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10 Matching Stoner Tattoos to get with your Best Bud

tattoos with joints nugs ashtray and bong

With our bodies as the canvas, tattoos tell tales of where we come from, where we’re going and how cannabis has been part of the journey. They are one of the most versatile art forms out there. And matching stoner tattoos rank pretty high up as some of the most fun kinds of ink. The best thing about them is that you get to share the experience with your best bud. Take a nice rip from your glass bong to set the mood so you can choose the perfect stoner tattoo for your high self!

Photo: Slay Tattoo

Cool Matching Stoner Tattoos

Stoner tattoos come in all shapes, sizes and styles. No matter your preference, there’s a piece out there destined to acquaint itself with your skin.

Nugs and Joints Tattoo

Cute Stoner Tattoos (Source: IG)

Whether it’s a cannabis nug, joint or even a bong, these stoner tattoos are perfect just about anywhere you place them.

Lighting a Joint Finger Tattoos

These matching stoner tattoos feature a nicely rolled joint and lighter. These designs fit perfectly on your fingers and make lighting up a joint with your bud that much better.

Dime Bag Tattoo

Dime Bag Tattoo (Source: IG)

This cute dime bag tattoo is a cool piece to share with your best bud. You can get identical versions or each pick your favorite cannabis strain so it’s even more unique. It makes a particularly cute thigh or butt tattoo!

Even if you’re woefully unsure about what to get, there are some simple stoner tattoos, such as this stunning linework tattoo to draw inspiration from. And it’s just as easy to turn this piece into a matching stoner tattoo – simply split it down the middle, or get the same piece. These fifteen matching stoner tattoo ideas will be sure to inspire you!

Best Buds Tattoo

Naturally, we can’t possibly deliver a list of matching tattoos for stoners and not start with a best buds tattoo!

This simple tattoo features the classic stoner iconography of the weed leaf and the perfect J. But what makes it such a cute matching stoner tattoo is how easy it is to split into two halves that complete each other. What’s more, your artist can take it to the next level, customizing it just for you.

From the actual design elements to the overall style and colors used, there’s so much you can do with ink like this.

flash sale fish bong

Easy Stoner Tattoos

If you’re in the market for something more subtle and perhaps a little less permanent, you could try a simple joint-and-lighter combination as a finger tattoo.

These are not as readily visible. Moreover, the simple linework makes it fairly inconspicuous. Also, finger tattoos are notorious for fading quickly, sometimes enough that they are barely visible after a while.

Cartoon Stoner Tattoos

Matching stoner tattoos don’t have to be as blatant, though. Subtlety can sometimes be the need of the hour. So, instead of getting an overt stoner piece, you could try getting one inspired by the bud.

For instance, getting a cartoon character associated with stoner culture as a tattoo is a great way to honor your love for the leaf without being so direct.

Creative Matching Stoner Tattoos

Frogs smoking weed matching stoner tattoo (Source: IG)

If you like cartoon-style tattoos but want something more custom, try one that turns you and your bud into cartoon stoners.

Chill Stoner Tattoos

Bugs Bunny smoking blunt tattoo (Source: IG)

Alternatively, you can get matching stoner tattoos of a classic cartoon character you and your bud adore. And of course, throw in a joint for good measure.

Trippy Matching Stoner Tattoos

Trippy stoner tattoos often blend the simplicity of classic styles with the stunning artistic freedom of new school styles.

Hand with blunt tatoo (Source: IG)

You can take any piece to a new school artist and they’re bound to give you something mesmerizing. But here’s some inspiration for you in the form of a colorful lighter and joint.

Weed Leaf Tattoo

Nothing says stoner like a weed leaf. The icon is a stalwart as far as marijuana-inspired goes. So much so, that it can seem almost passé.

But that’s nothing a little new school tattooing cannot fix! From modern styles of brushwork to the novel use of color, new styles of ink are being developed all the time. And the weed leaf continues to get an upgrade with each innovation.

Alien Stoner Tattoos

Aliens smoking blunt matching stoner tattoos (Source: IG)

Outside of the classic weed leaf, aliens are a staple in stoner art. There’s the obvious reason: they represent worlds unknown, beyond normal human comprehension. Beyond that, is the fact that the very notion of an “alien” means an alien tattoo could mean anything you want it to. Which makes it a wonderfully versatile and unique icon that is perfect for a stoner tattoo.

But there’s another, equally important reason for their popularity in stoner culture: they’re trippy as hell. Even more so when they’re puffing and passing.

Friends and Sesame Street stoner tattoo mashup with bong (Source: IG)

Meaningful Matching Stoner Tattoos

From your personal favorite art styles and designs to iconic stoners, there are plenty of ways to make a tattoo meaningful.

One of the best ways to come up with a meaningful design unique to you and your bud is to select things that define your friendship. For instance, your favorite stoner duo with the almighty green.

Small Stoner Tattoos

If you’re a duo looking for a matching tattoo that is simple, subtle and meaningful all at once, a pair of kites might just do the trick.

Matching kite tattoos are quite popular. They’re found in every style, but there’s something uniquely stunning about a small, dainty linework piece. They’re easy to hide, yet are perfectly capable of making a statement when you want them to. And while kites usually represent freedom, stoner kite tattoos have the bonus symbolism of being “high as a kite.”

Which makes it the perfect matching stoner tattoo idea!

Double the Trouble, Twice the Fun

There’s a lot of fun to be had when you’ve got a best friend or soulmate to share your best — and worst — moments with. And there’s something indescribably special about getting inked with someone you share a deep bond with.

Life may come at you fast and you may have to grow up faster than you want to. But you can always look back on your matching stoner tattoos and remember the good, carefree times that spawned them. Which makes them one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your best bud!