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What Rhymes With Weed?

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If you’re looking to create some of your own weed poems, then look no further! These weed rhymes are perfect for when you’re soaring high and need a little bit of creative inspiration. Take a few puffs from your favorite bubbler pipe and let’s get rhyming.

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Late Nights are for Weed Rhymes

Weed poem
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Finding words to rhyme with weed can be challenging. After all, weed poetry hasn’t been particularly mainstream till more recently.

You might be surprised to learn, though, that there are actually quite a few words that rhyme with weed. Some favorites include:

  • Seed
  • Need
  • Speed
  • Deed
  • Creed

These are pretty straightforward, as far as their connection to weed goes. They provide some pretty good options when it comes to rhyming for your weed poem.

That said, they might be a little too on the nose for the more refined poet in you.

Off-Beat Weed Rhymes

In addition to these words, there are also a few more obscure options you could try. These include words like:

  • Feed
  • Steed
  • Heed
  • Meade

These are all words that can be used to provide a unique twist when rhyming with weed. While it could be tempting to go with words that are more obvious, using something unexpected can add a unique color to your work.

Do You Need to Rhyme in a Poem?

Non-rhyming poetry
To rhyme or not to rhyme (Source: Pexels)

Not at all. In fact, there is a pretty wide range of poetry or similar written art forms that forego rhyming entirely. Some people find the style to be outdated. Others think it childish. Overall, the art of rhyming has seemingly faded in favor of artistic and creative ways to speak about the human condition.

That said, rhyming poetry is still an art form. And it’s a lot harder to work with than it may seem. After all, finding rhyming words themselves isn’t all that difficult. Being able to use them to add depth to your work, though, is another story.

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Rhyming poem
Love is in the rhymes (Source: Pexels)

But amid the debate and the mud-slinging, there is one thing everyone can agree on when it comes to rhyming. That it handles whimsy better than most other styles of poetry. Test this theory out by reading a rhyming poem out loud at your next smoke sesh. Channel your inner bard, throw on your most tavern-inspired playlist and recite like you’re at a medieval fair in search of coin. If your party devolves into fits of laughter, you’ll know you’ve aced the delivery.

And therein lies the true joy of poetry. While trying to figure out what rhymes with weed, don’t forget to have fun with it. Here are some words you could try to a rather humorous effect:

  • Peed
  • Tweed
  • Meed
  • Reed
  • Seaweed
  • Bead

Weed is the Muse we Need

Weed flower
Inspiration for the mind and the soul (Source: Unsplash)

Finding the perfect words to express yourself is pretty hard. Doing it through poetry can feel even more daunting.

Weed poetry, though not as widely written as ones about love or death, can be quite soul-stirring. Particularly so when they deal with heavy themes like grief, loss, freedom, revolution, or legalization.

Here are some words that rhyme with weed to help you tell your own moving tale.

  • Greed
  • Cede
  • Bleed
  • Plead
  • Concede
  • Mislead
  • Impede
  • Decreed
  • Disagreed

Challenging yourself with words that are harder to use is a great way to build your own style. Not to mention, most stoners appreciate written work that is clever and expressive.

Whether you’re writing a whimsical limerick or a heartfelt verse, using words that convey deeper meaning can be quite cathartic for a reader. And it also makes for stimulating conversations at any stoner party.

More Words That Rhyme With Weed

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Dig deeper, all the way to the source (Source: Unsplash)

There are a few other words that people often try to rhyme with weed. Some popular ones are:

  • Read
  • Lead
  • Indeed

You could also try words that sound similar to weed, even if they don’t rhyme as well as the previous ones. These include:

  • Meet
  • Treat
  • Repeat

Most words can be linked to weed in some way or the other. While a direct weed-related connotation makes for an easier rhyme, words no one expects in a weed poem offer a fun little plot twist. And while they may appear whimsical, they can offer the space for deeper conversations about cannabis, stoners, and the general culture we live in.

Why is Rhyming With Weed so Hard?

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The road to genius is long and hard (Source: Unsplash)

The main reason why it’s so hard to find unique words that rhyme with weed is simple: weed doesn’t have a long-standing history of rhymes. Unlike some other words – such as ‘love’ or ‘happy’ – there isn’t a bank of words that have been traditionally rhymed with weed. This means that it’s up to the individual to come up with them.

Another issue that makes it difficult to find words that rhyme with weed is that weed poses a unique challenge. It’s not always easy to come up with words that accurately reflect the various emotions and experiences that are associated with the substance. Distilling the wild trips we go on into a single poem is pretty hard to do. Especially since we all experience getting high so differently. 

To that end, it helps to start your journey into poetry with words that are related to weed in some way. Once you have that part down, you can play around more freely with your words. And when playing with words turns into wordplay, you know you’ve found your stride.

What are Some Tips for Rhyming with Weed?

Learning to rhyme using words related to your subject is step one. Here are a few more tips to help you along the way:

  • Try using an online rhyming dictionary: You might find yourself overwhelmed with the options available, but it’ll expand your rhyming vocabulary in no time.
  • Draw inspiration from the greats: Plenty of poets and songwriters have written about weed – and some have even rhymed in their verses. Try finding some good weed rhymes to inspire your work.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: After all, experimentation is a big part of stoner culture. It’s only fair to extend this to your poetry.
  • Take risks: You might find your self-judgment getting in your way now and then. A good poet knows better than to edit while they write. Leave the sprucing up for later. Step out of your comfort zone for now and let your creativity flow freely.

The Seed is Strong, but the Flower’s Sweeter…

…A puff out the bong, and the grass seems greener.

Sure, it’s no Dr. Seuss, but it sure makes for a fun little ditty to start the smoke sesh with.

Rhyming, for all its allure, can be tough for a beginner. And yet, it is one of the most fun and rewarding poetry styles out there. If you find yourself yearning to unleash some pent-up creativity, poetry is definitely an avenue to try. Don’t worry too deeply about what rhymes with weed, though. Once you open the gate, you’ll find that the words come tumbling out.