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What Does it Mean When You Drop the Blunt?

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When you hang around stoners long enough, you’re definitely going to learn some new jargon in the cannabis community. One of them is dropping the blunt. So what does it mean when you drop the blunt? And what does it have to do with cheating? 

In this guide, you’ll learn the multiple meanings of dropping the blunt and hip-hop’s influence from Kanye to JordanxBell. 

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What does dropping the blunt mean literally? 

Dropping the blunt literally means physically dropping the joint or smoke. It can happen due to two reasons. Either you’re clumsy, letting the blunt slip through the fingers. Or, you’re pretty high, zone out, and the blunt falls. 

Dropping the blunt may not have adverse effects if the blunt is properly rolled. 

You can easily pick the blunt up and continue with your session. However, you may get dirty looks and a good jab in the arm. That’s especially the case if you burn a hole in the couch or carpet. 

Another meaning of dropping the blunt is when you don’t have any flower to contribute; instead, you offer wrapping to roll the blunt. 

Stoner etiquette 

Now that you know the meaning of dropping the blunt, let’s dive into the smoking etiquette you should abide by. This smoking code ensures respect and politeness in the cannabis community. 


For starters, if you haven’t pitched any ganja to add to the blunt, the least you can do is purchase the rolling papers. Furthermore, avoid complaining about the quality, quality or your place in the rotation. 

Rollers rights

Respect the rollers’ rights. This code outlines that the roller should be the first one to light the blunt. If you want to be second in line to smoke, you may say ‘deuce.’ However, you must have contributed te weed to earn this position. But, if you call ‘deuce’ before the blunt has been rolled, you’ll be the last to have a go by default. 

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Wait patiently 

Also, if you haven’t added cannabis to the mix, the pitchers may go a few rotations without including you. However, avoid asking to join in and wait to be invited. 

Ring it 

Additionally, if you receive a blunt that canoed (burned faster on one side), you must ring it. Simply use saliva to create a ring on the burning edge to slow the burning. 

What does it mean if you drop the blunt in a relationship? 

When it comes to relationships, dropping the blunt has an entirely different meaning. Put directly, dropping the blunt means your significant other or partner is cheating. Thus, it’s common for a person who has dropped the blunt to call their partner to find out who they are with. That’s how the dual meaning evolved, where you must drop the blunt to pick up the phone and dial. 

Dropping the blunt can also mean your partner isn’t open about their intentions or feelings. However, you might notice red flags such as changes in behavior and lack of transparency. 

Dropping the blunt meaning popularized through hip-hop 

Hip-hop and rap music have played a huge role in shaping the cannabis industry. For this reason, it’s common to hear famous artists using the phrase ‘dropping the blunt’ in their music and lyrics. 

For instance, JordanxBell’s song Don’t Drop the Blunt begins, “you probably just dropped the blunt…that’s a shame. I just linked your girl and beat it out the frame.” The phrase has a clearly negative connotation. He’s insinuating that he hooked up with some other man’s girlfriend. The word “frame” may possibly have a deeper meaning that this man is now out of the picture. For reference, you can find this song on the Stoners Rotation Wake and Bake playlist.

In Kanye’s The New Workout Plan the lyrics “don’t drop the blunt and disrespect the weed” do not appear to be about cheating per say although the entire song is clearly sensual. It’s the rapper’s workout tape for how to pull successful men and “be the envy of all my friends.”

In YG’s song I’m Good the word “hit” has a double meaning. Throughout the song, he’s talking about hooking up with someone else’s girl before dropping this line, “If you don’t drop on the blunt then you don’t hit it.” As any stoner knows, hit plainly refers to taking a hit from a blunt and in this context, it also means to link up.

Dropped blunt meaning unfaithful

Dropping the blunt has the literal meaning of physically dropping the smoke. Although much less common, another meaning is to at least provide blunt wraps when you don’t have weed to pitch in. Most interestingly though, the phrase has become popularized by hip-hop music to mean that your partner is not being faithful. For this reason, take your time to understand the alternate meanings before using it during the smoke sesh.


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