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17 Elegant Rose Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Rose ankle tattoo

Plenty of myth surrounds the chastity of a person and the baring of their ankles. Despite such oddities, it’s easily one of the most popular placements, in spite of being quite painful. As these rose ankle tattoo ideas show, they can be elegant, sensual, and playful.

And they pair wonderfully with an equally elegant glass rose pipe.

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Simple Rose Tattoo

Ankles hold an interesting symbolism across cultures. They sit between knees and feet, both symbols of stability. Knee tattoos, in particular, point to the feeling of being grounded as well as “holding your ground.”

Ankles, however, have more to do with freedom and going with the flow. Tattoos on this placement, therefore, often reflect this.

Minimalist Rose Tattoo on Ankle

Roses can represent a wide range of emotions. They also hold special meaning across relationships. Regardless of what they mean, though, rose tattoos on ankles are absolutely gorgeous, even in their simplest form.

Rose tattoos are the perfect balance of beauty and emotion. Their varied symbolism makes them easy to adapt so they can hold special meaning for you.

Sketch Rose Ankle Tattoo

The ankle placement for rose tattoos has certainly found popularity among women. And roses are definitely one of the more sought-after designs for this spot.

Their understated feel means you can get just as much out of a minimalist design as a more complex one. But the placement allows you to flaunt it without it ever feeling too flashy.

Linework Ankle Tattoo

The classic rose and stem designs are pretty easy to play with. But you can also mess around with the style if you’re looking for something more unique. Even within minimalist linework, there are a variety of ways to redesign a classic so it works for your aesthetic.

Rose Tattoos on Foot and Ankle

You can also spice things up by extending your tattoo from the ankle outward to your foot. This stunning design is artistic and elegant, and while more noticeable than a simpler ankle tattoo, retains its elegance and charm.

Red Rose Ankle Tattoo

The color red is widely associated with love, passion, lust, desire, beauty, and everything in between. Tattoos of the flower, thus, hold similar meanings.

Moon tattoos are a representation of the passage of time. Pairing a symbol of burning passion with one that symbolizes gradual change is an interesting choice. And placing this pairing on the ankle offers a pretty layered tattoo.

Red Linework Tattoo

As gorgeous as they are, red rose tattoos are pretty common. If you’re on the hunt for a unique look, try a red outline tattoo instead.

Pink Rose Tattoo

The classic pink rose is a symbol of admiration. While roses are largely associated with intense passion, the pink rose is a gentle way to express one’s love.

The symbolism of innocence pairs perfectly with a placement that represents freedom. Together, this tattoo points to a childish wonder and zest for life.

Small Rose Ankle Tattoos

The tiniest of roses on ankles may not make a grand statement, particularly since they’re usually going to be hidden. Yet their subtle charm can be quite enchanting.

Black Rose Tattoo on Ankle

Black roses symbolize love lost. Placing such a deeply sorrowful tattoo on your ankle could be quite profound. It points to a loss that reshaped who you are and is a great way to memorialize someone you hope to carry with you forever.

Delicate Floral Tattoo

While black roses might seem foreboding, they can be quite dainty and elegant. If the bold black lines of traditional styles throw you off, you could always opt for minimalist linework and illustrative designs.

Rose Ankle Tattoo With Names

Another great way to make a black rose tattoo more aesthetic is by adding text to it. This could be the name of a loved one you have lost, or a particular date you wish to memorialize. You can play around with fonts to find a style that works best for you to make it even more special.

Blue Rose Ankle Tattoo

Blue roses are an interesting symbol. While they also symbolize love, as with any rose, they relate more to unattainable love. They also hold the symbolism of illusion and mysterious allure.

This owes largely to the fact that blue roses aren’t found in nature. They were, essentially, bred. As such, blue rose tattoos on the ankle represent longing and a fantastical worldview.

Ankle Rose Vine Tattoos

Roses are all about love. The flower’s vines, however, point to an unbreakable bond. One that remains strong even in the presence of thorns.

Purple Rose Vine Tattoo

Purple is the color of royalty. Flowers in these shades are used to honor a person’s successes. 

As with most tattoos, meanings can be subjective.

This purple rose vine ankle tattoo is a great way to highlight your success in the face of adversity. It can serve as a reminder to always put your best foot forward, no matter what happens. But it could also mean a host of other things, depending on what the symbol means to you.

Anklet Tattoo Ideas

Anklets are an important symbol of love and commitment in some cultures. They feature prominently in the wedding functions and exchange of gifts. An anklet tattoo can hold similar symbolism, except it points more to self-love and a commitment to one’s own well-being.

Floral Tattoos on Ankle and Shin

If you’re looking for something a touch more elaborate, you can expand your ankle tattoo upward instead of down to your feet.

While ankles represent freedom and movement or change, shins are linked to emotional worry that holds us back. An ankle tattoo radiating upward is a great reminder to take a chance on life.

Put Your Best Ankle Forward

Ankle tattoos might be on the more painful side, but most people who have one will tell you they’re worth it. A rose ankle tattoo’s elegance and beauty is unmatched, and it is definitely a great addition to your growing collection of body art.