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How to Smoke a Blunt

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Learning how to smoke a blunt can be more challenging than it appears, especially for novice consumers. But you have come to the right place. This guide outlines what you need to know to get the most out of your smoking experience and perfect the art.

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What is a blunt?

First things first, blunts are cigars that have had the tobacco removed and replaced with cannabis flower. You can also roll your weed with tobacco-free blunt wraps. 

Rap music played a huge role in popularizing blunts in the mid-80s. Today, it has become one of the common ways to smoke weed. This is because blunts offer a discreet way to enjoy cannabis on-the-go. Also, the tobacco wrap adds an extra kick to the buzz. 

How to smoke a blunt 

Once your blunt is rolled, it’s time to enjoy it. 

  1. Light – Light your blunt and roll it between your fingers 360 degrees to ensure it’s evenly lit. Blunts are denser than joints; thus, it may take longer to draw the hit. 
  2. Smoke it – Hit the blunt two or three times without holding the smoke to ensure the blunt is well-lit. After that, hold the blunt smoke in for a count of one or two to ensure the lungs absorb most of the active ingredients. Exhale gently. 
  3. Take it slow – You can hit it several times (depending on your dodge and tolerance) and wait for the effects to kick in. However, it’s important to take it slow. Blunts are massive, holding weed capable of rolling approximately six joints. 
  4. Put it out – If you’re done smoking and didn’t finish it, carefully put out the half-smoked blunt and store it for later use. You can put out your blunt by gently pressing it against a hard surface like an ashtray. Ensure you apply enough pressure to extinguish the blunt but not too much to damage it.  

Tips when smoking blunts

Here are tips to employ when smoking blunts, elevating the overall experience. 

Stay hydrated 

Staying hydrated is a necessary daily routine. It’s more important when weed is involved. Make an effort to drink water before and after smoking a blunt. Your throat will thank you later. 

Drinking lots of fluids help avoid a smoke cough, which can result from irritating sensitive tissues in your throat and lungs. 

Blunt storage  

Proper storage ensures the blunts maintain their freshness and potency. Once you have put out your lit blunt, use an airtight container or blunt case to store it for later use. 

Prepare for munchies 

You’re more likely to be hungry after your smoke session. Leaving the house to look for food may affect the experience. 

Hence, it’s important to have snacks ready before lighting your blunt. This guarantees you enjoy the high and address the resulting munchies without leaving the house. 

Despite the many benefits of blunts, they also have a couple of downsides. Continued use of tobacco may have adverse health effects in the long run. We suggest you opt for tobacco-free blunt wraps.  

How to roll a blunt

Learning how to roll a blunt is a crucial step for you to smoke it properly. Although you can easily purchase already rolled blunts called pre-rolls, learning how to roll is essential for any cannabis enthusiast. 

One of the major benefits of rolling your blunt is the chance to customize it. You can choose the specific weed strain, preferred blunt wraps and more. Also, you can share your newfound skill with friends and acquaintances, improving your personal relationships. You don’t want to be that friend who can’t roll, obligating others to roll for you.


First, assemble all the materials. 

  • Cannabis flower -1.5 to 2 grams 
  • Blunt wrap
  • Grinder
  • Razor blade

Grind the weed

Once you have all the necessary materials, grind your cannabis buds. Use the grinder to crush your cannabis bud into a medium smoothness. Grinding too finely may make the blunt burn too hot and quickly. However, the medium grind ensures the blunt will stay lit yet burn slowly from one end to the other. We recommend roughly 7-8 rotations.

Prepare the blunt wrap

Use the razor blade to cleanly split the cigar wrap lengthwise down the middle. Once you have opened the wrap, toss out the tobacco within. 

Wet the blunt wrap

Wet the wrap using a little bit of water. This is an important step before placing weed onto the blunt wrap. Get your fingertips wet and run them across the blunt wrap. Wetting the wrap ensures that it’s flexible when shaping it.

Fill with weed

Shape the wet blunt wrap into half a cylinder with your fingers. Then sprinkle the crushed weed into the V-shaped blunt wrap. At this point, you can add kief or other concentrates to increase the potency of your blunt. 

You’ll need 1 to 2 grams of ground herb to fill one average-sized blunt. If you’re rolling a bigger blunt, you’ll need more weed. 

Roll the blunt

Carefully roll the wet wrap between your fingers. However, avoid applying too much pressure as this may damage the wrap, especially when it’s not moist enough. 

Once you have packed and shaped the blunt, tuck the wrap under itself. Then wet the exposed edges and use your fingers to smooth it out. You can also use your lighter to dry your blunt. This helps seal the edges together and ensure even burn. 

Blunt vs joint vs spliff

Joints are rolled cannabis cigarettes. Unlike blunts, you can only use rolling paper to wrap your joint. The standard size of joints is usually about 2.75 x 1.4 inches. However, you’ll have a joint measuring about 4 x 2 inches using king-size rolling paper.

Just like blunts and joints, spliffs contain weed. However, it also contains another element: tobacco, usually less than 50%. Spliffs are wrapped with rolling papers, just like joints. Thus, the size of your spliff will depend on the rolling paper you use. 

How many blunts can you smoke in a day? 

The number of blunts you’ll smoke in a day may vary. Some factors that may influence this include potency level and tolerance, but most veteran blunt smokers two to three.

However, some with lungs of steel such as Snoop Dogg have claimed to smoke 80 blunts daily. So how many blunts does Snoop Dogg smoke a day, really? With his known love for cannabis, he definitely smokes more blunts than an average consumer. But the actual number is up for debate. We can only assume that the prize goes to Snoop for the most blunts smoked in a day.

Practice makes perfect

The first thing to do is to learn how to roll your blunt. Then, ensure you have all the necessary materials to roll a blunt and follow our step-by-step guide. Once your blunt is ready, take your time to smoke it and savor the flavor. If you prefer joints, check out our guide on how to roll a perfect joint.


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