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Black Friday Bongs and Dab Rigs for Sale for the Savvy Stoner

black friday bong sale

It’s that time of the year again. A time of joy and hope, gratitude and frolic. And, of course, some of the greatest sales you’ll ever stumble upon. And this selection of Black Friday bongs and dab rigs for sale is everything you’re going to want for the perfect end to the year.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday we will offer up to 50% off select pieces within our store. The steepest discounts will start on Black Friday November 25th from 12am CT through Cyber Monday November 28th until midnight. The new code will be released on our homepage. So stay tuned!

Photo: Unsplash

Silhouette Double Chamber Bubbler

A classic Sherlock pipe is a must for any collection. This bubbler, however, ups the ante just a touch. This high-quality and extremely durable piece made of borosilicate glass comes with two percs, allowing the smoke to cool longer before inhalation.

Paired with its stunning, sleek silhouette design, this piece is designed to make you feel distinguished, ready to crack any case that comes your way. Whether that be the case of the silk stocking or a case of beer. Either way, it’ll make for a memorable Black Friday.

Trippy Glowing Rick and Morty Bong

Is there a better toking buddy than Rick C-137? Sure, you might wake up inhabiting the body of an alternate version of yourself battling enemies amid a sea of lookalikes, but you have to admit that would be a trip.

A wonderful bonus that comes with this tiny 8mm piece is that it glows in the dark. So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to smoke up with Radioactive Rick, here’s your chance.

Pink Hello Kitty Bong

Kitty White is one of the most iconic and recognizable animated characters. The third-grader debuted in the ‘70s. Her design was kept minimal, to appeal to young children, while her blank face was crafted to allow the audience to project their feelings onto her.

And at five apples tall and weighing about three apples, she’s almost as big as this pink Hello Kitty bong. This piece comes equipped with a smaller-than-average chamber and neck. This means that while she may look precious, this bong packs a potent, flavorful punch.

Crossfaded Yellow Pink Bong

Pinks are notoriously associated with all things dainty. So you might be led to believe that a pink bong is unlikely to be sturdy. But if there’s one thing this bad boy is, it’s durable with its wide beaker base.

What’s more, it’s classic slitted downstem and an ice catcher offer a nice cool hit. And as you bubble your way through each bowl, you’ll begin to see more layers to the shades of sunny yellows and hot pinks.

Mushroom Bong Frog House

For the most magical quarter of the year, it’s only natural to add an equally whimsical bong to your collection just in time to celebrate the season.

Equipped with a showerhead perc for smooth hits and a compact chamber for thicker, condensed smoke, this tiny beauty is designed to make you feel like a floaty forest nymph. And as the night rolls on, this beady-eyed frog friend is going to prove to be the best company you could have asked for.

Girly Flower Glow-in-the-dark Bong

If there’s one slogan that defined the ‘60s and ‘70s, it would be “flower power.” The adoption of nonviolence as a form of protest against war would turn out to be one of the most powerfully rallying battle cries of the era, one that uplifted the status of several counterculture movements and brought several causes to the forefront.

The flower children remain iconic and this bong honors their vibe. In essence, the hand painted flowers are a reminder to choose peace. What’s more, the glow-in-the-dark design is a psychedelic trip all on its own. And when paired with its sturdy design and icy-cold hits, this piece is the ultimate reminder to stay cool and groovy.

Lava Lamp Bong

The era of love and peace was defining in more ways than one, of course. From fashion to home decor, this was a time of vibrance and fun. And one of its greatest aesthetic gifts to the world was the popularity of lava lamps.

The lava center is the heart of this bong, in more ways than one. The beautifully spun green and charcoal glass doubles as a showerhead percolator delivering silky smooth diffusion. Plus, the thick glass chamberand fixed downstem makes gives it greater protection and peace of mind.

No Face Mini Silicone Dab Rig

No-Face (“Kaonashi,” or “faceless”) was the unlikely breakout star of Studio Ghibli’s award-winning film “Spirited Away” (2001). While every single character was beautifully crafted and nuanced, this faceless ghost-like form floated around became a huge fan-favorite. Perhaps because he handed out gold nuggets and occasionally got just a teeny bit cranky after absorbing the corruption of the souls around him.

True to its inspiration, this No-Face dab rig is simple and elegant on the surface. But the hit it delivers is powerful enough to leave you completely absorbed in the experience of taking a dab. And these Black Friday bongs are the perfect gift to anime lovers, without breaking the bank.

Glow-in-the-dark Bubble Carb Cap

As any dabbing connoisseur will confirm, a good dab needs a good carb cap. This is mainly because these accessories help control heat and airflow, of course. But they can also bring the most enchanting of vibes, as with these glow-in-the-dark bubble carb caps.

