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20 Cool 420 Drawings to Inspire Your Inner Picasso

man with tattoos drawing cartoons on wooden table in living room with plants around and window behind

420 drawings can be as cool and easy or as trippy as you’d like them to be. Whether you’re allowing your boundless thoughts to manifest onto a coloring page or creating modern abstract art using a prompt or two, 420 drawings are a creative way to let the energy from a really good smoke sesh find an outlet.

And even if you’re not trying to unleash your mind onto a canvas, it’s just a fun activity you can try. After all, art and weed go hand in hand.

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420 Drawings to Elevate the Smoke Sesh

Trippy hippy or not, it certainly helps to start things off easy before you progress to more difficult 420 drawings.

Easy 420 Drawings

The simplest stoner art would be line drawings with a bit of color. While the most common theme might be actually getting high, you could get as creative as you want to. Pick a cute character, give him a blunt, and watch the ideas flow.

420 Things to Draw While High

If you’re raring to go but aren’t sure where to begin, stoner coloring books are a great place to start. 420 Things to Draw While High is a book filled with illustration prompts with space to allow you to get creative. And it works even better when you’re high.

Grab yourself a copy, light up, puff, and sketch away!

420 Drawings Step-by-Step

If you’re finding it difficult to follow a tutorial or practice something off an image you see online, there are loads of simple tutorials to help you along.

This one, in particular, gives you step-by-step instruction on drawing one of the most iconic symbols in stoner culture: the marijuana leaf.

Cartoon Stoner Art

Some of the funniest stoner art comes in the form of cartoon characters hitting that kush. Just the idea of characters that would otherwise offer only PG content cutting loose and just vibing is hilarious enough. But you also can’t help but relate to them too. After all, aren’t we all just unmasking ourselves at the end of a long day when we prep for a smoke sesh?

mushroom skull bong feb sale

Graffiti 420 drawings

The next step up from easy art and cartoon 420s would, naturally, be graffiti art. One of the most versatile and expressive art forms, graffiti has been used as part of counterculture movements for decades. It offers a cathartic way to deliver social commentary without having to stand on ceremony.

The fact that it blends intellectual pursuits with new school art is the icing on the cake.

Easy Trippy Stoner Art

Blend the basics with the seemingly complex using some easy trippy art. The smoking moon is a popular figure in stoner culture and makes for an easy way to break into trippy art, especially when you begin getting funky with the colors.

Hippy 420 Drawings

Hippie art is built on a simple idea: go against the grain. We associate trippy kaleidoscopic imagery and vibrant colors with the movement. But at its core, the hippie counterculture movements were about freedom and rejecting the evils of the mainstream.

As such, hippie 420 drawings often include surrealism, new school styles, and a host of thought-provoking images.

Trippy 420 Drawings

Psychedelic art was one of the greatest gifts from the hippie culture. While the style existed even before hippies, it was popularised by the movement. And trippy art created while high is even more mesmerizing.

Most of these pieces feature the iconic “stoner girl.” She is, after all, the perfect way to represent freedom and self-love. You can, however, let your mind run free and put down whatever comes to you.

Blaze It: Art Edition

The beauty of weed culture lies beyond getting high itself. It’s about what people do with that mental space. And for many, they chose to turn it into art.

Stoner culture has grown so much in popularity that slang terms like “420” and memes that go with it – like “blaze it” – have taken over social media in recent decades. And outside of humor, stoner culture has also helped popularise certain art styles and themes, including 420 drawings. And with so many simple options available, anyone can try their hand at them!