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14 Bold Lips Tattoo on Neck Ideas

cheetah print lips tattoo on neck

A pair of lips tattooed on the neck can be quite sensual. They could be a symbol of love or lust. They could also represent danger and mystery. No matter what version of the lips tattoo on neck you get, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. One that can either create a splash or be as discreet as an unassuming lipstick pipe.

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Classic Red Lips Tattoo on Neck

Seeing as a pair of kissers on your neck can come off as a bit risqué, you might find yourself on the hunt for an understated design to balance it out.

In this case, the classic red lips are a good way to go.

Crimson Femme Fatale Tattoo

Spice up the classic red tattoo by opting for a deeper, crimson shade for the lips.

Red Ink Neck Tattoo Idea Meaning

The neck is most closely associated with communication. This rings true from both the scientific and spiritual perspectives. And red is the color of passionate love, a similar symbol to lips.

Pairing these two evidently points to a spirited, zealous person. Someone who takes what life throws at them head-on, and is rarely afraid to speak their mind.

Kiss of Death

It’s not uncommon to see guys with lips tattooed on their necks. A common misconception is that these tattoos are a symbol of gang affiliation. This isn’t entirely untrue. If a member of a gang tattoos lips on his neck, it would usually point to a long period of incarceration. The specific reason for getting the tattoo was that it represented their beau’s last kiss before they went away for a long time.

Of course, the link between gangs and tattoos runs deep. But many symbols that once stayed exclusive to gangs are now quite mainstream. And the lip tattoo is definitely one of these.

Kiss Lips Tattoo on Neck

If you’re in the mood for something louder than the classic red, just try a bolder lip.

The ‘90s ombré glossy lip remains one of the most iconic ways to do your lip makeup. It was crafted and perfected by African-American women of the era. And it now finds new life as a neck tattoo idea.

Black Lips Tattoo on Neck

Another way to spice up this tattoo idea is to switch out the red for something darker.

Black lips are most commonly associated with goth subcultures. But more recent decades have seen the deep, dark lip shade become popular across all aesthetics.

Remembrance Tattoo Ideas

A unique take on black lip tattoos is to use them to memorialize a person, place, or event that holds special meaning for you.

Much like with roses, lips represent love in their red form but point to grief and mourning when black. This makes black lip tattoos the perfect choice for remembrance.

Psychedelic Lips Neck Tattoo

Is casual color switching not doing it for you? Then try something zany and opt for a trippy palette instead.

This stunning piece takes the lip-inspired ink to a new level of sexiness.

Watercolor Kiss Tattoo on the Neck

For an interesting twist, you can swing in a completely different direction from trippy elements. Instead, opt for gentler watercolor-inspired shades and designs. The result is something cheerful yet calming.

Love Me or Leave Me

Outside of different styles and colors, the lips tattoo pairs quite well with script tattoos. There are a million different lines of text you could use. Your tattoos can often do the talking for you, and in the case of scripts, you can make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

Love is in the Air

If you were to look up Basketball players with lip tattoos on their necks, you’d chance upon more than one. But Kenyon Martin’s tattoo is certainly one of the more infamous ones.

The player got inked in honor of his then-girlfriend, hip-hop artist Trina. Unfortunately, the relationship would come to an end, and the tattoo would find new life thanks to a cover-up job. Suffice it to say, if you ever plan to get a significant other’s name inked on your body, make sure they’re The One.

Kiss Me Neck Tattoo

The lip bite can point to everything from anxiety and guilt to flirtatiousness and desire. Ultimately, context helps narrow down what it means.

In the case of this tattoo, there’s no doubt about what the wearer is trying to say.

Kiss Here Neck Tattoo

In case the imagery and context cues weren’t clear enough, however, you could always spell out what you’d like your neck tattoo to convey. This script tattoo is the most minimalist version of a lip tattoo you could possibly get. And, by extension, this also makes it understated and far less noticeable. Particularly when you’ve got a collared shirt on.

Poison Lips Tattoo Ideas

A lip tattoo is usually pretty straightforward. Its meaning, therefore, isn’t too hard to guess. But as with all art, you can adapt a design in unique ways and change its meaning entirely in the process.

Skulls are commonly associated with death and decay. Depending on the rest of the artwork, a skull drawing could also point to life and rebirth. But it does paint an interesting picture when such a symbol is paired with lips, which represent love.

Fatal Kiss Skull Tattoo

Much like the previous tattoo, this skull lip combo is designed to represent a fatal kiss. Media has frequently toyed with the idea of a femme fatale who uses her lips as a weapon. More recently, we’ve seen this deadly method employed in shows like Agent Carter and Game of Thrones.

While the previous tattoo uses a more new-school approach, this one takes its design from old-school styles.

New-School Neck Tattoo Ideas

Old-school tattoos blended the bold black styles of traditional and tribal art with the growing wanderlust of the ‘30s. New-school tattoos, however, relied on the vibrant pop culture of the ‘80s. As such, these newer styles allowed for a brand new exploration of the tattooing art form.

This stunning lip tattoo makes use of the modern 3D style of tattooing. It also blends in a more illustrative look. The result is something that truly pops.

Simple Lips Tattoo on Neck

When it comes to lip tattoos, there is a whole lot of fun you could have with the design. The classic red lip look does, however, still hold its own.

Say It With a Kiss

Neck tattoos can make quite a statement. They’re easy to spot, and tend to stand out even when they’re minimalist. And that makes these lips tattoo on neck ideas an even bolder choice. Whether you opt for a subtler, more classic style or something snazzy and modern, you’re sure to leave the parlor with a stunning new piece of ink.