But we’d sure like to see Rick and Morty take a crack at cooking up a multiversal cartel.

Trippy Rick and Morty Art

Crossovers would certainly be an intriguing future for the show. But Rick and Morty has proven time and again that its greatest strength lies in its ability to push its own boundaries.

As such, trippy Rick and Morty fan art remains some of the greatest things to come out of the show’s existence.

To Live, Is to Risk it All

Perhaps the greatest lesson the show has given us is that life is entirely meaningless, so you might as well enjoy the ride. No matter how zany it gets. And if you don’t like something about the world, change it. The entire world, that is.

Despite its universe-altering stakes, the show always manages to find some meaning in a seemingly meaningless multiverse. And Rick and Morty art for fans of the multiverse perfectly captures this blend of existential nihilism and heartwarming charm.