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30 Stoner Shirts with High Aesthetic

closeup of woman wearing a tie dye shirt outside in nature

Stoner culture is a melting pot of everything from mental health awareness and social events with historical significance to high aesthetic and entertainment that is equal parts philosophical and outrageously hilarious. This makes it pretty easy to find stoner shirts that match your vibe perfectly. After all, there’s going to be something out there for everyone. So pack a bowl because it’s about time to elevate your look with these stoner essentials.

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Perfecting The Stoner Aesthetic

What is the real secret to being the coolest stoner on the block? The answer to that is simple: there is none.

Stoner culture is built on being an inclusive space. It draws heavily from the hippie culture and counterculture movements of the ’60s and the ’70s. So finding your stoner aesthetic is simply a matter of being your authentic self. But if you’re struggling to pin down your vibe, here’s a little inspiration.

Need Weed

You can’t go wrong with a classic single-color shirt paired with equally classic weed-themed text. If you’re not sure what you want your vibe to be, these are the perfect place to start.

Wake and Bake

Red "Wake and Bake" t-shirt from Humboldt Bread & Bakery
Wake and bake shirt (Source: Etsy)

The need for weed is, naturally, followed by the daily wake and bake routine. Just make sure you’re packed and ready to go.

It’s 4:20 Somewhere

Unisex pink t-shirt with an alarm clock set to 4:20 and other weed paraphernalia around as well as flowers and crystals
Happy hour shirt(Source: Etsy)

The baking is, naturally, not limited to the waking. It’s 4:20 somewhere, so go ahead and light up.

Smoke Meowt

Black t-shirt that says "Smoke Meowt"
Smoke me out shirt (Source: Etsy)

Some shirts are a fashion statement while others are a lifestyle. This cute shirt is a hilarious reminder to always help a bud in need of weed. It’s also a great choice for stoners who are also cat lovers.


Forest green Stoned t-shirt
Stoned shirt (Source: Etsy)

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your high on your chest.

Girls Love Blunts

Grey t-shirts featuring girls who love blunts
Girls love blunts shirt (Source: Red Bubble)

Stoner shirts for girls who love blunts are all the rage because they can be both aesthetically chic and casually fun. They go well with virtually everything in your wardrobe.

Keep One Rolled

You can’t be a girl who loves blunts without always keeping one rolled, of course.

Retro Weed Leaf

The classic stoner aesthetic can deliver some of the best, most understated fashion. But if you’re looking for something with a little more character, blend it with stoner-inspired art. For instance, this particular style maintains the classic unbothered stoner vibe while giving you a more chic look.

Surfer Alien Dude

Whether you opt for the classic weed leaf or the equally popular alien iconography frequently associated with stoner art you’re going to elevate your style to casual chic.

Cannabis and Cryptids

Black t-shirt featuring the landing of aliens at Roswell as seen through a window
They live among us shirt (Source: Etsy)

If you prefer something more understated than an extraterrestrial surfer stoner dude, perhaps the Roswell landing might suffice.

Puff, Puff, Pass

Puff & Pass t-shirts in shades of pink
Puff & pass shirt (Source: Etsy)

Speaking of classic, one never forgets the cardinal rule of the smoke sesh: puff, puff, pass.

Rolling Stoned

Band t-shirts lean into the stoner culture in the best way possible. They’re effortlessly chic and can be styled in a variety of ways. Yet, they maintain an air of casual that’s hard to match. But when you pair that vibe with a stoner pun? Now that’s something truly unmatched.

High Society

The band t-shirt aesthetic is, of course, not limited to band t-shirts themselves. Stoner shirts often blend the vibe of vintage t-shirts with high aesthetic. And this “high society” shirt is the perfect example of that.

Rolling Joints

Weed-inspired shirts can be classic and cool, but they can also be super fun. Stoner shirts often take the high aesthetic vibe to punny levels. And this one, in particular, combines all the greatest hits into one: simplicity, stoners, puns and classic rock bands.


Weed-inspired fashion can also be a little nerdy and fun. Especially when you combine it with your other passions, such as a stoner shirt that uses a classic, beloved television show for inspiration.

