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How to Draw a Mushroom Trippy

trippy mushroom drawing

The history of shrooms is as wild as the experience of tripping on them. Scientifically, chemist Albert Hofmann and his team were responsible for psychedelic substances from mushrooms back in the ‘50s. In reality, fungi were discovered on Ötzi the Iceman, who lived over 5,300 years ago. Incidentally, his mummy was also covered in tattoos. In other words, people have been getting high and drawing things for a really long time.

So in order to learn how to draw a mushroom trippy, you could take inspiration and advice from anywhere over the last five millennia. Or you could read through this step-by-step guide to drawing trippy mushrooms. Just makes sure you’ve got a mushroom bong or rig to keep you company.

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How to Draw a Mushroom in Traditional Style

To draw a trippy mushroom, it helps to first know how to draw a traditional mushroom.

Step by Step Guide to Drawing Mushrooms

  1. Leg – One way to draw a basic mushroom is to start with the legs. Draw a thick tapered leg.
  2. Oval – Next, draw an oval shape like a halo over the leg
  3. Half Circle – Follow with a half circle or triangle above it to create the mushroom hat.
  4. Spots – Finally, draw tiny circles and half-circles on the hat to create the patterns on a mushroom head.

There are, of course, several equally straightforward ways to draw a mushroom. But most people tend to find this version the quickest.

Drawing Baby Mushrooms

If you’re feeling fancy, go ahead and add lines, shading, and colors. Perhaps even some grass around the base, or a few extra “baby shrooms” on the sides. Once you get the basic geometric shape down, you can experiment with your medium of choice and add in a few psychedelic aesthetics.

How to Make a Mushroom Look Trippy

There are a variety of ways to turn a mushroom drawing trippy. The simplest way to do this is to play around with the drawing itself. Trippy art rarely adheres to the laws of physics. And, as they say, we learn the rules so we know how to break them. Once you have your mushroom shape down, go ahead and mess it up. Play around with the shapes and the perspective. The result will already start to look a little trippy.

Adding Layers to Your Trippy Mushroom Art

Another technique to make your art trippy is to add patterns to the drawing. These could be simple things, such as bold lines in a kaleidoscopic or a cross-hatch style. Or it could be swirling patterns that are reminiscent of early hippie art.

Also, another way to add dimension to a piece is to play with blocks of color. This specific piece makes full use of its monochrome black and white colors to create a super trippy-looking mushroom piece.

Drawing a Trippy Mushroom Scene

Now you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get funky with it. Mushrooms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are wonderfully psychedelic while others are painfully poisonous. But what they all have in common is they are absolutely gorgeous to look at. So play around with dimension, go underground to the roots or even create a trippy sky with ethereal clouds.

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Drawing Trippy Mushrooms with a Pen

If pencils aren’t your jam, you could try pens instead. There is a pretty wide range of drawing pens available. But you could just as easily work with pens you already have on hand.

Learning to draw with pens isn’t the easiest feat since you can’t erase. But it’s a great way to build confidence for that same reason. Put another way, it helps you reimagine the design on the fly so that you can bake minor mistakes into the drawing in a way that makes it even cooler.

Doodling Mushrooms With Markers

This simple tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to sketch a toadstool mushroom. This specific artist shows how to easily color in the mushroom drawing. Plus, with small doodles like these you can cut them out and turn them into adorable little stickers.

Doodling Trippy Mushrooms Step by Step

After you’ve got the hang of playing around with your sketch, you can truly play around with trippy aesthetics. So go on and find a mushroom you like, and start doodling. Toss in some trippy swirls and colors, and you’ve got yourself some brand new art to show off.

Painting Over A Trippy Mushroom Doodle

Doodling, for some stoners, is a gateway into painting. Once you begin to master pencils and markers, you might find yourself wanting to take another step into the world of trippy art.

Blending Doodles With Paints

Acrylics are a wonderful medium for beginners. They’re easy to work with. These paints offer the fun and freedom of watercolors and oils without needing an expert level of skill or speed.

Whether you stick with pencils, pens, and markers or progress to paints, this tutorial is a great guide. It begins with a few different ways to draw mushrooms with pencils. The artist then shows you how to use colors to create a variety of trippy shrooms.

Making Some Magical Shrooms

Trippy aesthetics in art often lead to some of the most stunning pieces. And a great way to enhance that even further is to work on black paper or canvas.

Such art can end up looking like a film negative. This can be used to create some pretty cool trippy art. This tutorial uses a combination of acrylic paint and markers to achieve this effect. You can, however, use white or light-colored pencils, pastels, markers, or even crayons on black paper to get the same look.

How to Doodle Trippy Art

If you enjoy doodling but aren’t quite sure how to make your art trippy, here’s a quick tutorial. Trippy art is a freeing art form. It allows you to color outside the lines. And in some cases, it does away with lines entirely.

As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. But if you need a little more guidance, Trippydraws has you covered.

Stay Trippy, Little Hippie

Art can be freeing in any form, naturally. But blending the joy of being stoned with trippy art offers a unique kind of high. And shrooms have a way of adding whimsy to an already fun experience.

Learning how to draw a mushroom trippy is one of the most fun ways to be stoned. And the more you do it, the more amusing it tends to get. So the next time you whip out your art materials, give these trippy shrooms a try.