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420 Cartoon Wallpaper Art to Light up your Life

unicorn floaty in pool cartoon

Stoner culture and the world of animation are wonderfully intertwined. Cartoons are often the preferred form of entertainment for stoners because of their unique appeal. From the colorful visuals and clever writing to how ground-breaking and philosophical they can be, cartoons have a charm all their own. What’s more, the cartoon style of art often spawns some cool 420 cartoon wallpaper art to adorn your screens.

Whether you’re looking for something that honors your favorite cartoons or art that matches your unique aesthetic, there’s a wallpaper out there for you. From trippy to magical or understated to outrageous, these pieces are sure to set the vibes right the next time you unlock your screen.

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Best 420 wallpapers

A wallpaper can be inspired by anything. From cartoon characters to music legends or classic stoner iconography to aesthetics you vibe with on a personal level, there’s something for everyone.

Shaggy and Scooby

Shag and Scoob have long been stoner icons, whether they were intended to represent the culture or not. From their love for munchies to their perpetual paranoia in the, the duo has embodied several aspects of stoner buddies. And this wallpaper captures their charm perfectly as they sit on top of their van and smoke a joint.

Ganja Alien

Of course, our list of stoner aesthetic wallpapers would be incomplete without a few extraterrestrials. Aliens represent mystery too, but a kind that’s a different flavor to the one Shaggy’s Mystery Machine delivers.

Trippy Rick

As far as stoner duos go, Rick and Morty are definitely in the top three. Much like Scooby-Doo, they’ve never actually demonstrated a specific love for hash, but their behavior and general demeanor suggest that they have, at the very least, dabbled in the substance. Regardless, they’ve become synonymous with trippy, so naturally, they make for some glorious 420 cartoon wallpaper art.

Stoner Girls

The stoner girl aesthetic casts a pretty wide net. Usually, though, it includes girls who like their weed strong and also enjoy magical, occasionally witchy aesthetics.

This series of wallpapers from Cabin7, embraces the entire spectrum of stoner girls. It represents them living their best lives, chilling and sharing a J with their buds.

Skull of Life

A big part of the stoner girl aesthetic is a love for nature and a desire to return to our collective roots. Stoners tend to be as passionate about nature and environmentalism as they are about their stash.

mushroom skull bong feb sale

And while many pieces have attempted to capture the essence of this vibe, this one definitely hits the mark. It’s to say, the meaning behind the crying skull and the power of nature to reclaim abandoned spaces isn’t lost on us cannabis enthusiasts.

Feed Your Head

While we’re on the subject of the big, bad world, Alice in Wonderland has often been used as an allegory for hallucinogens use – sometimes positive, sometimes negative. The story about a young girl dealing with major life changes and slipping into a world of fantasy is, appealing to all, no matter which interpretation you subscribe to.

Rasta Lion

Bob Marley 420 wallpapers are certainly some of the most popular out there. And this Rasta lion takes a cue from the artist’s iconic look, portraying him as the fierce visionary he was for so many cannabis activists.

Green Screen

Of course, a wallpaper does not need to be intricate. A classic design can be just as stunning, and the weed leaf is the eternal go-to icon when you’re looking to keep it chic.

Stay Safe, Stay Trippy

Love the green but need more psychedelia? Try this super trippy 420 cartoon wallpaper on for size.

Heavenly High

Psychedelia is more than just hippie-inspired trippy art, of course. The core of it rests in imagery that gets you tripping long before the hit takes hold. And this composite is a pretty cool way to represent how it feels to get high.

Trippy 420 Cartoon Wallpaper

One of the most intriguing trends to come out of the pandemic years is the resurgence of the ‘90s and early 2000s scrapbook aesthetics. When combined with psychedelic visuals and transformed into wallpaper art, these really start popping off the screen.

Stars Love Blunts

Stoner culture has certainly gotten more intertwined with celebrity culture in recent decades. Where it once stood as a statement of protest, it now stands as a lifestyle of its own.

But when you strip away all the chatter, the status of a person matters not. The dankness of the dope, most certainly does though.

Dolla $ign

A lot of rappers are stoners. Ty Dolla Sign spoke up about going weed-free in 2019 as part of his creative process. Despite this, he remains a pretty prominent icon within stoner art, and it’s not hard to see why.

Pigshot and Mary Green

Looney Tunes offered the world some of the most enduring characters. And several of them have become favorites in 420 art. While not originally the intended audience, stoners have fully embraced this cocktail of zany animated creatures, who make for some uniquely charming stoner art.

Poker Night

Speaking of beloved 420 characters, this wallpaper has all the markers of an epic smoke sesh: poker with really high dads from some of the best animated shows of all time.

Its 4:20 Somewhere

Don’t forget to light one up once you’re done changing your wallpaper — after all, it’s always 4:20 somewhere.

The ultimate trio

Cartoons, art and weed. A trio that can craft a gorgeous aesthetic, sometimes with deeply meaningful undertones and other times with elevating psychedelic imagery. A 420 cartoon wallpaper is the perfect way to set the vibe, wherever you go.