THC Molecule

Of course, nothing says clever quite like a nerdy, science-themed stoner shirt. This THC molecule racerback is a great way to blend your love for green with your love for those tiny little things that make life on Earth possible.

Blunt and Beer

There is an undeniable nexus between stoner culture and cartoon art. With each new cartoon that hits the scene, stoner culture shifts and grows too. And that is, of course, perfectly understandable. Cartoons offer a wonderful escape while also delivering some deeply intellectual takes on sociopolitical issues. They’re also cool to look at when you’re high. But, more importantly, they’ve been some of the most vocal supporters of legalization.

So it’s only natural then that cartoons also feature in your high aesthetic stoner wardrobe. Whether you draw inspiration from the cartoon art styles or use the actual characters from your favorite shows, they’re a great addition to any look.

Snow White and Apple

Black t-shirt with Snow White smoking from an apple bong
Pick your poison shirt (Source: Etsy)

The best part about cartoon-inspired fashion is that sometimes, the jokes tend to write themselves.


Pink t-shirt that says "Vegetarian" beneath a drawing of a weed leaf on a fork
Nothing but green shirt (Source: Etsy)

If fruits aren’t your thing, you could always exalt your love for leaves instead.


Grey t-shirt that says 420 in Roman numerals
IV.XX (Source: Etsy)

And if you’re really into it, you could take your love for the almighty leaf a step further.

Don’t Care Bear

A white t-shirt featuring a stoner bear that "don't care"
Don’t care bear shirt (Source: Etsy)

Drawing inspiration from cartoons, as well as animated movies and shows is, of course, not limited to stoner-specific content. Combine stoner humor with something like a Care Bear and you’ve got the perfect stoner shirt. And speaking of not caring…

Don’t Touch Me

Green t-shirt that says "Drugs not Hugs" and "Don't Touch Me"
Don’t touch me shirt (Source: Etsy)

If the previous one didn’t work, this stoner shirt should surely keep the people that didn’t make the top 3 on your list at bay.

Stay Stoned

Trippy outfits rank pretty high up on the list of fun, colorful wardrobe amendments. They’re gorgeous to look at and, somehow, quite easy to match. So you won’t need to find a whole new wardrobe to go with your new shirts.

Merry Juana

A white t-shirt that says "Merry Juana"
Merry Juana shirt (Source: Etsy)

When colorful is the name of the game, it doesn’t get more jolly than cannabis Christmas-themed outfits.

Psychedelic Weed Leaf

Trippy psychedelic stoner shirts can make quite a loud statement, but if you’re looking for something that is subtle with high aesthetic quality, there are plenty of options out there. Instead of getting a wholly trippy outfit, try limiting the psychedelic aesthetic to a simple weed leaf on a neutral shirt.

420 O’Clock

A green sweatshirt with a clock on it striking 4:20
It’s happy hour shirt (Source: Etsy)

If the cannabis leaf is still a little too obvious for your comfort, you can always get yourself a discreet stoner shirt like this one.

Give Me A Minute

Black t-shirt that says "4:19" and "Give Me a Minute" alongside some weed
One minute to save the world shirt (Source: Etsy)

If the 420 is too passé for your personal taste, put a spin on it with a 4:19 shirt instead.

Peace Sign

Hippie-themed outfits are another way to get a word in about stoner culture without necessarily “outing” yourself. The peace sign is universal, so it’s a great way to bring some stoner vibes into your look without being too obvious about your recreational activities.

Stoner Vibes

If you’re in the mood to twin with your significant other, friend or sibling but aren’t quite ready for the commitment that a matching tattoo affords, there’s always the option of a matching shirt.

Just Roll With It

It’s not hard to find your own brand of high aesthetic. Ultimately, your vibe is a combination of everything that makes you uniquely you. Turning that into a fashion statement is just a matter of blending those elements into an outfit that is equal parts comfort and style. Whatever your personal taste may be, stoner shirts are the perfect way to casually meet fellow cannabis enthusiasts too.