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Shows like Rick and Morty to Watch High

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TV Shows like Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is the best animated TV show ever created (change our minds). In the golden age of animated TV shows, Rick and Morty is the icing on the cake. In all sincerity, there’s no other show exactly like Rick and Morty. If there was, it would defeat the whole point of it being the greatest. Do not panic just yet, our picks are the closest you can get to a Rick and Morty alternative. Set the stoner vibes right and enjoy the best shows like Rick and Morty to watch high.

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Some basic winning elements of Rick and Morty include; dark humor & lots of gags, topnotch writing, memorable character development, etc. Whereas Rick and Morty represents a perfect blend of these elements, these other shows maybe lacking in one or more aspects. That is not to say they’re far from fantastic and enjoyable. These Rick and Morty like shows may not replace Rick and Morty, however, they’re still amazing alternatives.

10 Shows like Rick and Morty

The Venture Brothers

Do you always hangout naked in the men’s bathroom?

The Venture Brothers has a lot in common with Rick and Morty. The jokes are somewhat on the same stratum and the characters are memorable as well. You won’t get to enjoy the hilarious intergalactic dilemma of Rick & Morty. Yet, it’s still every bit nihilistic and bonkers. It’s a great place to begin your search for shows like Rick and Morty. Fair warning: you have to see every episode in sequential order to really dig it. If you’re looking to pick out the best episodes for some session, it will backfire. There are tons of references and watching judiciously is the only way they make sense.

Bojack Horseman

And before you answer, remember, I’m a celebrity

Bojack Horseman presents a deeper and darker comedy style related to Rick and Morty. The show tackles real life issues in a funny way. It also does justice to flashbacks similar to Rick and Morty. One of the outstanding characteristics of the show is its unique take on celebrity culture.

Invader Zim

You weren’t invited at all

For someone who gets off on dark humor, Invader Zim is a good a call. The show steadily threads the path of dark humor throughout its run. A few episodes is enough to develop insight and build expectations. The characters are not the best and certainly not the worst. There are few things to hate and lots of things to be intrigued about.

Adventure Time

Ninja’s are real

Great adventures don’t start great. It’s the buildup that delivers deep and amazing connection. That’s the case with Adventure time. The more you follow through, the more invested you get in the character stories. Over time, it builds up to a greater story. Additionally, there’s a charm that tags along with the humor.


Hello, I’m here for the free beer

Futurama is the immortal show you may find yourself still watching years from now. The jokes are timeless and they age like wine. Unlike other shows on this list, Futurama is light on the depth of dark humor it explores. It doesn’t make serious effort to be sophisticated, yet it packs a lot of twists and is astonishingly detailed. The show makes a great companion when blazing and relaxing! It can also be watched in bits and pieces and you’d still have a good time.

Moral Orel

I think you need a part time job young man

Animated shows like Rick and Morty seem to have it out for religion. But that isn’t usually the center of attraction. On the other hand, Moral Orel is heavily centered on religion. The show characteristically harbors a back and forth relationship between really depressing and heartwarming moments.

South Park

Try to catch snowflakes on your tongue, it’s fun

If there’s a show that’s good at poking fun at absolutely everything, it’s South Park. The animated TV show is not a respecter of person, position, place and feelings. They literally take a dump on everyone and everything. Depending on who’s watching, it can get weird and annoying sometimes.



Animaniacs is undoubtedly a “children’s show” written for adults. It’s a brilliant slapstick filled with witty jokes. It poses the question: are cartoons really made for kids? After all, they’re made by adults. It’s not exactly in the vein of Rick and Morty. However, a random episode is great for a chill time.

Gravity Falls

Mabel, do you believe in ghosts?

Gravity Falls is here because it’s a well-executed show you’re going to enjoy. The writing is clever and the plot is delightful. The mystery element that shrouds the show creates room for shocking reveals.

Steven Universe

You’re racing bugs? That’s fun

Just one more show that deserves your attention. It hovers around some heavy topics before making a touchdown in good ways.

Bonus Picks

  • The Mandalorian
  • The Regular Show
  • Mr. Sprinkles
  • Space Dandy
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Super jail
  • Clone High
  • China IL
  • Bravest Warriors

The undisputed champion: Rick and Morty

Seeing a movie adapted from a good novel you’ve read usually draws large amounts of criticism. You may feel the same way seeing these shows after Rick and Morty. Once you’ve had a taste of something better, the unconscious mind goes into judgment mode. The best way to enjoy these shows is to avoid direct comparisons to Rick and Morty. Enjoy them in their own realm. Haven’t had your fill of animated movies? Check out the best kids movies to watch high. Let your inner child roam free!