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How to Get Resin Off your Hands Easily

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Getting sticky fingers from cannabis resin is a nuisance, especially when you can’t rub it off no matter what you do. The resin tends to build up in pipes, bongs and dab rigs over time and commonly get on hands when cleaning these smoking devices. Thus, learning how to get resin off your hands is essential for any cannabis enthusiast, whether you’re smoking or dabbing. 

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Different types of resin 

The sticky, even gooey organic compound that is cannabis resin is produced naturally in the trichomes of the cannabis plant. The resin contains active ingredients, including THC, the main psychoactive compound responsible for feeling high. 

When you break cannabis flower, the resin is released, making your fingers or gloves stick together. Also, when you’re trimming your plants, you can experience sticky fingers. However, the toughest to remove seems to be the resin that builds up from use over time within water pipes.

Sticky fingers can cause several issues. For instance, you can jam your lighter if you use it with sticky fingers. What’s more, cannabis resin can stick to almost everything from hair to your clothes. 

This is especially bad when it comes to concentrates such as live resin, wax and budder due to their particularly gooey texture that can permanently stain. 

How to get resin off hands easily

Now that you know the different types of resin at play, let’s dive into ways to clean up your sticky fingers effortlessly. 


This method is the most effective and involves getting off the sticky resin by exfoliating it with an abrasive element and soap. You’ll have to rub your sticky hands in something coarse such as salt, sand or even poppy seeds. The abrasive material will scrape away the resin, making it easier to remove. 

After you’re done rubbing, use soap and water to wash it away. However, avoid applying too much pressure as this may damage the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Use oil 

Oil is an effective method to get resin off the hands. You can use readily available vegetables, coconut, or olive oils. First, apply a generous amount of oil between the palms of your hands. Gently rub the oil where the resin is and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then, use water and soap to wash away the mixture. 

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The major benefit of using oils to clean the resin from your hands is that they are natural and will leave your skin feeling very smooth. Also, they can be found virtually in any kitchen; thus, you don’t have to make a trip to the grocery store or spend money needlessly.

On the downside, oils may only partially dissolve all the resin. Hence, you’ll have to combine this with other methods to fully get rid of the resin. 

Apply rubbing alcohol 

Basic rubbing alcohol is another way to get resin off your hands. Pour rubbing alcohol onto a soft cloth and rub it on the areas covered with cannabis resin. 

The alcohol will dissolve the resin, making removing the residue easier with soap and warm water. Once you have washed and rinsed your hands, let them dry. Now you can smoke your glass bong without risking jamming your favorite lighter. 

However, you should be extra cautious when using rubbing alcohol to clean your resin-covered hands. Rubbing alcohol is highly concentrated, with some having a concentration of up to 99%. Hence, you’ll need to dilute it with water. Also, rubbing alcohol can be extremely flammable, so avoid using it near direct heat sources such as blow torches 

Inhaling alcohol fumes can lead to headaches and related issues. Thus, clean your hands in a well-ventilated room or an open space. 

You can use other types, such as methanol and alcohol if you don’t have rubbing alcohol at the ready. Also, if you have sensitive skin, opt for other methods, as alcohol is diuretic and may leave your skin quite dry. 

Make finger hash 

This is a cleaning method that will not only remove the cannabis resin, but you can also make use of the sticky resin leaving nothing to waste. 

  1. To start, press your fingers together to warm the trichomes. Then, rub the fingers against each other in  a circular option while applying slight pressure, 
  2. After some time, you’ll feel tiny clumps of hash sticking together. At first, they are so tiny and scattered, and you may think you won’t get any sizable hash.
  3. However, continue rubbing together, and as the temperature rises, the clumps will stick together, forming larger pieces. At this point, compact the hash ball harder, improving its structural integrity. 
  4. Although this process is slow, you’ll have clean fingers and some quality finger hash. 

Can you smoke resin?

You might be wondering whether you can smoke cannabis resin. Enter into the world of dabbing. Yes, you can smoke your finger hash and unlock an even more potent high. The resulting high will differ as hash contains upwards of 50-60% THC. Hence, taking it slow when dabbing is crucial as you work toward your optimum dosage. We recommend you start with a dab roughly half the size of a grain of rice, and you can increase your intake with time. 

Get resin off your hands 

Frankly, we love the idea of sticky fingers. It means the bud is good. But the reality of sticky fingers can be irritating. You can use several methods, such as oil, rubbing alcohol, exfoliating or even making finger hash to clean resin off your hands. Now that you know how to clean resin off your hands, the best of sticky icky awaits you.  


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