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16 Frog Eyes Piercing Ideas

woman with frog eyes piercing on tongue with lighter in hand

Humans have been getting pierced for millennia. But the reasons why we do it have changed over time. Originally done as a ritual to honor the gods, tongue piercing would go on to represent all kinds of duality. From deep spirituality to a form of rebellion. And if there is one type of piercing that embodies this contradiction, it’s the frog eyes piercing.

Go on and whip out your frog rig for this one. Step one of switching up your looks is, after all, letting your creativity flow.

Photo: Amethyst Piercings

Classic Frog Eye Piercing

The classic frog eye features two piercings on either side of the tip or the upper side of your tongue. They are known by a few different names. These piercings are named for their likeness to a pair of frog eyes.

Frog Eyes Piercing Jewelry

These kinds of piercings are also frequently referred to as venom bites. This is because when adorned with jewelry, the piercing looks a lot like its namesake.

Having said that, the further back on the tongue you get your piercing, the more like frog eyes it looks. And the closer to the tip you get, the closer it is to a snake bite.

Snake Eyes

Piercings at the absolute tip or edge are called snake eye piercings and look quite different from the classic frog eye or venom bite. The pairing of both double piercings is a sight to behold.

Venom Bites

The “frog eyes” or “venom bites” are especially apparent when you stretch or stick your tongue out, kind of like what you’d do when mimicking a snake’s hiss.

Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be

Before you get to playing around with your new aesthetic, make sure you find an experienced technician to get your piercing from. If they have the same piercing you’re hoping to get, even better. This is especially important for frog eye piercings, as they have to be perfectly symmetrical to work.

Piercing Jewelry

Finding the right person to pierce your tongue is only half the work. You also have to figure out what kind of piercing you want, including which jewelry you’d like to have put in after the piercing is done and healed. You could opt for a simple classic barbell, of course. Or you could pick something intriguing, such as a pair of skulls.

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You can also play around with the length of the bar in your piercing. Shorter ones will have the stud nestled within your tongue. Longer ones will stand upright, and resemble frog eyes even more. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s comfortable for you.

Double Tongue Piercings

If you’re vibing with the frog eye tongue piercing but want to spice it up, try a double piercing that’s adorned on both ends. It won’t always be visible that you’re rocking a double bite, but it looks trippy as hell when you flex your tongue.

Triple Tongue Piercing

Not enough spice? Try another serving and give your venom bite a spiritual upgrade with the addition of a third eye.

Piercing Aesthetics

Piercings can take on many vibes, from cute to badass and from dainty to fierce. Tongue piercings are especially versatile. While “venom bites” might not immediately read as having a soft side, they can look stunningly beautiful and understated depending on how you wear them.

Cute Vampire Fangs and Venom Bites

The addition of vampire fang piercings to venom bites might not sound “cute.” Yet, somehow, that’s exactly the vibe they give off when paired together. 

Smiley Frog Eyes Piercing

Frog eyes also work great with smiley and lip piercings. Smileys, or frenulum piercings, come in many shapes and types so this leaves plenty of room for experimentation.

Getting Colorful

Outside of playing around with the jewelry of your new studs, you can also switch up the aesthetics in other ways. This includes pairing your piercings with statement jewelry pieces or atypical colors in your makeup or fashion.

Switch It Up

Another way to get creative with your double tongue piercing is to mix and match your jewelry. Whether you play around with different colors or barbell styles, just be sure you’ve allowed ample healing time first.

Punk Frog Eyes Piercing

Colorful and cute aesthetics definitely work really well with tongue piercings. That being said, frog eyes are definitely punk at heart. Which, thankfully, does not translate directly into the level of pain such a piercing might bring with it. When surveyed, most people said that the frog eye tongue piercing pain level sits somewhere around the mid-range.

Goth Piercing Ideas

Frog eyes also work beautifully with goth and witchy aesthetics. Both of these are pretty popular within the larger stoner aesthetic. Channel your inner Nancy Downs with this look. Minus the homicidal dark magic, of course.

Venom Tongue Piercings

Outside of pairing perfectly with most aesthetics, venom bites also pair beautifully with other mouth piercings. These dimple piercings, for instance, look gorgeous next to their frog eye buds.

Frog Face

If you’re not quite ready to poke at your cheeks, a more classic lip ring might be more up your alley. This double ring look paired with frog eyes really makes the piercing combo resemble a frog’s face. It’s an adorable look and is easy enough to pull off for anyone newer to the world of piercings.

Ultimate Frog Eye Combo

If you’re digging the idea of getting a combination of piercings, and you’re in the mood to go all out, then pair a frog eye with a frog eye. And throw in a third one for good measure.

And if you’re feeling lucky, layer a snake eye and a lip piercing or two in there too. If not anything else, it makes one hell of a statement.

Keep Calm and Pierce On

Piercings have come a long way. What was once a blood ritual to honor the gods has transformed into a self-love ritual filled with personal meaning. Now, they’re a fun way to express yourself and change up your look.

And these frog eyes piercing ideas are the perfect place to start if you’re looking to do just that.