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22 Easy Aesthetic Trippy Drawings 

Psychedelic trippy drawing of a bear high on shrooms

Art is an extension of your self-expression. And marijuana is the perfect vehicle to help you tap into your full creative potential. And while aesthetics may be in the eye of the beholder, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating your own masterpiece. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, though, easy trippy drawings are a pretty good launchpad.

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Simple Trippy Drawings

What makes a trippy drawing trippy? Put simply, it’s an abstract representation of your thoughts and feelings. From stunning colors to atypical patterns and shapes, right up to the kaleidoscopic mesh of ideas and concepts, trippy drawings are a way to expand beyond traditional notions of the self. And in that space beyond the known, you find inspiration that is unique, wild, and free.

Trippy Drawing Ideas

A beginner’s simple easy trippy drawing requires little time or effort. More importantly, you don’t have to walk in with the mind of Dali or the hands of Picasso. Whatever level you’re at, you can take a stab at it. No room for fear or judgment, just your wonderful creative mind and whatever you’d like to pull out of it.

You may not have a stash of art supplies to go with your stash of weed. But you can start to sketch trippy drawings with nothing but a pencil and paper to channel your wild genius onto. There’s plenty of room to make some good yet simple trippy drawings with just the bare essentials.

Easy Trippy Drawings

Once you catch the art bug, though, you’ll find yourself itching to experiment. You could dive straight into psychedelic art, of course, but you might find yourself wanting to start small. Drop by your nearest art supply store and pick up materials from your medium of choice: whether it be pen or charcoal, pastels or sketch pens. Or, perhaps, something totally out of left field.

There’s infinite potential when it comes to new art styles to try. Trippy aesthetics definitely have a unique vibe. But don’t let the style limit you. Turn it into your muse instead!

Trippy Weed Drawings

If you’re more of a traditional soul, though, you might find yourself drawn to classic stoner aesthetics. And there’s nothing more classic than the almighty leaf.

Another great option is drawing your own take on your favorite band’s logo. It’s a simple way to bring your passions together. And coloring pens work wonders on trippy logo drawings.

Stoner Trippy Mushroom Drawing

When it comes to trippy weed drawings, mushrooms are second only to a marijuana leaf in terms of the most popular thing to draw.

mushroom skull bong feb sale

If you’re not sure how to draw a trippy mushroom, there are plenty of easy tutorials online to follow.

Trippy Eye Drawing

A common perception when it comes to stoners is that being high is a way to open one’s third eye. So it stands to reason that trippy eye drawings are extremely popular among stoners.

So the next time you’re riding cloud nine, try channeling some of that ascended consciousness onto a canvas. You’ll be surprised what comes of it!

Most eye drawings blend different stoner imagery to create something special. But some take it a step further, such as trippy eyeball drawings that are something between a fever dream and a horror movie.

Cool Trippy Drawings

Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by a lava lamp so much you sit there for hours peering into it till it starts to take form and bring your vivid dreams to life in what feels like an out-of-body experience? If you haven’t then these lava lamp drawings that morph into trippy stoner girls are the next best thing.

Cute Trippy Drawings

Smiley faces are the quintessential hippie drawing. They’re adorable, to say the least. Yet they’re also disarmingly trippy. Something about the Dali-esque way they melt into each other really brings out the mind-bending experience of being high.

Trippy Cartoon Drawings

Speaking of cute drawings that can mess with your mind…

Stoner cartoon drawings are some of the most fun ways to exercise your creative muscles. You can take your favorite characters are reimagine them in various stages of blazed. And it can go from hilarious to downright creepy, depending on what you prefer.

And if you can’t decide on a single character, just create your own multiverse!

Ultimately, the weirdest trippiest pieces you can create might often stem from your favorite cartoons. After all, these shows have a way of bringing out the weirdness in us all.

Trippy Rick and Morty Drawings

Of course, the most popular cartoon character to feature in trippy drawings is Rick. Every version of Rick. Weed Rick.

Pickle Rick.

Rick and the Multiverse of Mayhem.




And, of course, there are some simple versions to get you started if Rick’s what you’re into. Here’s a quick trippy Rick and Morty drawing how-to for your next smoke session.

Discover Your Inner Trippy Artist

Trippy drawings owe their popularity to their ability to shatter boundaries and inhibitions. You get to feel free to express yourself in the best way possible. And neither the confines of art forms nor the shackles of society can force you to draw a certain way.

And if that isn’t the most punk thing about getting high, what is?