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Trippy Alien Tattoo Ideas for Stoners

alien smoking a blunt tattoo

Aliens have held our fascination for decades. Much like these trippy alien tattoo ideas for stoners, the creatures themselves have a magical allure. They beckon, and anytime they do, we answer. Just make sure you gear up for the intergalactic ride with this glow-in-the-dark alien bong by your side.

Photo: Unsplash

Stoned Alien Tattoo

Who are the little grey men that descend from the skies? Where do they come from, where do they go? And why do they only ever appear on the grainiest of home videos?

Alas, we may never know. This specific version of aliens gained popularity in the 1950s following an alleged spaceship crash in what would become Area 51. It was a military experiment, of course. Something involving a newly-invented military jet or a hot air balloon. Allegedly.

But the image of a tiny grey man emerging from a fiery crash saying “we come in peace” has endured. And an alien smoking a joint remains an iconic and extremely popular stoner alien tattoo.

Pass The Dutchie

No matter what galaxy you hail from, smoking etiquette remains the same. Puff, puff, pass. Even if you have to open an interdimensional portal to do so.

Cute Alien Tattoo Ideas

This tiny alien head tattoo is the definition of “kawaii.” Everything from the size and color to the design and accents in it is beyond adorable. Minimalist tattoos are usually black and white. But modern minimalism, evident in the styles of South Korean tattoo artists among others, blends the vibrance of new school colors with the artistry of old school minimalism. And it leads to some stunning results.

The Purrfect Invasion

Here stands one of the most dangerous, incomprehensible, enigmatic, and bewildering creatures to ever cross mankind’s path.

And it purrs affectionately in the arms of our local friendly extraterrestrial.

Rebel With a Cause

What cause, you might ask. The answer is simple.


Alien Spaceship Tattoo Ideas

When the inevitable happens and we’re all floating up to meet our new overlords, be sure to carry your pack of Js with you. Nothing worse than a sober abduction.

Until then, get yourself a super tiny spaceship tattoo. Maybe it’ll call out to our sky friends and have them show up earlier than scheduled.

Flower Child

One of the most inconceivable parts of human history remains the hippie era and one of its most prominent events: Woodstock. It’s hard to imagine a time when millions came together and peacefully protested the war. With nothing but love, music, and flowers as their weapons.

Perhaps it was the weed among other things that made it so. Perhaps it was aliens in flower crowns. Who’s to say?

Galaxy Brain

Being able to revel in the beauty of an expansive universe is one of the best parts of being high. The notion that there’s life out there is more gripping than anything else we might find floating outside our little space rock.

These meandering philosophical thoughts are the essence of a really good trip. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Or better yet, roll up the universe in this joint tattoo.

It’s a Moo Point

If anyone ever questions your desire to get creatures of outer space tattooed on your body, remind them of Joey Tribbiani’s sage words of wisdom.

Like a cow’s opinion, their points don’t matter.

Small Alien Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder angels and devils are archaic. Aliens whispering sweet nothings into your ear are the future.

Alien tattoos can represent a lot of things for their wearers. Most commonly, of course, they speak to feeling different. But on a deeper level, they point to being comfortable with being different.

And this tiny alien behind your ear is a great reminder to always listen to your inner weird child.


Being high is swell. But you know what’s even better? Post-weed munchies. And this galaxy pizza tattoo with its alien print and green crust is timeless.

I Don’t Belong Here

Calling all stoners who are really into Aliens and Radiohead. This I Don’t Belong Here tattoo is perfect if you’ve always felt a little misplaced, like there’s something else out there for you to call home.

Trippy Alien Tattoo Designs

Simple, small, and cute designs tend to be the favorite in the category of alien tattoo ideas for stoners. But trippy psychedelic alien tattoos are a very close second.

And blending alien imagery with psychedelic retro aesthetics is easily one of the best ideas tattoo lovers have ever come up with.

Minimalist Alien Tattoos

There is, though, something mesmerizing about adorably tiny alien tattoos that’s hard to beat.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

It’s great being different, of course. But it’s also exhausting. And many a human has implored the skies to take them away, to a secret place, on a sweet escape.

Until that day comes, though, we could all use a cool little alien abduction tattoo to remind us to stay trippy even on the dreariest of days.

This Way Up

If you find yourself on the wildest trip of your life and can’t quite remember which way the spaceship beam is, this finger alien tattoo serves as a pretty good reminder.

Abstract Alien Tattoo Ideas

Glitch-style art and alien tattoos pair together like peanut butter and jelly. Like a pair of Converse and high socks. Like being stoned by a campfire under a bed of stars.

Puff the Magic Alien

Fun fact: you don’t have to pass if you puff solo. This alien tattoo is particularly cool as the smoke from his joint creates the galaxy.

Stoner Alien Tattoo

If it is stoner themed, it’s gotta be green. No matter what your aesthetic is, the classic stoner green is always going to elevate. Whether that’s green clothing and accessories, green mugs or green spilling out of your witch’s brew.

And, naturally, green alien tattoos.

Stay Weird

Tattoo symbolism is deeply personal. For some, tattoos are art, and their bodies the canvas. For others, each piece is carefully selected to mean something special.

Alien tattoos hold no such meaning. But it is precisely for this reason aliens hold such importance in stoner culture. They represent something foreign, undefinable, and incapable of being pinned down.

Each of these alien tattoo ideas for stoners is just that. A symbol of choosing to be different, shirking the mold, and being your unique weird self.