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20 Stoner Tattoos to Sweeten the Pot

Man displays his new school stoner tattoo sleeve

Tattooing has been around since the dawn of time. Long before they were associated with crime or anarchy, tattoos were a form of both self-expression and establishing a cultural identity. In recent decades, they’ve returned to these roots. But they now have the added element of being a form of rebellion and protest as well. Stoner tattoos are one such form of self-assertion.

From being a simple tattoo people adore to an endorsement of marijuana and its legalization, weed tattoos make quite the statement. Here are a few awesome stoner tattoos to inspire your next ink.

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Stoner Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to weed tattoos, what you pick can be as simple or as trippy as you’d like it to be. It can often be overwhelming trying to find just the right design to get inked. After all, getting a tattoo can feel like quite the commitment!

But don’t let that deter you. There’s always something out there for you. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to stoner tattoos, so just let your imagination run wild!

Simple Stoner Tattoos

If you’re not sure what tattoo to get, try the classic leaf tattoo. It’s simple, easy, and can be adapted to suit any style, from simple line or dot work to larger classic and new school pieces.

And if you grow out of love with a style, you can always modify or upgrade it, later on, to match whatever aesthetic you like!

Classic Marijuana Leaf Tattoo

Linework Weed Leaf Tattoo

Colorful Weed Leaf Tattoo

Stoner Leaf Skull Tattoo

Weed Joint Tattoo

If the leaf is a little too classic or simple for you, you can always try a joint tattoo instead. There are so many ways to play with this design. You can easily blend it with other designs or use it as a filler.

Linework Joint Tattoo

If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can always get a joint tattoo as a standalone piece with classic, minimalist linework.

Meaningful Small Stoner Tattoos

There’s the common misconception that a tattoo has to look a certain way or say something specific. Ultimately, all it has to say is what you want it to.

Smoking weed is often associated with relaxation as well as a spiritual awakening. Many a famous stoner has linked the smoking of pot to the realization of one’s true, inner self. Underneath all that, however, is a culture is built on self-expression, freedom, connectedness, and community. Weed is more than just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle.

And there’s no reason your weed tattoo cannot reflect all of that and more!

Zodiac Weed Tattoo

​​Minimalist Stoner Tattoo

Stoner Dot Tattoo

Traveling Stoner Tattoo

Matching Stoner Tattoos

Are there any bonds quite like the ones you form with your stoner buds? Celebrate that love with some matching tattoos! Whether you get the tattoo with a romantic partner, friend, sibling, or a loved one you share no labels with, a matching weed tattoo speaks to a bond that runs deep.

Here are a few matching weed tattoos to get inked the next time you drop by the shop with a friend.

Stoner Couple Tattoo

Partners in Crime Stoner Tattoo

Stoner Best Buds Tattoo

Nerdy Couple Weed Tattoo

Trippy Stoner Tattoo Designs

As diverse and depth-filled as they can be, nothing beats the sheer brilliance of a good, old-school trippy weed tattoo! While hippie culture helped popularise psychedelic art, the use of marijuana and similar substances is hardly that recent. People have been creating art while high since time immemorial. And tattoos are no exception!

Long after the hippies faded out of the limelight, psychedelia continues to inspire art in all its forms. It makes for some exceptionally good tattoos, largely because it offers a unique spin on any design it inspires.

Trippy tattoos often blend classic bold lines with new school vibrance and color. But you can get just as creative with simple linework. Try some of these designs on for size!

Stoner Hippie Tattoo for Guys

Psychedelic Girl Tattoo

Small Trippy Tattoos

Psychedelic Weed Tattoo

Trippy Stoner Tattoo

New School Weed Tattoo

Embrace The Stoner Within

It’s no secret that smoking weed can bring a sense of clarity to the self. You discover who you are at the zenith of a really good high. Tattooing, by extension, is the expression of that journey. The more you learn about your inner self, the more you express yourself freely and authentically.

A stoner tattoo is a proclamation of who you are. So don’t be shy about it – go ahead and declare it, loud and proud!