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Funniest Seth Rogen Movies to Watch Stoned

best seth rogen movies

Best Seth Rogen movies to watch high

Seth Rogen: Hello everyone, I’m Seth and I love to smoke pot (and that’s all you need to know, just kidding). It’s a real struggle making a list of the funniest Seth Rogan movies to watch stoned. The man is the ultimate “it’s a home run” come “pot head” comedy star. Every movie he’s starred in is worth watching (some people might disagree and that’s perfectly okay) and if you love to see a movie while baked, that’s a double score.

Who is Seth Rogen?

If a little life story sits well with your cloudy soul; Seth Aaron (A-Aron) Rogen is a Canadian actor (American as well), comedian, writer, producer and director (yup! Smoking pot doesn’t dim your lights). His career as a leading man came to limelight in the movie “Knocked up”. His career (so far) spans across 39 movies as an actor, director, writer and voice actor; with 38 award nominations (10 won).

Mad love for Seth Rogen

He has been endeared with terms such as charismatic buffoon (which translates to: you’re fun-stupid and lovable). Besides entertainment, Seth Rogen co-owns a cannabis brand called Houseplant (always repping the community) in the city of Toronto, Ontario, with his best friend Evan Goldberg. If you happen to be a first time marijuana user, Seth has got great advice and mad skills (Snoop Dogg confirmed this). Sometimes, you hate to love Seth Rogen.

What we love most about Seth is that he ends up just being himself most of the time in his movies. His real life character is all that is needed to fit in these roles (his face too).

Now, to the funniest Seth Rogen movies to watch stoned:

Pineapple Express (2008)

Hands down the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked

This action stoner comedy tops the list of great Seth Rogen and James Franco movies. Although it might not qualify as a cinematic masterpiece for some, we aren’t interested in the opinion of ‘some’ (stoners first is the anthem). You know how certain movies hit different depending on your mood? This is the top tier Seth Rogan movie to watch high. Home Alone is for Christmas as Pineapple Express is for buzz (getting high is a season too).

This movie holds up always as long as you’re on nature’s holiday. If you enjoyed this movie while you were high and 18, you’ll enjoy it while you’re high and 30 too. The first hour of the movie is pure gold as far as stoner comedies go. James Franco went all in and his chemistry with Seth makes the movie even better.

This is the End (2013)

 I always keep my props.

Here’s another love child of James Franco and Seth Rogen (this duo seems to literally blow up a stoners movie experience). All Seth needs to do to make a movie great is to be Seth. It’s recommended for when you’re high and about to drop. It starts out really strong and gradually loses its grip on the comedy aspect of it (you can start the movie as high as a kite and you would have the best experience before you knock out).

Knocked up (2007)

You know how they say to never drink and drive?

This right here shot our boy to fame and brought him to the big screens as a lead actor. This cinematic masterpiece captured and articulated multiple issues of society with a robust mix of hilarity. When you’re high and feeling a bit inspired, this is the one. The authenticity is something to write home about (if you can write while smacked).

Observe and Report (2009)

I have a dream most nights. It starts on a playground

At premiere, Observe and Report went over people’s head without much appreciation probably because people weren’t allowed to light one up in the cinema. The guess is that one dude saw the movie while fried and his testimony changed the worlds view about it forever. If dark humor gets you going when high, you can’t go wrong with this one. The brilliance is quiet, but the darkness is pitch black.

50/50 (2011)

If I fuck up, I can ruin someone’s life

50/50 is based on the life of one of Seth’s close friends. He had to convince his friend to make a movie about him and thanks to his compliance, our screens were graced with the most touching and emotional output with Seth Rogen. But Seth as we know always slides fun across the screen even in the midst of a depressing subject matter. If weed gets you all emotional, here’s a Seth Rogen movie to match the feeling.

Bonus Seth Rogen movie picks

  • Zac and Miri
  • The Interview
  • Paul
  • The Night Before
  • Superbad
  • 40 Year Old Virgin
  • Every other Seth Rogen movie

Go Seth Rogen or go home

Pick a Seth Rogen movie that best fit your high profile, get toasted and let Seth work his mojo. You can also check the best stand up comedy specials to watch high if you’re looking for some laughs outside of Seth Rogen’s greatness.