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How to Ask a Stranger for Weed

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We’ve all had those days. You wake up, get dressed, head out, and perform for the world. And then you reach into your pocket at the end of your shift to pull out the spliff you’re absolutely certain you prepped but alas, it is nowhere to be found. And now you’re standing at a crossroads—to smoke or not to smoke, wondering how to ask a stranger for weed.

A discreet smoking accessory like a kasher lighter might work like a calling card in some cases. But just to be on the safe side, here are a few tips on how to score when you’re out.

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The Straight-Forward Approach

In many cases, the quickest way to know if someone smokes up and even has some weed on them is to just ask. Of course, there are some suave ways to do this without ending up in a sticky situation.

The most common approach would be asking point blank, “do you smoke?” If they don’t, they’ll most likely assume you mean cigarettes and carry on the conversation down that route.

But if they do smoke, they’ll probably clarify by asking whether you mean cigarettes or weed. Good alternatives to this question include, “do you want to smoke?” or “can I borrow a lighter?”

The Soft Launch

Hello Stranger
Hi there, hello (Source: Pexels)

The head-on approach, while reliable enough, may not be for everyone. If you prefer a softer lead-in, there are alternatives for anyone wondering how to ask a stranger for weed.

Suppose you see someone that appears to be one of your stoner brethren. You might consider asking them, “you wouldn’t happen to be one of them stoner hippies, would ya?” The most likely answer they’ll give you is an ardent, “most definitely not!” But if they are, the pot is sure to come.

Finding an ice-breaker that gets to the point but does not incriminate anyone is a good place to start.

Ask for the Local Headshop or Hookah Cafe

Another good way to ask without it potentially becoming uncomfortable is to first request directions to a local dispensary or headshop.

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If the person you ask is friendly enough, you may be in the green so to speak. And if they happen to know what and where a headshop is, you know that you’re probably in company, talking to a fellow stoner. This is also smoother way to let them know you’re a stoner yourself.

Smoke shop
Follow the signs (Source: Pexels)

If they don’t have any weed to offer you, you could head to the dispensary and see if there are any fellow stoners hanging around to smoke with. But all that fails and you’re in a recreational weed state, you can get what you need there directly. Granted, this isn’t the answer you’re hoping for when trying to figure out how to ask a stranger for weed. But it’s a good backup plan, nonetheless.

Wear Your Stoner Aesthetic With Pride

We jest about calling cards, but it does work in your favor to have stoner-themed aspects to your aesthetic. This could be anything from a cap with “Pot Head” on the front to weed lear earrings and keychains. To most people, they’ll look like quirky statement pieces. But to fellow stoners, it can be a conversation starter.

To make it easier to convey your recreational activities, though, you could opt for more obscure references that only a fellow stoner would pick up on. This could be things like weed tools, stoner references, psychedelic art, a Terence McKenna quote, literally anything. So long as it puts out the call to your people, you’re doing it right.

“You Good, Bud?”

Bus stop
Waiting on a trip (Source: Pexels)

Street slang varies from one city to the next, even from one street to the next. It also tends to change over time. This means the answer to “how to ask a stranger for weed” tends to change from one moment to the next. Nonetheless, language has always been key when trying to stay low profile when finding weed, whether you call it ganja, kush, bud or the many other ways to call the green goddess.

Casual conversation
Cannabis slang (Source: Pexels)

Just start with a “‘ssup, bro” and introduce yourself. Most people can pick up the vibes you’re dropping, especially if they’re also out looking for a smoking buddy.

If they respond in kind, the link has been forged, and you may go forth and make your request.

Get Philosophical

Most people tend to enjoy a good, intellectually stimulating conversation. This is especially true for stoners. The deeper the conversation gets, the more likely they are to pair it with their favorite strain.

If you’re someone who prefers to be more blatant, you could steer the conversation into marijuana legalization territory. Their answer itself is usually a dead giveaway to their position. But if you prefer more nuance or are actually hoping for good conversation, anything from politics and history to art and literature is bound to get you puffing in no time, without even having to ask the question itself.

Use Your Stoner Playlist

Whether you choose to blast it on your car speaker or have it as your ringtone, using stoner music is a good enough way to find fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

You can begin by exchanging playlists, talking about artists you enjoy, perhaps dropping Snoop Dogg into the conversation before diving into the big question.

Follow the Scent

Music festival
Smoke it out (Source: Pexels)

You might not know for sure how to spot someone who is bound to be a stoner. Unfortunately, the hippie era has passed, and finding stoners out in the wild is no easy feat. But that’s what most people who don’t smoke don’t realize. Appearances can be deceiving and nearly anyone can be a stoner.

If there’s one thing a stoner can pick up on, though, it’s the dank smell of weed. If you’re looking for weed, use your nose and follow the olfactory signs and they’ll lead you right to your new best bud.

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend you use this skill to walk into some shady back alley, no matter how dank the bud. You could, however, use this at music festivals and events to find fellow stoners, where people are often open to making new friends. Once you do, you can simply ask to join their circle. Most stoners are more than happy to share especially with good music, light shows and company to set the vibes.

And while most stoners would never ask, be a good citizen and offer to pay for your share when you’re asking to join a new circle.

Make Some New Friends

Making friends
Find your tribe (Source: Unsplash)

If you’re not sure whom to ask, or how, then it’s safer to make a few friends first. If you’re in a new area, try to chat with some people and get to know them. When you’re close enough, you can be sure they’ve got your back, and can comfortably ask if they know where to score some weed.

You might also find it easier to make friends and ask for weed at a house party or pub than at a random spot on the street.

Another great way to learn more about where the good stuff is is to make friends with people who know the ins and outs of the area. Local baristas, for example, who are as good at brewing tea as they are spilling it.

Additionally, you could always ask friends of friends if they happen to know the best way to safely find weed near you. After all, it’s generally less intimidating to ask people you already know who won’t judge or rat you out than to approach a total stranger.

Pass the Dutchie

Approaching strangers can be scary, for many reasons. Stranger danger can be pretty real, but it’s even more worrisome if you’re trying not to get busted for doing something as innocuous as smoking weed.

Thankfully, stoners tend to be able to spot one another pretty easily after they’ve been toking long enough. So if you’re wondering how to ask a stranger for weed and don’t have it in you to ask, there are many other ways to attract the right buds into your life without putting yourself all the way out there.