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Psychedelic 420 Art to Trip You Out

420 art of best friends lighting a blunt with matching stoner tattoos in front of sunset

There are many ways to define high art. It can refer to works of exemplary status that have earned societal approval. It could refer to that one 1998 romantic drama. Or, it could refer to 420 art: exemplary works that also happen to be about weed.

So go on and grab your bong of choice. Something classy to match the vibe or perhaps something psychedelic if you want to get really trippy with it. There is, after all, no better way to commemorate hopping on a magic carpet ride.

Photo: Stoners Rotation

A Whole New World

A perfectly rolled joint or packed bowl can truly transport a stoner to paradise on earth. The view from Cloud 9 is hard to match.

Late-Night Munchies

It’s always great to keep munchies at the ready for those late-night smoke sessions. No one wants to have to embark on a run to the local store to grab whatever’s left on the rack. Especially not after you’ve already slipped into something comfortable and taken your first bong hit of the night.

Too Many Choices

We often despair about the lack of choice in our daily lives. The true oddity, however, lies in how incapacitating too much choice can be.

A fact that rings true when it comes to picking the right strain or style of joint, too.

Mama Told Me I’m Alien

It ain’t always easy being human. Sometimes, you gotta let your inner alien come out to play. If you need some inspiration to get you going, try turning on Lee Suhyun’s “Alien” and let the retro vibes guide you.

The Yin to Your Yang

Stoner Yin and Yang (Source: Stoners Rotation)

The ancient Chinese symbol of duality and harmony has many layers. Over time, it has come to represent many things, with soulmates being one of the most common.

To be the yin to someone’s yang is to find harmony within discord. No matter your differences, there is something greater that binds you. And what could be more harmonious than finding a stoner buddy that completes you?

mushroom skull bong feb sale

The Spirit That Loved a Plant

Speaking of love, this stunning piece from Julian Bustos is the epitome of 420 art. Naturally, it centers on cannabis and a stoner’s love for the bud. But it also draws on the beauty of tending to nature and having that love returned tenfold. And it all comes together with a touch of sci-fi and steampunk. The result is part Ghibli and part Love Death + Robots.

The piece won second place at “High Art 2020,” an annual competition run by Natural Cannabis Company. If 420 art is your jam, this is definitely one of the best ways to get your yearly fix.


Romance, of course, comes in many forms. But meeting a stoner babe followed by a late-night afterparty under a magical sky? Hard to beat that.

Blunt Babe

Blunt babe smoking in a tub
Blunt Babes Keep it Real (Source: Stoners Rotation)

One of the most popular stoner aesthetics is the “stoner girl.” At its core, this is simply an expression of the stoner within. But in terms of aesthetics, this can go from “witchy” and grunge to casual chic and subtly sexy.

The bottom line being: blunt babes keep it real.

Open Your Eye

And on that note, it certainly doesn’t get more real than elevating yourself spiritually.

The magic of marijuana often rests in its ability to open you up to the wider possibilities of existence. Or, in other words, you see things as they are.

And if there’s one artist out there who seems to have grasped the trippy realism aesthetic, it’s John Shashaty or “Nocturnal Abstract 222”.

“I Have No Idea What Is Going On”

Is there a more iconic piece of stoner linen than Towelie? Sure, he might be the only stoner linen most of us know of. But he’s undeniably iconic.

As is his catchphrase, “don’t forget to bring a towel.” And, of course, his other catchphrase, “You’re a towel!”

Stay Home, Stay Safe

The first months of the pandemic knocked the wind out of most of us. Learning to build whole new lives within the four walls we called home was an experience, to put it mildly.

But if there’s one thing that got us through it okay, it was self-care. Scented candles, luxurious baths and a fat J rolled to perfection.

And if there is one entity out there who aced this aesthetic in the form of 420 art, it’s Cabin 7.

Warm Nights

Another aesthetic that experienced a resurgence over the course of the modern plague was City Pop. Originally a genre of music, specifically Japanese pop, the sound transcended its roots. Now, the aesthetic represents a blend of vaporwave, future-funk, and retro anime. And that goes for both sound and visuals.

Take this stunning style, blend it with 420 art and you have yourself one of the best aesthetics for stoner art.


If you haven’t heard of Cheba Hut Toasted Subs yet, you’re missing out. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Chris Gipple’s art hanging in one of their stores, you’re missing out even more.

The Art Within

Much can be said about high art. It certainly sparks debate. After all, is there really such a thing as “high art?” All art is good art if you find the right audience. And regardless of the critics’ choice, 420 art appeals to all. After all, it’s hard to fault the free-flowing artistic expression of the stoner’s heart.