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Best Movies to Watch Alone High

good movies to watch when alone

Good Movies to Watch When Alone

Seeing a movie in ‘solitary confinement’ is a tradition conversant with movie connoisseurs. It grants the viewer privilege to relish, savor and revel in every bit of the art. Furthermore, it keeps you in total control of the pace. Do you wish to pause, rewind, fast-forward or snooze to it? You’re completely running your own little empire. We have put together the best movies to watch alone high for your utmost viewing pleasure.

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Best Movie Genre to Watch Alone High?

For some reason, you have seen every movie in our selection, we can guide you to explore on your own. A majority opinion has drama as the champion of alone movies. Watching something too trippy, scary or jumpy can easily transform into paranoia especially when high. Comedies are a good alternative but they’re better enjoyed with people who share similar sense of humor. The sound of other people’s laughter is a spice for comedy. You can enjoy comedy with canned laughter (background audience laughter) when alone, especially when not overdone.

Benefits of Watching a Movie Alone

Seeing a movie with someone can be stressful, especially when you recommended it. You have to constantly worry if they like it. Will they pass judgment and consider your taste in movies bad? All that anxiety snuffs out the enjoyment.

It’s amazing how much you can pick up when you see a movie alone. You get to properly ingest, digest, assimilate and control the narrative of what you perceive. A negative comment about a movie can instantly twist your perception and ruin a movie you would have otherwise enjoyed. When alone, you enjoy the luxury of taking the movie just as you want without interference.

The pleasure of watching specific movies alone cannot be overemphasized. You’re made to think clearly and have a better understanding. Your emotions are allowed to roam free and wild without fear of judgment. Here are the best movies to watch alone high.

Tree of Life

There a two ways through

Prepare to be blown away with beautiful shots, great sequences and bits of confusion. You will designate consecutive alone movie nights to unravel the complete depths. Making it a project is fun and marijuana makes it more fun. In the end, you may appreciate the feeling more than the meaning.


Why are there so many of them?

A thoughtful sci-fi that tries to stay within the realms of possibility without getting boring is hard to come by. It gives profound human insight, not exaggerated, smooth transition and splendid scripting. The movie is character driven and envelopes you in the journey and mysterious twists. The concept is truly unique.

Taxi Driver

They said he was a genius

A truly cinematic masterpiece in every sense of the phrase. This is a Scorsese/De Niro classic wonder. Packed with some good action, every scene is rewarding (don’t expect a ‘guns always blazing’ kind of action movie). The accompanying music makes the mood and atmosphere all the better.

Spirited Away

You always get us lost

You’re in for a treat with this one. It’s a very simple movie to say the least. Yet, the distinctive personality and design of the characters is outstanding. If you want to watch something with an uncomplicated story but still enticing, this is it. Since it’s an animated movie, the fans of animation will easily love this one.

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Welcome to the world’s first artifical intelligent operating system

On a day you feel like romance and watery eyes will sail your ship, call here. It may first appear as the usual story of a lonely guy who finds a connection in a weird place. In an attempt to latch onto something and drawn their misery. The dialogue is so intelligently scripted that your opinion will beg for a change.  

Donnie Darko

So why did you move here?

Love, family, religion, society and parallel universes. Donnie Darko is a multi-layered sci-fi movie. Everyone approaches it with a different perspective and that makes it one of the best movies to watch alone high. It’s a movie you can see more than once and arrive at different conclusions each time.

Enter the Void       

I know I’m not a junky

This movie stays true to its title. In one line, you can call it ‘a powerful depiction of meaninglessness’. If you want something edgy but not outright horror, you can’t go wrong with this. Brace up for the psychedelic visuals, swirling cameras, violence and hypnosis.

Requiem for a Dream

I’m going to be on Television

This is a softer version of “Enter the Void”. It deals a relatively gentle blow to the psyche. It also doubles as a ‘mean education’ to dissuade young children from trying hard drugs. You better stick with marijuana and steer clear of the poisons.

Blue Valentine

I’ll play a song and you dance

If you’ve got a knack for movies that feel real and raw, this is your cue. Get in here and satisfy your urge of watching hyper realistic events play out on screen. It’s sad and provokes numerous emotions. The actors and actresses did an amazing job and the soundtrack was amazing!


Is there somebody down there, looking up thinking about you?

Survival movies are beloved by many because it’s one of the basic occurrences in nature. Add a great acting and stunning visuals to it, it becomes an extraordinary screen presentation. It gets the adrenaline rushing too.

Bonus Picks

  • Drive
  • Lost in Translation
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Turn off the lights, shut off the phone, sit back and soak it in with a good high.

If you aren’t used to watching movies alone, it could become a habit after this experience. If this is your thing already, then it only gets better. Let’s know the best movies you enjoyed watching alone while high in the comments. You could also try out the weed strains for creativity and see how they impact your ability to interpret movies.