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Can You Freeze Weed?

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People have tried to store weed in lots of ways and for good reason. Weed has to be stored properly because weed can go bad. To preserve a lot of different foods, we freeze them and they taste perfectly fine when you’re ready to eat them. Can this same logic apply to weed? Let’s see if you can really freeze weed.

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Can You Store Marijuana in the Freezer?

Yes, you can! People who grow weed definitely have been freezing it for the simple fact that traditional methods may not keep their stash fresh for long enough.

If you’re using fresh weed, here is how you can prepare your weed harvest for freezing, according to Royal Queen Seeds:

 1. Trim and Dry Your Weed

You can either trim your weed right after harvest, known as “wet trimming” or wait until it’s dry to do so. Royal Seed Queens recommends trimming weed while it’s wet saying, “Ideally, we recommend trimming while your buds are still wet, as it’s easier, more precise, and you don’t risk losing resin from agitation as you do when handling dry buds.”

To dry the weed, it’s recommended that you either string it up or use wire racks. If you’re using wire racks, make sure you flip the buds occasionally so that they don’t become flat on one side. According to Royal Seed Queens, “For best results, you should hang or otherwise position your trimmed buds in a dark room with good air circulation and a relative humidity of about 45–55%.” It will take weed around a week to 12 days to dry.

2. Pick a Good Storage Container

Royal Seed Queen recommends using a vacuum jar and avoiding containers made of plastic. The article said, “A vacuum jar is probably the best choice, or really any storage box without a static charge like plastic can work.” Once you pack and seal your bud tightly, you can put it in the freezer.

3. Retrieve the Frozen Weed For Use

Weed can stay frozen for 1-2 years. It’s important to let the weed thaw naturally and definitely don’t microwave it when you’re ready to use it. If you do you’ll run the risk of damaging parts of it. According to Royal Seed Queen, “Keep your hands off it while it’s still frozen, as the trichomes will be very fragile.” The article also cautions that the top layer of the weed may not be perfect since air and water may have played a role in its degradation.

Why Some Say Not to Freeze Weed

Healthline does not suggest storing weed in this way. According to an article about storing cannabis on their website, “Freezing temps can cause trichomes — the tiny hairs on flowers that produce cannabinoids — to become brittle and break off when handled.” The article also went on to say that freezing may introduce the weed to moisture and therefore can result in mold. 

Can You Freeze Weed Edibles?

If you make edibles and you want to preserve them for a while, freezing is a good option. Cheri Sicard, a cannabis chef and the author of Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook was quoted in Greenway saying, “Many edibles can be frozen for longer storage along with cannabutter and oil.  But brownies are one of the easiest foods to freeze.”

How to Store Weed In Jars

How you store weed is very important. According to Healthline, “Light, humidity, temperature, and oxygen can all mess with cannabis and affect its aroma, taste, and potency potential.”

Freezing weed is not the only way to store weed. According to Healthline, you can store your weed by placing it in a clean airtight container such as a mason jar. It’s best to avoid plastic or tin and opt for a glass container. Make sure the jar is stored in a cool dark place with a relative humidity of 59% to 63%. For instance, a closet or cabinet with a temperature below 25° Celsius is a great place to store your weed. 

How to Check for Mold on Weed

Unless you have a weakened immune system, weed with mold may not cause you serious harm according to Healthline. Using moldy weed could cause you to feel nausea, vomiting, and coughing. However, if you do have a weakened immune system, even inhaling the vapors from mold-infested weed could cause death. 

You’ll know your weed has mold through careful inspection. Healthline says, “It [Weed] typically looks like white powdery or fuzzy spots, some of which can be pretty small.” The weed also would have a musty smell and taste ‘off’.


Yes, you can freeze flower, buds and edibles. If you do opt for freezing flower and bud just remember to let it thaw naturally so that you don’t destroy the trichomes.


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