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How to Sell Fake Weed in Bitlife

bitlife game

In BitLife you can do just about anything—become a millionaire, a social media influencer or a mafioso.

It’s a game of choice, as in life itself. You can become a law abiding citizen or descend into crime. The choice is yours and those choices determine your fate.

Today you’ll become a scam artist and learn how to sell fake weed in BitLife. The question is, do you have street smarts to make a haul or not? 

Photo: screenshot courtesy of Candywriter

Bitlife: Sell Fake Weed to People Challenge

Your goal is to sell a bag of dried parsley to a stranger. There are two ways to get to this Advanced challenge. 

But first your skill level needs to be high enough to be able to access. Once it is, this option will unlock and turn from gray to blue text. If not, you’ll have to work your way up through other challenges.

Option 1: 

1. Adjust the age of your character to at least 18 years old.

2. Choose Occupation then select Scam Artist.

3. Choose Scams then select Fake Weed Scam.

4. Start hustling.

Option 2: 

  1. Click the Hustling Herbalist Challenge.
  2. Choose the third option “Sell fake weed to 25+ passerby”.
  3. Under Job Occupation click Find Special Career.
  4. Click Street Hustler.
  5. Choose Street. You’ll be able to the traffic, crime and police ratings for street before choosing.
  6. Pick a hustle. Choose Scam Artist. 
  7. Fake Weed Scam is an Advanced Scam.

Bitlife Weed Dealer Game Experience

Once you’ve begun the Bitlife fake weed challenge, you’ll see a description of each person as they pass you down the Bitlife street.

Each person will pop up one at a time. You can see his or her name, profession and brief description of their interaction with you. Perhaps it’s a soccer coach jogging past you or a rapper who smiles at you as he walks by.

You can choose between trying to scam him, passing or the surprise option if you’re not sure. If you choose to scam the person you will receive a message telling you whether you were successful and how much money you earned. 

Accused of Scamming in Bitlife

If you sell to someone successfully and they later accuse you of scamming, you have four option to choose from: insult, ignore, return money or move to a new street.  

Your Haul

Finally, when the session ends, you’ll see how much your haul was on that street. Happy hunting.