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9 Epic Stoner Card Games for the Next Smoke Sesh

Stoner card games to elevate the smoke sesh

Stoner card games are the perfect embellishment to your stoner sesh. They’re quick and easy enough to set up and can be played with anything number of people. So long as you make sure to have enough decks ready for larger parties! – and make for a whole lot of outrageous fun.

So get the gang and the ganja ready – cause we’ve got a few games you might want to try playing!

Photo: Pexels

Fun Stoner Card Games

There’s no greater fun than playing a game with your friends when you’re all riding that high. Here’s a list of card games to play stoned.

420: The Card Game

Two stoners get high at a smoke sesh
Stoner card games work best when you’re baked! (Source: Pexels)

With a name like 420, you know this one’s already a classic!

The core rule of this game is pretty straightforward. Get as baked as you can – perhaps start with a weed rolling game or two to get you going. Deal your cards, pull out your first one and play the action or question on it on your opponent or the player next to you in the round. If they perform it, they get a point. If they don’t, you do.

What makes the 420 card game intriguing, beyond the basic idea of getting high and playing a version of truth-or-dare, is that the tasks get progressively more hilarious as the night rolls on. Even better, there are a host of optional rules you can toss into the mix for extra fun. And if that isn’t enough, the game also has some prompts for “stoner-deep stories and questions” that are sure to get your crew talking and sharing and laughing. One thing’s for sure – a night with this deck will rarely end early!

Drunk Stoned or Stupid: A Party Game

Another classic, this one features prompt cards that help you work out who in the group is “most likely to.” The group elects a judge who will read out the prompts. Each member then gets to nominate who is most likely to match said prompt.

Accusers must argue their point and convince the judge they have the right person. The person with the most votes wins the card, though we can’t guarantee they win any dignity from the ruling. And once someone hits seven cards they win. Or, well, lose. It depends on how you look at it really.

Either way, there’s never a dull moment with the Drunk Stoner or Stupid card deck on hand.

What Do You Meme?: Stoner Edition

This NSFW pack is designed to elicit laughs. The pack comes with meme picture cards that you have to pair with a prompt caption card. The goal? Crown your meme king or queen or monarch by the end of the night. Provided you’re still standing by then!

The real fun of the game starts after a few puffs when the rounds of pairing pictures to captions start devolving into a what-if scenario of the Know Your Meme website being hacked by Anonymous simply for kicks. And seeing that the deck now has a stoner extension pack, who knows where a night of playing this deck will take you.

Cards Against Humanity: Weed Pack

Cards Against Humanity stoner card games
The perfect way to open your next stoner sesh (Source: Flickr)

Of course, if we’re talking about devolving into madness, Cards Against Humanity is certainly up there as the most instance card game to come out of the recent decades.

Cards Against Humanity became an instant hit when it dropped. The game requires one person to read a prompt off of a black card. Each player then offers their funniest fill-in-the-blank answer off one of the white cards they’ve been dealt. The funniest answer wins. And the funniest answer, more often than not, is the most outrageously inappropriate one.

Given its basic premise, you’d think the game couldn’t get more outrageous. And yet, it has, thanks to the weed extension pack. And there’s really no telling what madness is bound to come out of that combination!

HotBox: The Weed Card Game

If you like Cards Against Humanity but wish it was somehow even more outrageous, then boy do we have something for you.

HotBox is what you’d get if Cards Against Humanity was merged with a game of truth or dare. Except there is no truth, and the dares are designed to get you flying higher than a kite. That or clutching your pearls so hard they snap.

Either way, something exciting is bound to happen. Just make sure you have a nice big group for this one – the more the merrier! Just be sure you warn everyone of what’s in store before they whip out their phones and go live on Instagram in the middle of a rather scandalous dare.

Stoner Trivia: Race to 420

Trivia fans will never tire of a game that tests their general knowledge. But what makes Stoner Trivia special is the trivia is entirely weed-themed, including questions about stoner movies and music, weed history and law, and even ones about stoner culture itself.

Toss in a few rounds of the puffing and passing and this game is as enjoyable as it is enlightening.

Puff Puff Pass: The Card Game for Stoners

Speaking of ‘70s hippie-themed decks…

If you’re looking for something that’s part side-splitting part thought-provoking, this themed deck might be right up your alley.

Not only is it a treat to look at, thanks to its trippy aesthetics, but Puff Puff Pass is also a combination of conversation starters including trivia and would-you-rathers that offer a great way to get everyone thinking and philosophizing amid bouts of laughter. And amid the thinking and wheezing, you’ll get cards reminding you to puff. All around a perfect way to host a stoner sesh!

Higher Thought: The Cannabis Game

Billed as “the conversation you’ve been waiting for all your life,” Higher Thought is a provocative card game that is designed to emulate a speakeasy environment. More specifically, a speakeasy that encourages the use of cannabis.

With questions ranging from simpler ones to get you and your group going to ones as intensely soul-stirring as “Can love be earned, or is it always a gift?” this deck will open you up, mind, body, and soul to the wonders of the expansive universe as well as those of the people whose company you share.

So if you find yourself in the presence of some savants and sages, just pop one of these cards out and watch the conversation flow!

Think Like A Stoner

If, on the flip side, you’ve had a rough week and would rather think about absolutely nothing at all, try this deck on for size.

Think Like A Stoner describes itself as “barely thought-provoking.” The rules are simple enough: shuffle the deck, pull out a card, real the question aloud to the group, and whoever blurts out the answer you have in your head wins the card.

Feel free to tack on some additional prizes to spice things up – perhaps a specially rolled joint for the person with the most wins of the night? Perhaps the biggest slice of pizza or the extra-large family bag of Cheetos? It’s completely up to you. After all, it’s the game where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter – who said that anyway?

Put Your Best Hand Forward

Card games are indisputably one of the best ways to make a stoner sesh more fun. They can brighten up a dull night, add flavor to a bland night, or bring about deep, meaningful, powerful conversations that might otherwise find difficulty making their way to the forefront.

Whichever stoner card game you choose, whether it be humorous, thought-provoking, or a bit of both, it’s hard to go wrong with one of these. Just be sure to have plenty of weed stashed away because you’re going to need it for the night ahead!