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17 Bewitching Flower Hand Tattoo Designs

Flower hand tattoo

People have been adorning their hands for as long as body art has existed. And floral patterns have been the design of choice for many. Understandably so, since they’re capable of being as edgy and loud as they are dainty and girly. Find inspiration for your next ink with these magical flower hand tattoo designs.

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Small Flower Hand Tattoos

Floral tattoos can represent a variety of things, from beauty and enlightenment to grief and resilience. As such, they can mean very different things to different people.

Personalizing your tattoo is extremely easy when you build it around a flower and its meaning. But even without getting that deep or elaborate, flowers lead to some of the best tattoo designs.

Floral Finger Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be daunting, particularly if it’s your first or if you’re ready for a new one but aren’t quite sure what you want yet.

An adorably tiny finger tattoo is perfect for times like these. They’re small enough to not be too loud or noticeable, yet visible enough so you don’t forget they’re there at all.

Small Thumb Wreath Tattoo

And when we say tiny, we do mean tiny. Floral tattoos offer such a wide range of versatility, and you really can go extremely tiny with these designs.

Flower Hand Wrist Tattoo

And if you’re still on the fence, you can always go for an even quieter hand tattoo by getting it on the wrist. This is less likely to be spotted by casual onlookers, and you won’t be flashing it like your calling card every time you shake a hand.

Neotraditional Floral Hand Tattoo

Of course, you could be on the other end of the spectrum, ready to dive right in and get yourself some elaborate new ink. In this case, a neotraditional design is for you.

The style offers a middle ground between the bold classic traditional designs and the experimental and intricate newer designs. When paired with florals, these tattoos look like paintings you might find in an old Victorian castle.

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Red Ink Serpentine Flower Tattoo

Serpents have been unfairly associated with negative symbolism. Yet, their form and nature link them to such concepts as eternity and regeneration. When paired with a flower, which represents beauty, it can also be a representation of one’s grace as well as their ability to change and grow.

Marigold Hand Tattoo

Marigold flowers have been referenced across many cultures and religions. Within modern gardens, marigolds are thought to be “traps.” In other words, they lure pests away from other plants and prevent them from devastating your crop. Given that their larger symbolism is linked to the strength of the sun, it’s unsurprising they also serve as protectors for their fellow plants.

When paired with snakes, the marigold tattoo can take on a new meaning: temptation and the forbidden fruit.

Traditional Flower Hand Tattoo

While modern styles have blossomed, they would never truly replace traditional styles. After all, the bold black and red designs pioneered what would become one of the most important forms of expression for people all around the world.

And this design is a fantastic example of just why these styles are so enduring.

Spiderweb Floral Tattoo

Beyond snakes and serpents, flowers also pair well with other creatures. And they also work in a variety of styles.

This piece, which largely uses linework with a touch of blackwork, pairs the captivating beauty of florals with the enticing charm of spiders and butterflies.

Red Rose Hand Tattoos

Roses are symbols of love in every form. This can range from an emotional bond with someone to something you’re deeply passionate about. But what makes roses so alluring, beyond their symbolism, is their unparalleled beauty.

These gorgeous flower hand tattoos take full advantage of the rose’s allure, incorporating the entire plant into a delicate design.

Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue roses aren’t found in nature. As such, they represent a kind of beauty and love that is both rare and unattainable.

Unlike the fiery passion of red roses, blue roses represent fantasy and mystique.

Hydrangea Flower Hand Tattoos

The phrase “she’s beauty, she’s grace” was made for this flower. Like the blue rose, hydrangeas are mysterious and alluring. Yet, that’s where the similarities end, really. These flowers thought to represent harmony, peace, and love, are an important symbol in Japanese culture.

For the Japanese people, the flower represents gratitude. In other cultures, however, the flower is seen as a symbol of vanity.

Overall, the hydrangea is a good reminder to get out of your own head now and then and appreciate everything you have right now.

Japanese Flower Hand Tattoo

Japanese tattoos often incorporate floral elements, for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. What makes them so stunning, however, isn’t just the flowers themselves. It is also the unique styles of tattooing that Japanese tattoo artists employ, the most widely known style being Irezumi.

These styles are instantly recognizable among tattoo enthusiasts. As such, they make quite the statement. They are also, however, as elegant and exquisite as florals in any other style.

Lotus Flower Hand Tattoo

Another flower that holds many people’s fancy is the humble lotus. While it is largely thought to symbolize purity, eternity, and strength, the flower is also a symbol of overcoming adversity and remaining true to yourself. As such, some cultures also link it to enlightenment.

A lotus tattoo on one’s hand can hold very personal meanings. Within spiritual cultures, right hands are thought to represent masculine energies like the sun, while left hands are linked to the feminine moon. Moreover, right hands are often linked to logic and reason, while left hands symbolize emotions and justice.

Beyond specific symbolism, though, hand tattoos are considered a bold choice. After all, they’re more visible than most placements. Placing a symbol of purity and enlightenment on a spot that you use to interact with the world, thus, is a pretty positive connotation.

Tribal-Inspired Blackwork Tattoo

Tribal and spiritual symbols are some of the most important muses for tattoo lovers. Each harbors a deep history and symbolism. Some are thought to be so important, they must be bestowed on a wearer by a community elder or they may lead to bad luck.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, it’s hard to deny the beauty in spiritual tattoos. It is a beauty that shines through even in the simplest of designs.

Ornamental Lotus Tattoo

Of course, not all spiritual-looking tattoos are particularly spiritual. In fact, plenty of designs are purely ornamental. And several take ideas of spirituality and adapt them to suit the wearer’s unique beliefs. This is a great way to draw inspiration from the aesthetics associated with tribal and spiritual symbols without needing to appropriate the symbol itself.

Tulip Flower Hand Tattoo

Like roses, tulips represent love in many forms. But unlike roses, which point to deeply passionate and sometimes volatile love, tulips are all about unconditional love. Yellow tulips, in particular, are hopeful and cheery.

Classic Flower Hand Tattoo for Women

If you’ve scrolled all the way through and are still not too sure, perhaps what you’re really in search of is the creativity and beauty of a simple classic design.

Traditional tattoos are bold and proud. Neo-traditionals are artistic. New-school is vibrant and witty. And amid them, all are linework and blackwork tattoos that hold the spirit of traditional styles with the freeform artistry of newer styles.

Let Your Heart Bloom

Whether you opt for a pretty and dainty design or something that’s way more powerful, you can’t really go too wrong with a flower hand tattoo. These designs were made to be flaunted, yet are just as comfortable being your own little secret. Whatever route you take, you’ve now given yourself a stunning new piece of body art.