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10 Rick and Morty Cake Ideas to Get the Party Going

Rick and Morty cosplay

A wise, sociopathic scientist once said, “weddings are basically funerals with a cake.” The same beacon of wisdom once also turned himself into a pickle to get out of family therapy. So perhaps he isn’t the best person to take advice from. Then again, he looks pretty magnificent as icing. Almost as good as he looks on a glow-in-the-dark bong. Digressions aside, here are some of the best Rick and Morty Cake ideas for your special day.

Be it your wedding, birthday, or a simple act of self-love. You know, the kind that has you morphing into an edible to escape paying a stranger to talk to you.

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Rick and Morty Cake Design Ideas

“Sometimes science is more art than science.” Baking a cake, though, is mostly witchcraft. Of course, there’s always the option of paying a stranger to do it for you. Or you can don your mad scientist hat and “invent, transform, create, and destroy” your way to the perfect Rick and Morty cake.

The options are but aplenty. After all, for a show that has become a stoner’s paradise, the limit for creative freedom and exploration does not exist. Not even for cakes.

How to Make a Rick and Morty Cake

Great inventions are sure to follow the act of sticking your hand in a pile of lush cream. A fun activity to indulge in, even if you aren’t baking and decorating your Rick and Morty cake all by yourself.

Go on, get schwifty. You know you want to.

In the instance that you’re planning on baking, though, slap the mad scientist’s face on there as your cake topper. It isn’t entirely clear how or why, but Rick’s wonderfully sardonic expression somehow works on every cake, no matter what event you’re celebrating.

An Adventure With Grandpa

Rick sure isn’t a one-trick pony. So if his cynicism isn’t what you have in mind, then his unhinged charm is sure to win any crowd over. And as far as Rick and Morty cakes go, any cake that can get a chuckle out of its audience is a winner. And boy, is this one a winner!

“Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!”

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” quite like a cake that spells out “I am in great pain.” Then again, perhaps this one’s better suited to a birthday party than a get-well-soon party.

Either way, try serving it with a pickle. They say that’s the combo from heaven. Or maybe it was hell?

Pickle Rick Cake

You read that right. Pickle Rick as a cake. Because sometimes being a cucumber is not enough to escape what plagues you. Sometimes, the real repression comes from layering your morphs, from insane to pickle to cake.

Rick and Morty Leaving a Portal Cake

An equally apt Rick and Morty birthday cake idea is one that takes full advantage of the multiverse of madness and has our titular sociopath and his lovably naive grandkid crawl their way out through the icing.

Bonus points for getting funky with the art styles. For instance, Rick and Morty cake toppers in the style of Wallace and Gromit’s classic claymation style.

Rick and Morty Cake Toppers

Rick and Morty leaving a portal is one of the most iconic images to come out of the show and has sparked some of its most beloved memes and art. So naturally, it also makes for one of the best Rick and Morty cake toppers out there. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Drop into any cake store that takes your fancy, flash them a still of the scene you want to recreate and watch them create magic for your next big day.

Rick and Morty Bring the Drip

Few cakes have quite the aesthetic appeal of a drip cake. Throw in the classic Rick and Morty colors and a dialogue to match and you have yourself an absolute winner.

DIY Rick and Morty Cake

If you’re itching to take a stab at a dripper for yourself, here’s a tutorial on making an easy, colorful Rick and Morty cake with dripping.

Rick and Morty Cupcake

A cake, especially one as grand as a dripper, might be too big of a commitment for some. Maybe you want to wish someone a good day without opening up a portal or turning into a gherkin. Or perhaps you’re just a bit of a sweet tooth and are trying to treat yourself after a week of binge-watching Rick and Morty episodes back to back with absolutely no sleep in between.

Try a Rick and Morty cupcake. The simplest, quickest way to absorb the show whole.

Trauma is to breakfast as Morty is to Rick. You may or may not need it, but a brick works too.

Mr Meeseeks and the Cake Factory

No creature on Rick and Morty quite embodies “existence is pain” greater than every Mr Meeseeks to ever be brought to life. And nothing quite embodies the show’s fandom quite like the sheer joy we get from watching the blue humanoid creature go from cheerfully helpful to violently deranged the longer it lives. After all, who can’t relate?

While Rick and Morty cakes usually feature, rather shockingly, Rick or Morty, there are plenty of characters that look just as good on food. Mr Meeseeks is definitely one of them.

Everything is a Rick and Morty Cake

When the pandemic began, the world teetered toward total insanity. Then, a trend emerged featuring everything as cake, and we lost our collective minds. The mind-bending cake fake had us questioning our entire sense of reality, almost as if someone had opened the doors to a multiverse and somehow what came through was demon dessert.

A development that for some odd reason seems like something Rick would unwittingly cause.

So, naturally, there’s only one way to put an end to the madness. We must eat the maker. We must slice into the Rick and Morty cake and bring the accursed omnipotent dessert to heel.