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10 Cute Bongs to Brighten Your Day

cute pineapple bong on wooden table

Water pipes come in many shapes and sizes, but more importantly, they come in lots of different styles. Out of all the designs out there, cute bongs are probably some of the most abundant. After all, who doesn’t love a glass piece that’s both adorable and functional? And with so many uniquely cute bongs for sale, you can express yourself every time you light up.

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1. Pink Heart Bong

What could be more romantic and swoon-worthy than a heart-shaped bong? As you take a hit and the water bubbles within the glass heart, this glistening pink bong becomes one of the cutest sights ever. It’s slightly on the smaller side at 9 inches tall, but the tilted down stem and sturdy base will ensure an awesome personal high every time. Even better, it makes a great gift for anybody you love.

2. Cute Cup Bong With Straw

This small, discreet bong looks like your average fountain drink cup, making it the perfect piece for secret smoking sessions. The 6 inch cup bong comes with a colorful lid and a matching straw to inhale from. Perfectly fitting in most cup holders and coolers, this is truly an on-the-go bong. The cutest part? The outside glass has a pattern that looks like crushed ice. Nobody will ever know what hit them when they catch a whiff of a bong rip from this beauty.

3. Rainbow Cloud Bong

If you want a bong that really screams cute, this one is perfect. With a mini bong like this, you can finally taste the rainbow. The percolator and the bowl piece are both shaped like fluffy clouds, connected by a downstem that looks just like a rainbow. In addition, the beaker base is rounded for a one-of-a-kind look that matches the puffiness of the rainbow clouds. Although it’s just 6 inches, this bong is great for quick hits and can be taken with you on the go.

4. Hello Kitty Cute Girly Bong

Everyone knows that Hello Kitty represents all things cute. Why not bring her to life with this super cute bong that features the iconic kitty on the front of the neck? This beauty stands tall at 10 inches and is made of thick glass, so you can expect super smooth hits every time. In fact, the bong is a perfect choice for any girly stoner. While it may look dainty, this water pipe packs a big punch.

5. Sprouting Mushroom Bong

One of the trippiest and cutest life forms is, of course, the mushroom. Now you can have a bong that not only has a hand-blown mushroom for a percolator, but also has a mouthpiece that curves perfectly into a mushroom shape. With this awesome little mushroom world living inside this water bong, you’ll never stop hearing compliments during your smoking sessions. This piece can both deliver super smooth hits and make you feel like you’re in a fantastical fairy world.

6. Adorable Pineapple Bong

Take a tropical vacation with this cute, realistic pineapple bong. With a bright color that truly exudes fruity vibes and a texture that mimics pineapple bumps, smoking from this glass piece might just make your mouth water. It has a curved spout that emerges from beautiful glass leaves. At 8 inches tall, it delivers a flavorful high that pairs perfectly with a fresh piña colada. 

7. Awesome Octopus Bong

This little glass bong is covered in a blue octopus that clings onto the base and gazes towards the bowl piece. It has a shower head percolator so every hit will be clear and trouble-free. Plus, the best part of having a water pipe that looks like a creature is coming up with cute bong names. Who said monsters and krakens weren’t cute? This guy definitely is!

8. Itty Bitty Mini Bong

It’s pretty much a fact that anything tiny is automatically super cute. With this 5 inch bong, you can take this baby pretty much anywhere. Made of quartz, you can be sure that every toke retains the flavor of the cannabis flower being smoked. The green accents are perfect for stoners looking for a bit of character too.

mushroom skull bong feb sale

9. Birthday Cake Iridescent Bong

This water bong has tiers just like a layered birthday cake, making it an amazing gift for a friend’s birthday, or even your own. The minimalist design really makes the iridescence of the piece stand out, and you won’t find a bong shape like this almost anywhere else. You can choose from either blue or rainbow color, both of which shine beautifully and reflect different colors under the light.

10. Pink Percolator Bong

Percolator bongs are great because they allow for very smooth and strong hits. This one is even better than your average percolating bong because it has the most charming pink color. It’s just over 8 inches but works just as well as a heavy duty piece, making it a great staple for kawaii stoners. If your favorite color is pink, this bubblegum hue will surely put a smile on your face every time you smoke.

Cute Bongs Galore

It’s true that cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, but these bongs are just objectively adorable. A precious design truly elevates any glass piece and lets you express yourself while getting high. Say goodbye to plain old water pipes, because you won’t be able to go back to minimalism after experiencing the charm of a cute bong!


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