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15 Stoner Games to Play High with Friends

stoner games deck of cards loose on table

Getting high can be a wonderful experience for a myriad of reasons. For some people, it’s the epitome of relaxation. For others, it is a fun way to pass the time. And for others, it’s the moment the creative seal comes flying off. If you’re not sure where to channel all that energy, why not try out one of these simple stoner games at the next smoke sesh?

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Stoner Games to Play While Getting High

First things first: the aim of the game is to have a good time. This means if you intend to play games while getting high, try to steer clear of ones that have you taking a hit so often you pass out before round one is up. It also works out far better to play these games with some good, quality herb.

And it might be best to lay off the alcohol entirely while playing weed-based games. But we’ll leave that up to you.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk stoner games!

Weed Smoking Games

Musical Marijuana

Music and weed are a match made in heaven. So naturally, it also makes for the perfect stoner game too!

First, you select a song with repetitive lyrics. Then, you take a hit every time the lyric repeats. One of the most popular songs to do this to is Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Jammin’. If you’ve got a large enough group, however, you can select a song like The Police’s Roxanne and have each team pick a side – ‘Roxanne’ or “Red Light’ – and take a hit when your chosen team’s lyrics come on.

Never Have I Ever…

Three friends hang out and share a few joints
Three friends hang out and smoke up (Source: Pexels)

Another classic, this one also requires nothing but your stash to play. The group sits in a circle, and one person begins with “Never have I ever,” followed by something they expect someone else from the group has done. For instance, one player might say “never have I ever passed out in the middle of a weed game.” Anyone that has, is required to take a hit.

Then the next player continues, and you keep going till you’re either too high to continue or there’s no more weed left to play with.

Movie Marijuana

There are many names for this one, but regardless of what title you bestow on it, this is one of the most fun stoner games out there. Simply turn on a cannabis-centered film and take a hit every time someone mentions, smokes, eats, or displays their weed on screen.

Obstacle Course

Most weed games can be pretty simple to set up, which makes them accessible to all who wish to play. But sometimes, you might want to try something that requires a bit more effort. And that can yield hilarious results.

We’re no strangers to obstacle courses. They were all the rage throughout the ‘90s and early 2000s, and thanks to Korean variety shows, they’ve come back into fashion. But throw in some weed and you’ve got yourself a riot!

To keep things safe, try building your obstacles out of blankets, pillows, couches, and similarly cushioned items. Place joints or bongs at strategic locations so players have to take a hit as they navigate the course. The first one out gets a prize!

Weed Rolling Games

A person rolling a joint
Competitive joint-rolling (Source: Pexels)

Seasoned stoners might often claim they have perfected the art of rolling a joint. So why not put it to the test?

Pit two players against each other, with the same materials. Pick a referee, set the timer, and GO! The first one to roll wins – what they win, you get to decide.

Weed Farm Games

Weed Farms

Wiz Khalifa smokes up on stage
Wiz Khalifa smokes up on stage (Source: Flickr)

Wiz Khalifa dropped this glorious weed farming game on stoners everywhere in 2017. The rapper is no stranger to weed farming, seeing as he partnered with RiverRock Cannabis to sell his own strain of cannabis, Khalifa Kush, back in 2016. The progression from a real-life farm to a farming game might seem odd to some, but for Khalifa, this was perfectly natural.

A highly entertaining game, Weed Farm allows you to experience growing weed yourself while simultaneously educating you on the business of weed farming.


Hemp plants
Hemp farm (Source: Flickr)

The perfect Android game for anyone interested in the hemp industry, Hempire allows you to raise your own farm while also connecting with a global community of hemp farmers.

The game offers a wonderful range of strains for you to plant and grow, customize seeds and strains, and sell products in-game to earn money. As you build your empire, you can also progress toward crafting your own hemp-based products, establish partnerships, and join competitions.

Medicinal Herbs: Cannabis Growth Simulator

Cannabis harvested from a farm
Cannabis farming (Source: Flickr)

This single-player Steam-based game is perfect for anyone with a love for gardening and weed. While most weed-growing games focus on the building of a business, this simulator allows you to learn about the best methods to use when cultivating cannabis.

This includes everything from simpler cellars to fully-equipped professional cultivation rooms. You get to work with growth cycles, temperature, and several other growing requirements and develop your own strains while you’re at it.

Stoner Card Games

Cards Against Humanity: Weed Pack

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity gets an upgrade (Source: Flickr)

While not everyone’s cup of tea, Cards Against Humanity has certainly earned a name for itself as one of the most outrageous games out there. And it has made things more interesting with its Weed Pack, an expansion deck that was allegedly crafted while high and intensely craving Taco Bell.

Make of that what you will.


A perfect score in a game of Blackjack
A perfect hand (Source: Flickr)

Also known as ‘21’, this card game involves at least two players, making it an ideal two-person stoner game. The dealer deals two cards for themselves and each player, with one of their own cards facing up. Face cards count for ten points, aces can be either one or eleven, and all other cards amount to their face value. The goal is to get your cards to total as close to 21 as possible, and the player who gets closest wins.

For “greenjack,” you take a hit for every win. To spice things up, you can add a penalty for anyone who “goes bust” or scores over 21.

High Card

Deal a card face down to each player. Then you begin your rounds, dealing a new card face down each round with the player attempting to guess if card two is higher or lower than card one. If they get it right, they get a hit. If they fail, they get subjected to a pre-determined and agreed-upon punishment.


Person Holding King of Diamonds Playing Card
Kings (Source: Pexels)

A classic and well-known drinking game, Kings has been the apex card game for many a friend group looking to make a dull night fun. And it’s just as fun when played with your stoner squad.

The rules are simple. You place a 52-pack deck in a circle around a bong. Each card in the deck is assigned a rule. Each round, each player picks a card and follows through with the assigned rule.

Since the rules are self-assigned, this can leave plenty of room for absolute hilarity. To start you off, here are a few simple ones:

  • Ace is one hit of the bong
  • ‘6’ is a skip
  • A King makes you the king of the round – meaning you can make up a rule of your own on the spot

Stoner Board Games


Assorted puzzle pieces
A task for the bud (Source: Pexels)

Even totally sober, puzzles offer an intriguing and captivating experience. The more complex, the better. Throw in a bong or a couple of joints into the mix, and this is the perfect stoner game for a quiet night in.

Stoner City

Monopoly board game
Like Monopoly – but better! (Source: Pexels)

A weed Monopoly-style game that allows you to head your own weed farming company and learn some trade skills while you’re at it? Sign us up!

Lords of Cannabis

Black Steel Helmet Near Black and Gray Handle Sword
Suit up! (Source: Pexels)

Break out your (novelty) swords, chainmail, and Game of Thrones weed pipes, because this one’s a stoner game for the lords and ladies, the merchants and traders, the knights and the knaves!

A game of strategy and conquest, this one is set around owning fields of cannabis, all while battling the law, the mafia, and your fellow players for the throne.

Puff, Puff, Pass

Weed games are a fun way to make your night way more exciting. It gets everyone involved, and you almost never know how things are going to turn out! Of course, it bears repeating that safety is key to having a good time. Just start with a game that everyone can play and then you can introduce new games once you’ve got them hooked. And if all else fails and everyone’s stoned on the couch, there’s always a good trippy movie to keep you entertained!