You’ve probably considered taking magic mushrooms and smoking a blunt at the same time or on the same day. Who could blame you? So many people swear by the effects of both drugs and so mixing them seems like a great idea. But is it? Is mixing shrooms and weed safe? Here’s what we know. 

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Shrooms vs Weed: Similarities and Differences 

Even though shrooms and weed are two completely different plants, they are similar in some ways.

The most significant similarity is that they both cause certain effects such as euphoria, anxiety, an increase in your heart rate, and dilated pupils.  In addition, they are both being researched for the effects of mental illnesses such as depression. 

As a matter of fact, microdosing weed or shrooms may help relieve certain ailments such as pain according to recent studies but more search is needed. 

However, there are some effects more common with shrooms than weed, even though they share pretty similar effects.

For example, magic mushrooms can cause frightening hallucinations, unusual body sensations, and spirit awakenings according to Medical News Today. 

Another difference between both drugs is how they cause their effects. 

Medical News Today says shrooms activate the serotonin receptors, mostly in the prefrontal cortex. This explains the change in perception, mood, and cognition when on shrooms. 

On the other hand, the cannabinoids from weed target different receptors. A 2021 study says, “THC and CBD bind with cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), which are present in the brain and many organs.”

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The endocannabinoid system influences neuronal synaptic communication and affects biological functions such as eating and metabolism. This explains why hitting a bong makes you hungry

In terms of how long either drug takes to kick in, they similarly vary in time due to many factors. The time it takes for either drug to kick in depends on its potency, how much of it you use, the method of use, and the individual themselves. For example, your metabolism and tolerance of either drug will have an effect on your experience with them. 

Can You Smoke Shrooms With Weed?

We couldn’t find any research that examined the effects of adding shrooms to your blunt.

However, we know people who enjoy both shrooms and weed tend to crush the shrooms into a powder and add it to their weed. 

At the same time, we don’t recommend smoking shrooms because it can be dangerous and be more trouble than it’s worth.

We’ve already covered all the reasons why we don’t recommend smoking shrooms however, we’ll summarize the reasons. 

Smoking shrooms can result in abdominal cramps, nausea, and other uncomfortable side effects. In addition, you may expose your lungs to mold spores. However, smoking moldy weed is also a possibility. 

Smoking shrooms also may dull your trip. Adding heat to shrooms may destroy the psilocybin which is the main compound that gives you the euphoria you’re after. 

That’s why most people eat shrooms, instead of smoking them to get the potent psychedelic effects they’re craving.

Therefore smoking shrooms and weed together may not give you the desired effects.

Can You Smoke Weed on Shrooms? 

You can technically smoke weed with shrooms however, it’s not for everyone. 

For example, mixing weed and shrooms is not recommended for people new to either substance. 

It’s not recommended for newbies because of the potential intensity of the high or trip. 

Healthline says, “combining mushrooms with THC-rich strains can increase the intensity of the trip. It may cause more interesting and intense visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as more intriguing thought patterns.” 

They caution against this combo because the intensity may be too much and unpleasant. 

Reddit users also shared similar sentiments. 

One user cautioned newbies from combining both drugs, they said, “for somebody who’s an amateur I would never recommend adding anything that can add to stress or a panic attack if anything.”

Another one said combining both weed and shrooms was unpleasant and cautions people against doing it. They said, “I’d refrain, just from my own experience, weed has made my trips worse sometimes, especially if I’m not coming down.”

Finally, one Reddit user said, “Mushrooms can get emotionally overwhelming on their own and mixing it with weed is a recipe for disaster if doing shrooms for the first time. Weed is nice to combine with psychedelics but you shouldn’t do so until you know how YOUR BODY reacts to them.”

Newbies aren’t the only ones at risk for unpleasant effects. Anyone can have a bad experience with weed or shrooms and so it’s possible when both are mixed. 

One Reddit user said mixing shrooms and weed made them have a bad trip, “Started a horrortrip this way. Whait (sic) till the shrooms are over.”

Someone else said that weed ended their shrooms trip too early.

Positive Experiences Combining Shrooms and Weed 

Mixing shrooms and weed can be a positive experience.

Healthline says that based on online anecdotal reports, a more CBD-rich strain combined with shrooms could reduce nausea and anxiety common with shrooms. 

In addition, many Reddit users enjoy mixing shrooms and weed and even liken the combo to peanut butter and jelly. 

One Reddit user said, “weed saved me from a bad trip, my friends all said not to smoke but it was the only thing that stopped me from spiraling out and let me enjoy the ride!”

In another Reddit thread, one user said, “For me, it increased the euphoria and visuals by 10 fold while muting some anxiety that I had. It’s pretty great.”

While another chimed in with, “You’ll feel a connection to cannabis that you’ve never felt before.”

Should You Use Weed Before or During a Mushroom Trip?

There is no right answer. It just depends on the person. 

Healthline says to counteract the anxiety and nausea from shrooms, using weed first may be better. 

Some people swear that using weed during a trip is the way to have a good time. However, people disagree on the time. 

Healthline says, “When used 3 to 4 hours in (when the effects of mushrooms begin to fade), cannabis can slightly prolong the experience and help you contextualize the experience as a whole, according to anecdotal reports.”

One Reddit user said, “wait for shrooms peak (1,5-2h), before smoking to ensure that trip won’t be too strong.”

Another said, “Wait 90 Minutes to two hours after the shrooms before Smoking so you know how hard the shrooms will hit. Shrooms can be really intense and it can be overwhelming if they are also enhanced by weed.”


So, shrooms and weed, is it safe? We don’t know any serious risks about combining the two. However, there is no research really that speaks about their combination and the effects you’ll feel. If you’re used to using either drug you’ll probably be fine. However, if you’re a newbie, you probably won’t want to combine the two. We’re not encouraging anyone to use magic mushrooms, we’re only trying to inform you.

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