What is a bong?

Also known as water pipes, bongs filter marijuana smoke through water, removing contaminants and cooling it down for a smoother hit. How does a bong work? Before all else make sure you fill the base with water submerging the downstem completely. There’s nothing harsher than taking a dry hit from a bong. Pack your bowl and make sure you’re in a comfortable position to lean over the bong. Light the bowl and inhale. The water should begin to bubble as smoke fills up the chamber. To clear the bong, remove the bowl gradually and prepare mentally for the hit you’re about to take. Anatomy of a bong: tube, bowl, base, carb and downstem. Are silicone bongs safe? Silicone bongs are safe as long as they are made with non-toxic Food Grade Silicone. They can withstand temperatures of 600° Fahrenheit and the material by nature is inert, meaning that it does not react with most chemicals even when heated.