Mushroom Bong Cottage

One of the best things about Ghibli films is the gentle nostalgic warmth they inspire in their audiences. You find yourself yearning for a simpler, magical world. One where you live in a tiny cottage on a hill, a stone chimney puffing away as you prepare fresh eggs and bacon to go with your toast.

Elevate your viewing experience with this adorably tiny bong that is designed to transport you to a magical world of your own making.

Twisted Iridescent Swirl Bong

If you’ve ever wanted to taste the rainbow, today’s your lucky day. Because this swirl-patterned iridescent bong isn’t just a one-trick pony. With textures to stimulate the senses, a rainbow of color to invigorate the mind, and chilled rips to soothe the soul, this piece is an all-rounder like you’ve never seen before.

Squid Dab Rig

Of the many deep sea creatures that are both enchanting and terrifying, the squid certainly comes off as relatively tame. Perhaps that’s why the more common symbolism associated with it is uncertainty and uneasiness. But these aren’t meant to be negative – most cultures think of these as gateways to finding inner peace. After all, in order to walk the path toward enlightenment, one must be willing to get a little out of their comfort zone.

Much like its namesake, this squid dab rig is all the inspiration you’ll need to find inner peace, and perhaps a good heart laugh after a dab.

Birthday Cake Iridescent Bong

Modern tiered cakes have a long, illustrious history going all the way to the 1800s. They were thought to be symbols of luxury, particularly when they included white icing. And in more recent times, toppers have become a great way to add humor and personality to cakes.

And as far as personality, style, and class go, this piece has it all and more. Each puff will make you feel like you’re blowing out your birthday candles, thanks to the smokey iridescence that gives the illusion of changing colors.

Sriracha Bong

Sriracha is a red hot chili pepper sauce that goes on (and sometimes in) just about everything – soups, burgers, eggs, chips, cocktails, lollipops, and more. When Thanom Chakkapak produced the sauce back in the 1930s she probably had no idea it would go on to be so culturally significant.

And as far as significant culturally-defining things go, this bong is clearly a winner. With a unique design, this portable silicone piece is the yin to your bottle of Sriracha’s yang.

Cobra Snake Bong

Serpents and snakes have been worshipped across cultures owing to them being a symbol of eternity. From Ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology to modern-day Hinduism, serpents represent immortality. The cobra, in particular, is worshipped in some parts of the world. For Hindus, this is because of the belief that they are bearers of their ancestors’ souls who now serve as protectors.

This gorgeous bong definitely pays homage to the majesty of its namesake. With each puff, the hissing bubbles and the shifting colors beneath the iridescence deliver a trip worthy of eternity.

Pearlescent Iridescent Bong

Iridescence is captivating enough, but a a bong pearlescent finish is truly a sight to behold. Even more so when you’re stoned.

Glow in the dark Mushroom Bong

Is there anything more magical than tiny anthropomorphic shrooms? We’re glad you ask because there is, in fact, something even greater: ones that also glow in the dark.

The ice bong’s chilled hits are only enhanced by its glow. And unlike many other glow-in-the-dark water pipes, this one doesn’t just glow – it lights up the room.

Thick Rim Bong Bowl

Glass bowls are notoriously easier to break than bowls made from other materials. Alas, a good bowl is essential to a toking experience. Thankfully, this sturdy piece is made of borosilicate glass, the same material used in labs and fine dining. It comes with a thick rim that won’t scorch your fingers when you pick it up – a common reason many bowls break, to begin with.

So when you’re scouring through Black Friday bongs and accessories but find yourself unsure of whether a bowl piece is worth the trouble, fear not. This one’s designed to last.

Paint Glow-in-the-dark Silicone Bong

Of the variety of Black Friday bongs for sale, this one-pounder is a behemoth. But that doesn’t take away from its appeal. The gorgeous painted surface glows in the dark, producing a trippy visual when high.

What’s more, given its straight shooter style, this piece delivers an intense high that will have you floating off into a puffy cloud of dank smoke. And thanks to its silicone build, you risk nothing when you puff with this piece by your side.

Snowflake Bong Bowl

The magical season finishes its run with the most magical time of them all: Christmas. We all yearn for a snowy Christmas day, wrapped in a cozy knitted sweater, sipping spiked eggnog, and wondering where the year went. Much like the fleeting snowflake, time can fly by and disappear.

Thankfully you don’t have to worry about your bowls disappearing quite as quickly. Made of thick borosilicate glass, this is a delicate snowflake is designed to last.

Candy Cane Dab Tool

When you’re pondering life over your eggnog, don’t forget to grab a candy cane or two to remind yourself that even in the bad times, there’s always something sweet to look forward to.

An added bonus is your sweet treat also duals as an effective way to handle your concentrates.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

It can be rather disappointing saving up all year for the best offers of the year only to find them out of stock when it’s time to buy. Thankfully there are plenty of Black Friday bongs, dab rigs and accessories for sale right now and you’ve got plenty of time to find the ones that are just right for you.