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13 Weed Poems to Melt Your Cares Away

Weed poem

Indulging in cannabis can do wonders for the creative mind. And while some enthusiasts might have an affinity for art, others find their passions lay with the mighty pen. If you happen to be one such stoner, these weed poems paired with some dank ground herb are sure to unlock a steady stream of poetry.

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Marijuana Haiku

Weed cookies
Munch, munch (Source: Unsplash)

“Marijuana Bowls

Imagination Enforced

Embracing Your High.”

Sam Barger

Like all written art, poetry comes in many forms. And the Japanese haiku has gained worldwide adoration for its ability to be both profound and simple all at once.

This weed haiku from Barger is all that and more. And offers the perfect start to this list of weed poems.

Weed is All That I Need

Weed is all I need
Cozy and high (Source: Unsplash)

“Don’t know how this can be wrong,

When I blaze it make me feel strong

Nicest thing to do in the life,

flash sale fish bong

To make love an blaze with your wife.”

Atasha Ashaki Renee Williams

Williams’ poetry might seem simple in structure. But the depth of meaning and vivid imagery that oozes from their writing is anything but simple.

In this ode to marijuana, Williams paints a picture of a freer existence. A place where a person can live on their own terms, untethered and unshackled. Enjoying the beauty of a freshly ground herb alongside their partner, without a care in the world.

While this sample is enough to evoke plenty of feeling, the full poem packs an even deeper punch.


We love legal drugs
LED Sign (Source: Unsplash)

“A law was created by greed and Christian legislature

Though this plant was created by God, and Mother Nature.”

Randy L. McClave

Williams’ poem does touch on legalization, but it does so more as an afterthought. This piece by McClave, however, goes all the way in on both political and religious constraints on marijuana.

Not everyone might feel comfortable with McClave’s scathing view of the modern social order. Yet, it’s hard to deny the truth in the poem “Marijuana.”

A Poem About Weed

Jackie Hill Perry has taken the world of spoken word poetry by storm, and with good reason. This stunning piece about the herb of the hour packs so many punches, it’s hard not to feel a keen sense of whiplash by the end of it. And yet, you can’t help but hit play once more when it’s done.

Old-School Stoner

Hippie van
A long time ago, in a far away land (Source: Unsplash)

I am an old school stoner, I remember wearing tie dye shirts back in the day
Smoking out of a metal pipe, then I would listen to some reggae

Those were the days I would only buy an eighth of weed
Smoke it up that night that was all I need

Things have changed now, I can go to the dispensary and buy one ounce
Buy the top shelf quality weed then bounce

Everything is legal now, Oregon is a green state
Let’s go smoke a bowl, now time to medicate

Joe Fettig

Poetry built on the notion of legalization focuses on what it would mean to scores of individuals dealing with mental and physical issues. Marijuana has been shown to heal in so many ways. Yet, as this poem shows, it is also a recreational activity that hosts a deep sense of nostalgia within its strains. Nostalgia for a time that one can never truly recreate.

Unjustifiably Illicit

Stoner's desk
Rolling station (Source: Unsplash)

“Crush, grind, roll,

lick, seal, spark, light.

Inhale and hold, exhale,

cough, laugh, vibe and reignite.”

Teshuwah Rijkers

There are a variety of weed poems out there. And while plenty of them are deep, some are light-hearted whimsical weed poems that rhyme. This gem from Rijkers reads like a guidebook for novice stoners. From the basics on how to smoke to various names for weed, and from the side-effects of smoking up to the full form of the abbreviation “THC,” this poem has it all.

Marijuana Garden

Cannabis prepping station
Put the thing down, crush it and ignite it (Source: Unsplash)

“We would laugh at stupid ****.

We’d forget why and take a hit.

I’d like to be in the country

In a marijuana garden in the shade”


Sometimes, the most profound pieces sit in the balance between sociopolitical commentary and carefree whimsy. Poet Kaeru straddles that line beautifully in this parody of Ringo Starr’s “Octopus’s Garden.”

Philosophy of Marijuana

Creation of Stoner
Creation of Stoner (Source: Unsplash)

“Marijuana is the herb of wisdom for those who are philosophers.”

Michael Cross

Succinct yet overwhelmingly wise, Cross delivers quite the hit with this 11-word wonder.

The Need Gotta Be

Marijuana plant
Nature’s gift to mankind (Source: Unsplash)

“Heady pursuits and metaphysical trances,

These are the rewards from the plant that dances.”

Morgan Goldin

Of the many poems out there that read like a love letter to cannabis, few are quite as sweet as this one from Goldin. It evokes all the feelings that go with a really good trip and throws in some extra dreamy imagery to take it even further.

Familiar Stranger

Smoking a joint
A joint a day keeps the doctor away (Source: Unsplash)

“Your smoke lingers

From just above my fingers

Like a cloud of inspiration

Raising my vibration

Elicit my creativity

With such propensity”

Sasha Perelman

As far as odes to ganja go, Perelman’s definitely ranks up there with Goldin’s. But unlike the latter, Perelman’s piece is like a conversation one has with their muse. As the title suggests, weed here is the familiar stranger that draws out the most creative parts of the poet’s soul. And along with this comes the outpouring of all things beautiful and meaningful.


U Get Me So High
U Get Me So High (Source: Unsplash)

Mary, mary, mary
Gelato blueberry
Chocolat-o covered cherries
When you come around

Your sweet perfume
Will stain my room
And mary, oh mary, that’s just fine


Love for Mary Jane, of course, punctuates a stoner’s every waking moment. But not all love letters need to be quite as poetic. Some, such as this zany piece, capture weed’s place in our lives as honestly as possible.

A Weed Poem About Love

Spinning the notion on its head, spoken word poet Lance Newman delivers this stunning piece filled with vivid weed-themed imagery on what it feels like to be high and in love.

Marijuana Mantra

Weed plant
A happy place (Source: Unsplash)

“Dig a little hole,

Plant a little seed,

Wait a little while,

Smoke a little weed!”

Of course, a good weed poem can be a simple little ditty. This quirky play on a classic children’s rhyme is a perfect jingle to sing along to as you prep your weed for the night.

Forget Your Troubles, C’mon Get Happy

Good poetry can stir the soul. Great poetry can elevate your smoke sesh and have you floating even higher than cloud nine. It can take you from profundity to nirvana in an instant. And the best weed poems are perfectly crafted to do just that.