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Best Thanksgiving Movies to Watch High

top thanksgiving movies

Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a renowned family time crowned with dinner and Turkey. Unless your entire family smokes pot, it’s usually not the best time to show off your baking skills. But then again, different people spend their holidays differently. Unlike Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween, Thanksgiving does not have tons of movies dedicated to it. If you’re spending Thanksgiving alone or with stoner buddies, the best Thanksgiving movies to watch high will interest you.

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Top 10 Thanksgiving Movies

Free Birds

Turkeys are dumb, really dumb.

There’s no Thanksgiving without a Turkey! We never really get to think how Turkeys feel about that. “Free Birds” is a funny and action packed statement from Turkeys addressing their right to live. These funny and brave Turkeys have braced up to take control of their destiny and we can watch them do it!  Being stoned will probably amplify the Turkey’s narrative and have you thinking like a Turkey for a few minutes.  This is a 10/10 good animation Thanksgiving movie.

Random question: if war broke out between humans and Turkeys, what side are you rooting for?


So guys, I was thinking since it’s Thanksgiving and all that, we should go round and say what we are thankful for

There’s usually more than one way to solve a problem. The Turkeys in “Free Birds” diplomatically sought to avert their Thanksgiving fate. “Gobble Gobble Mortherfucker”, not all turkeys are good and soft at heart. Some revel in violence and will take what is demanded through force & sometimes in blood. This is the best bad Thanksgiving movie you’ll watch high.

Random question: would it be a crime if a Turkey literally killed a person?  It’s not like mankind is not guilty of the same act.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

During holiday traffic, some people get delirious

You may choose to nickname this movie the ultimate adult Thanksgiving movie. The scenes are characteristically brilliant with build ups that yield huge payoffs. There’re some swearing here and there and that’s something you’d find hilarious. If you’re one who’s intrigued by fancy movie quotes, get your notepad ready.

Home for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving Mom

Here’s a timeless classic Thanksgiving movie that ticks all the right boxes for adults at home. There’s something about this movie that largely raises its appeal during Thanksgiving holidays. Maybe because there’s “holiday” in the title? Ha-ha, Not at all! It’s so natural and attuned to the familiar feeling of family struggles that most people can relate to. If anything shoots people into family mode, it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Rom-Com embraces real life family drama and allows the audience to pick whatever side they want.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

His life is fantastic

This animated Thanksgiving movie will remain forever in your heart.  If you assumed it’s for children because it’s an animated movie, you’re wrong! The animation was nicely done and the humor is just about right.  It’s a very tight movie with lots of stuff going on in every scene. It’s a good Thanksgiving movie especially when you’re tripping. Bon Voyage! You’re bound to have a good one.

Pieces of April

Some families do whatever it takes to remain close

The theme of Thanksgiving is “family”, but not every family is functional. How do dysfunctional families get by on Thanksgiving holiday? The comedy-drama “Pieces of April” answers the question in its own spectacular way. Would it be a happy ending or a sad one? Why don’t you find out on Thanksgiving! You may also learn a thing or two about family relationships.

Scent of a Woman

This is some guy

Scent of a Woman is so beautifully written that it make take more than one viewing to realize that. The conversations are captivating and the movie holds firmly for today’s viewing. There’s a sense of wonder and amazement in watching the story unfold. Indeed, Al Pacino brought his best act on this one.


I’m a breakthrough kinda guy

Another classic and sometimes underrated Thanksgiving movie. It’s filled with all the twists and humor conversant with road comedy-drama films and even more.  Since a lot of people don’t talk about this movie, your opinion solely depends on firsthand experience. Do well to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

Alice’s Restaurant

You can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant

“Alice’s Restaurant” maybe considered the movie version of the only proper Thanksgiving song. The Thanksgiving movie is an adaptation of a folk song with the same name. The movie humorously depicts the inconsistencies of the American government during the Vietnam War. It might not sit well with some audience but those who love it will do so extravagantly.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I can’t believe it, she must think I’m the most stupid person alive

The Charlie Brown TV program always has something for every holiday season.  Although the special attracted a lot of backlash for racial bias, it’s still worth watching for the most part. There’s always a message to be deciphered and we will let your buzzed brain work that out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Holidays come and go, but weed stays eternal. Make the most of the Thanksgiving holiday and have a good time with family and friends. If you’re celebrating by yourself, by all means, torch up and have fun with these movies.  You should check out the best movies to watch alone high the next time you’re all by yourself.