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Girly Glass Pipes for Summer

glass girly pipes

15 Cool Glass Pipes for Stoner Chicks 

A girl wants what she wants whether it’s a gorgeous rose tattoo, a sick new snowboard or the perfect glass pipe. With summer here, we’ve curated a selection of the most gorgeous girly glass pipes for a day at the beach, lakeside or wherever your high takes you. Each is discreet, fun and has a certain charm that will be sure to win over a few laughs or smiles instantly from all the stoner chicks who know what’s up. 

Photo: Unsplash

Girly Glass Pipe with Flower Accents

glass girly flower pipe
Flower Pipe (Source: Etsy)

Flowers are in bloom, summer’s finally here and this girly glass pipe with flower accents is too cute to pass up. Hand blown from borosilicate glass, this flower glass pipe is as strong as it is beautiful. With a nicely sized bowl, you can pack your flower and enjoy smooth tokes at the beach or from the comfort of your porch. 

  • 5 inches
  • Handmade 
  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Flower accents

Sunflower Pipe 

sunflower bowl pipe
Girly Sunflower Pipe (Source: Etsy)

Sun’s out, bum’s out and dank flowers are in the air. This sunflower bowl pipe is the perfect way to toke (cheers) to the start of summer. This girly glass pipe makes the perfect birthday gift for stoner bae especially if you’re looking for a piece that pulls great with a nicely sized bowl for passing around. Every one of these sunflower glass pipes is handmade so each comes out with a unique glaze and finish. 

  • Official ApolloGlassworks pipe
  • 4 inches
  • Made in upstate NY
  • Made of borosilicate glass

Penis Pipe 

penis weed pipe
Funny Glass Penis Pipe (Source: Etsy)

We figured we’d just cut to the chase with this one. Some may be turned off by this penis weed pipe (since it’s only 4 inches long) but there’s nothing more hilarious than passing this one around the sesh. The heady Empire Glass penis shaped pipe has hyper realistic veiny detailing, is made of borosilicate glass and stands erect on its flat base (something we can all be thankful for). Whatever the occasion, birthday, bachelorette party or just as an awesome, highly functional gag gift, you really can’t go wrong with a glass penis pipe, or can you? 

  • Official Empire Glass pipe
  • 4 inches long
  • Deep smoking bowl
  • Made of borosilicate glass

Pink Pipe 

pink smoking pipe
Cute Pink Pipe (Source: Etsy)

This pink smoking pipe is a beauty with its inner dichro accent and glass strips that wrap around the stem. You’re about to get lifted to another dimension entirely with this heady glass masterpiece! Just watch as the smoke travels through the clear pink weed pipe to your lips. 

  • 5 inches
  • Handmade
  • Features dichro strip and glass strips 
  • Made of borosilicate glass

Seashell Pipe

glass seashell pipe
Glass Seashell Pipe (Source: Etsy)

You’ve always been a mermaid so why not get a matching seashell pipe? This girly glass pipe is a showstopper in disguise to say the least. When you’re watching the waves from the beach, be careful not to leave it out in plain sight, she’s just as beautiful as she is discreet. This mermaid pipe is perfect for the landlocked mermaid bae in your life. The only catch is there’s no filter included!

  • 4 inches
  • Handmade in Fort Collins, CO
  • Made of borosilicate glass

Mermaid Pipe

mermaid glass pipe etsy
Cute Glass Mermaid Pipe (Source: Etsy)

This mermaid glass pipe is an absolute stunner. Ideally, you can alternate between the seashell pipe and the mermaid pipe to complete the beach bae setup. You’ll love looking at this girly glass pipe under different lighting with its opalescent color changing effect. As you use it more and more it will shift to a darker blueish purple. 

  • Mermaid pipe Etsy
  • Handmade 
  • Color changing pipe effect
  • Made of borosilicate glass

Glass Ice Cream Cone Pipe 

ice cream pipe
Glass Ice Cream Pipe (Source: Etsy)

These ice cream pipes make you feel like a kid in summer when you didn’t have a worry in the world. We know silicone ice cream cone pipes have been all the rage since you don’t have to worry about dropping your ice cream scoops but they’re just not as beautiful as these glass waffle cones. Choose from the following delicious shades, purple Ube, green mint, white vanilla or strawberry pink. It also comes with three mesh screens so you won’t get scooby snacks in your ice cream!

