A brief history of the mushroom

Mushrooms have become a muse of sorts and it’s no surprise why. In short, we wouldn’t exist without them. 

Evolving roughly 810 million years ago, fungi are the primary reason for the biodiversity we see today. Put another way, without fungus, land plants would not have evolved. And without plants, there would be no forests, which means no you and no me. 

The blue planet would look very different. Without the verdant valleys and lush forests, it would be a barren landscape devoid of life. 

Hard to fathom, right? But this isn’t purely theory. Renowned biologist and author, Merlin Sheldrake posits that “without fungi, there would be no land plants.” Imagine. We would still be fish, or something else entirely.

First land plants 

Fungus, which is a kingdom in its own right, played a pivotal role in plants’ evolution from water to land. The fossil record indicates that the first plants colonized land nearly 500 million years ago during the Cambrian period of the Paleozoic era. 

That means these master decomposers have provided plants with essential soil nutrients to thrive for nearly half a billion years. As a result, plants grew stronger and more abundantly paving the way shortly after for the first multicellular animals.

And then there’s us humans with just about 200,000 years under our belts. As the new kid on the block, the mushroom and all it stands for, is an ancient treasure.

Mushroom spiritual meaning

With all this in mind, our fascination with the mushroom is logical. Without ancient fungi, we would not exist. For this reason, the mushroom naturally serves as a symbol for longevity, prosperity, transformation and rebirth. 

Heaven on earth

What’s more, fungus has improved our lives in ways unbeknownst to most. For instance, these spore-producing organisms play a central role in making bread, wine, beer, and many cheeses. So fungus first gave us life and lets us divulge in a certain heaven on earth too! 

Cannabis root fungus

It’s clear that fungus has a long history of turning the Earth green which extends to the beloved cannabis plant. Specifically, the Mycorrhizal Fungi triples the root system size of the cannabis plant. Moreover, this helps the marijuana plant produce healthy, high quality and dank bud for your smoking pleasure.

Mushroom bongs for sale

So if you’re a mushroom lover and cannabis enthusiast, what better way to bridge the two worlds than with a mushroom bong? Stoners Rotation is an online bong shop that honors the green goddess and ancient fungi with a budding collection of mushroom bongs for sale.

Trippy Mushroom Bong with Eyes – This glow in the dark mushroom bong features trippy hand painted eyes throughout. The 7mm thick borosilicate glass further magnifies the 3-D paint, giving the water pipe even more dimension. Plus, it features an ice catcher just above the sturdy beaker base for silky smooth hits.   

Mushroom Bong House – Scaling down to roughly seven inches, this mini mushroom bong also has a 3-D hand painted texture. Shaped like a mushroom house, the water pipe features a polka dot mushroom cap, windows and a door. What’s more, there’s a showerhead percolator at the base to diffuse and cool smoke.

Mushroom Bong Frog House – Another cute mushroom bong for sale, this hand painted piece includes an adorable frog saying hi out the window. So just say high back!  

Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Bong – This mushroom beaker bong with its trippy mushroom house print gives off an incredible glow. What’s more, it’s made from thick borosilicate glass, features an ice catcher and a ribbed mouthpiece for ultimate comfort.

Gold Fox Bong with Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes – Perhaps the most unique bong in our collection, this piece is made from borosilicate glass covered in hand painted clay with a gold finish. Above all, the fox face and bushy tail downstem gives a fresh take on the traditional mushroom shaped bong. What’s more, the water pipe even has trippy glowing eyes throughout the mushroom cap.

Sprouting Mushroom Shaped Bong – This blue mushroom bong for sale is at the crossroads of beauty and functionality. Diffusion begins with the showerhead percolator before traveling through the mushroom perc bong to the mushroom shaped mouthpiece. 

Ball Percolator Bong with Mushroom Marble – The showerhead cone perc of this glass mushroom bong extends to the ball perc at the center. Together, the percolators offer enhanced filtration for cool, clean smoke. Above all, the fixed downstem features a unique mushroom marble droplet that looks as though it’s suspended in time.  

Mushroom dab rigs for sale

We also have a unique collection of mushroom dab rigs for sale in our online headshop. 

Mini Mushroom Dab Rig with Dome Nail – Measuring just five inches tall this mini mushroom rig is a masterpiece in its own right. Featuring hand blown mushroom caps, a dome mushroom nail and encased mushroom marble, the water pipe pays its respect to the iconic Amanita muscaria.

Mushroom Dab Rig House – Among dabbing connoisseurs, it’s commonly known that most small bongs can also work well as rigs, by merely swapping out the bowl for a banger. And this mushroom dab rig for sale is available both as a bong and a rig. Measuring just seven inches, it features a nicely size condensed chamber and showerhead perc for flavorful dabs with optimal diffusion. 

Mushroom Rig Frog House – Say high to Mr. Frog and his cute mushroom house! Similar to the last piece, this mushroom oil rig is perfect for dabbing enthusiasts who want to extract the full flavor of their favorite concentrates.

Mushroom smoking accessories 

The best part about buying a mushroom water bong or rig is finding cute smoking accessories to match like carb caps, bowls and dab tools. 

Mario Mushroom Dab Tool – This mario dab tool pairs swimmingly with most mushroom dab rigs but particularly well with red-capped rigs.

Glow in the Dark Mushroom Carb Cap –  This mushroom carb cap takes the sesh to the next level with its incredible glow. What’s more, it’s made from quality food grade silicone so dabbers don’t have to worry about it shattering like glass. 

Silicone Mushroom Pipe – Also made from food grade silicone, this mushroom pipe with glass bowl is perfect for your escapades wherever your high takes you.

Glow in the dark Mushroom Pipe – But for tokers who prefer glass, this mushroom glass pipe makes the sesh that much trippier with its glowing eye design. 

Mushroom Bong Bowl with Tail and Marble – This mushroom bowl piece for bong is handcrafted from colored borosilicate glass. The charm of the mushroom marble is balanced by the thick glass tail handle. What’s more, the beautifully blown tail keeps your fingers from getting burnt too.  

How to draw a mushroom trippy

Mushroom conservation scientist Greg Mueller posits that life on the planet wouldn’t exist without fungi as we know it. So get some mellow mushroom pizza, a charcuterie board and pack a bowl to honor the fungi that made all this possible. And if you’re still feeling wonderstruck, we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a mushroom trippy to make the smoke sesh that much more magical.

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