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Best Kids Movies to Watch High

Top Kids Movies to Watch Stoned

Top Kids Movies to Watch Stoned

At first thought, ‘best kids movies to watch high’ might not come off as the perfect idea (good thing stoners have first, second & third thoughts). On the contrary, you’ve never known perfection until you’ve merged ‘almost’ every experience you can fathom with marijuana.

Jump to our visual story on “Best Kids Movies to Watch High” for a snapshot in under a minute.

It doesn’t matter what category you fall in. The adult animated movie experience proudly sponsored by weed brings unparalleled delight to the mind of a doobie faithful. Pot opens the portal to revisit your childhood nostalgia with the understanding of an adult and a tint of hilarity. Not only are you able to enjoy kids movies as an adult; you get to dig deeper and observe new details you would have definitely skipped while sober (maybe that’s the secret of movie critics), discover new meanings of things that went over your head as a kid and see a brighter/funnier side of a movie you’ve probably seen more than once.

To butter the bread, some animated movies have transcended from the child-focused movies they were intended to be to an all-inclusive project and R-rated animated movies have dominated a huge portion of the movie lover’s heart.

With social distancing and quarantine around, this is an amazing opportunity for lone stoners and newbie’s to carry out this Nobel worthy experiment. Once the world is back to normal, this is a deserving opener for you and your stoner friends.

Here are the best kids movies to watch high:

The Lion King (1994 – 2019)

I laugh in the face of danger (Source : Cinemablend)

The lion king isn’t just a box office record breaker, it takes up the lion share (pun intended) of a stoners best kids movies to watch high. The lion king had a live action reboot in 2019. The majority are of the opinion that the live action reboot isn’t a better movie than the classic although it did some things better (I would be disappointed if it didn’t with all the tech). You tell us. Get baked and let the weed decide which is better.

While you’re high, remember you’re a lion/lioness now. There’s a saying, “The lion doesn’t eat grass no matter the economy of the jungle”. Technically, lions eat grass if they have a stomach upset. However this lion does not care about the politics. It just wants to munch on grass and get high. Roar and rule your jungle!

Shrek (2001 – 2010)

Man, it’s good to be free (Source : Srcdn)

I don’t know which is more amusing; a donkey named Donkey or a dragon being wooed by a donkey? I guess you’ll find anything spectacularly meaningful and maybe even go the extra mile to prove it while stoned. Who knows, you may even end up finding Fiona more attractive when she transforms into a beast. With pot, nothing is impossible. The horizon bends to your will. If your partner takes delight in weed as much as you do or even better, this one is for two.

Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

Smoke Salmon! (Source : Pinimg)

It’s high time the four penguins of Madagascar had a new recruit and you might just be the one.  Join these crime fighting penguins in their next adventure and show’em how it’s done the high masters way. Fighting crime is a walk in the park if you’re high enough.

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Toy story (1995 -2019)

To infinity and beyond (Source : Disney)

Nothing is strange at all when you’re high right? Talking action figures? Nah, that’s a typical day in the neighborhood. As if we don’t have enough on our plates already, America should gear up for stoners turned toy activists (After all, we’re a liberal nation so to speak). After witnessing the trials and tribulations of toys while stoned, you may develop a new hobby or sense for justice. #Justice4Toys, #Toyslivesmatter

Spirited away (2001)

Come on! Quit eating! Let’s get out of here (Source : Otakuusmagazine)

Since weed will be sending your spirit away, it makes sense to watch an animated movie named spirited away to go with it. FYI, Chihiro’s father isn’t the only explorer in the park. Even Dora the explorer is no match for a stoner. But guess who else will turn to a pig when the post weed hunger kicks in (don’t look at me)?

Bugs life (1998)

Do I look stupid to you? (Source : dstv)

Here’s another chance to meditate on the troubles of others (if Toy Story wasn’t enough). Poor ants!

Bonus Movie Picks

  • Aladdin
  • Hercules
  • Emperors Groove
  • Tarzan
  • The Croods
  • UP
  • Alice in The Wonderland
  • Fantasia

Ready to revisit your childhood with these flicks?

Stock up on your weed and edibles and don’t stop binging for nothing. You can also check out the best stand up comedy specials to watch high to spice up things.

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