  • 5 inches
  • Handmade 
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Comes with extra mesh screens

Peach Pipe

peach glass pipe
Cute Peachy Glass Hand Pipe (Source: Etsy)

Been listening to Peaches on repeat since it came out and this peach glass pipe will surely elevate your smoking experience. Grab this for your Georgia peach of a stoner bae before they’re out of season! The peach emoji pipe also has a cute mint leaf accent and comes in four creamy shades: light orange, medium pink, pastel pink and brazen pink-orange. This girly glass pipe fits in the palm of your hand, is as smooth and juicy as can be. 

  • Roughly 2.5 inches diameter 
  • Handmade 
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Comes in 4 shades

Cute Strawberry Pipe

Cute Strawberry Pipe
Girly Pipe Strawberry (Source: Etsy)

This deliciously ripe glass strawberry pipe is surprisingly durable. Made of borosilicate glass it’s pretty shatter resistant, even on hardwood floors. This is the perfect companion for all of your adventures, especially when summer hits. 

  • 3 inches
  • Handmade 
  • Made of borosilicate glass

Heady Glass Pipe

opal pipe
Girly Glass Pipe with Opal (Source: Etsy)

This opal pipe with its gorgeous embellishments and beautifully spun purple-blue glass is craftsmanship at its best. The heady glass pipe with its opal features make it easy to grip and your sidekick moving on out.

  • 3 inches
  • Handmade to order 
  • 3-4mm tapered bowl 

Donut Glass Pipe

donut Pipe
Novelty Glass Donut Pipe (Source: Etsy)

The only problem about this donut glass pipe is that you’ll be making way more runs to Krispy Kreme than anticipated. We love how this cute hand pipe has a discreet smoking bowl and left side carb hole on the glaze. Ready to take a hit? 

  • 3 inches
  • Official Empire Glassworks 
  • Left side carb bowl

Moon and Stars Glass Chillum Pipe

og chillum pipe
Cool Chillum Pipe (Source: Etsy)

This durable kiln annealed OG chillum pipe is beautifully spun with a moon and stars opal accent. The bowl is the ideal size for on-the-go smoke seshes under the stars. 

  • 3.5 inches long
  • Silver and gold fuming
  • Kiln annealed for durability 

Flower Rainbow Pipe

rainbow glass pipe
Retro Rainbow Girly Glass Pipe (Source: Etsy)

If you were wondering what’s at the end of any rainbow, you can find out with this cute rainbow glass pipe. The rake flower pattern on the bowl along with its blue opal accents against the black base make it a striking yet highly functional piece. The opal gives this girly glass pipe enhanced grip and you can expect only the smoothest of tokes.

  • 4 inches long
  • Rake flower pattern on bowl
  • Slyme accents 

Girly Glass Pipe Flower Chillum 

girly glass pipe
Flower Chillum Pipe (Source: Etsy)

This girly glass pipe chillum is a retro yet earthy piece with flower opal accents. Kiln annealed, it’s highly durable ready to take you on a trip without the worries of shattering it on your escapades.  

  • 3.5 inches long
  • Silver fumed
  • Kiln annealed 

Rainbow Glass Pipe Chillum

girly glass pipe
Glass Rainbow Pipe (Source: Etsy)

Last but not least this groovy rainbow chillum pipe is the perfect size to stash in your pocket or makeup bag..\ It’s a vibrant, heady glass piece with a surprisingly big bowl that makes it great for sharing. 

  • 3 inches long
  • Tapered bowl
  • Opal accent

Summer’s Here Baby

A girly glass pipe is one that says, I’m a proud stoner chick with a penchant for heady glass. Whether you’re bold and go for a penis pipe or something more discreet like the seashell pipe, there is a world of unique glass pipes. You’re destined to find the perfect one but if you’re looking for something a little more edgy, these cool glass pipes also hit like a dream.