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Black Mirror Episodes Ranked

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Top 10 Best Black Mirror episodes

It is almost impossible to have never heard about Black Mirror. This sci-fi TV show leads us to a distorted near future where humanity’s greatest technological innovations collide with its darkest instincts.

Each depiction of a new technological advancement is used to emphasize the overarching plot of the series: technology will destroy humanity. The scariest part is that while futuristic, it is believable and looks like something that we can actually experience in the near future.

There is no continuity between episodes, so each person can watch in whatever order they want. To help you enter this trippy world, we’ve created a list of Black Mirror episodes ranked.

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10. Hang the DJ (Season 4, Episode 4)

Hang the DJ trailer

Amy and Frank met using the “System” which seems to be a normal dating app at the beginning. But they soon discover that there is more to it.

What they initially don’t know is that the program puts an expiration date on all relationships. 

This is one of the few episodes that has a happy ending, and is a great introduction into what Black Mirror is about.

9. Playtest (Season 3, Episode 2)

Playtest trailer

This episode shows what happens when we mix horror, technology, and hereditary afflictions: a disturbing unsettling story.

Cooper decides to participate in a new virtual reality game testing as a way to earn some extra cash to make his way back home. It all seems very simple until the test becomes the biggest mental trial of his life, and things get out of control.

8. The National Anthem (Season 1, Episode 1)

National Anthem trailer

A politician. A pig. A princess. What these three characters have in common?

This first episode of Black Mirror shows a kidnap, a strange demand, and what the Prime Minister has to do to ensure that the princess returns home safe.

With a wrenching twist, the episode shows that the audience is just as guilty as the kidnapper.

7. White Bear (Season 2, Episode 1)

White Bear trailer

Can you imagine a park where we could hunt down criminals and punish them for their crimes? This is this episode’s plot.

One day, Victoria Skillane wakes up in a strange place and finds out that she is being hunted, apparently for no reason at all. But things are not that simple, she is actually being punished for assisting in the murder of a young girl.

The White Bear Justice Park allows citizens to hunt or witness criminals being hunted as a form of spectacle.

It gets us questioning: Who is worse, the criminals, the torturer, or the audience who enjoys watching others being punished?

6. Fifteen Million Merits (Season 1, Episode 2)

Fifteen Million Merits trailer

An episode about greed, commercialism, and how it affects our daily life.

Bing lives in a world where people gain merits – the currency of the compound he lives in – for riding power-generating stationary bikes. Suddenly he falls in love with a woman who sings beautifully and decides to help her enter a singing competition show.

The price? All of his fifteen million merits. 

It all collapses when the woman fails the contest and has two horrifying options: submit to degrading acts or return to slavery.

5. Black Museum (Season 4, Episode 6)

Black Museum trailer

The horrors of this episode are closer to reality than we’d like to accept.

The episode is composed of three short stories that come together by the end.

On a road in the middle of nowhere, a traveler discovers a strange museum that offers a disturbing main attraction.

4. Nosedive (Season 3, Episode 1)

Nosedive trailer

A world ruled by social media. This is not something so different from what we are living today, or is it?

In this episode, an insecure woman is living in a status-obsessed society. Everyone’s worth is defined by how they are ranked digitally, and she is desperately looking for ways to increase her ranking.

The ranking determines what kind of job you can have, what buildings you are allowed to enter, where you can travel and where you can live. Creepy right? Or are we already experiencing something similar?

3. The Entire History of You (Season 1, Episode 3)

The Entire History of You trailer

Imagine being able to access all of your past memories through a memory implant that records everything you see, do or hear? 

This could be interesting for those who suffer from memory loss. Or not so much if your loved one suspects that you’ve been unfaithful and decides to put you to the test.

Thinking it through, some things might be too painful to revisit and are better left behind.

2. San Junipero (Season 3, Episode 4)

San Junipero trailer

What happens to us after we die? Well, in this episode of Black Mirror, we could import our consciousness into a machine and live happily ever after in a beach resort town called San Junipero.

This is one of the few episodes that shows us that technology can ultimately bring us together instead of tearing us apart. 

1. Be Right Back (Season 2, Episode 1)

Be Right Back trailer

Losing your loved one is not easy, especially when you discover that you are pregnant with your recently deceased boyfriend’s child. But technology might help. What if there was a service that could replicate their thoughts, memories, and feelings?

In this episode, Marta tries it, but soon something goes horribly awry, and she discovers that technology can do so much and that it won’t bring her boyfriend back, only replicates part of his existence.

Binge-watch and a side of blunts, please

Are you ready to see how technology might change our lives? Prepare your joint and travel through the Black Mirror world with these Top 10 Black Mirror episodes ranked. It’s a trip to say the least. Want a second opinion? Looking for something more tailored to your high? Maybe these top Black Mirror episodes to watch high will do.