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11 Unique Bongs for Sale

unique bong with handpainted fox mushroom house and glow and the dark eyes

There are some beautiful and unique bongs that exist on the market and in the world of glassblowing art. If you’re looking for a unique bong for sale, luckily you’re not just limited to ultra-expensive artisan bongs that will break the bank. Check out these eleven unique bongs for sale and surely you will find one with an amazing aesthetic that’s in your price range.

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1. Fox Bong

This golden fox bong is one of the most unique bongs for sale in our online headshop. It features a 3-D hand painted fox face and mushroom house with trippy glow in the dark eyes on the cap. What’s more, it has a showerhead percolator for optimal filtration and diffused hits.

2. Lava Lamp Bong

The lava lamp is one of the most quintessential items of stoner decor. Now, with this unique bong you can get as high as you want while also elevating any space with this awesome glass piece. Standing at 9 inches, this bong mimics the classic lava lamp look with its neon green glass orb floating in the center.

3. Honey Percolator Bong

If you’re looking for a super unique beautiful bong, this one is definitely for you. Standing at a great mid-size height of 9 inches, it offers a handmade look without costing hundreds of dollars. The artistic wiring will have all your friends asking where you got this bong. Plus, the honeycomb percolator in the center adds extra smoothness to every hit. Just remember that this beauty needs love and upkeep due to its intricate details!

4. Propeller Percolator Bong

Become a trendsetter with this ultra-unique cool bong. With a glass propeller inside each percolation chamber, every hit will deliver super trippy visuals as the smoke moves through the bong’s many twists and turns. With its trendy bright green color and sturdy glass, this is definitely a great pick for any stoner interested in a simple design with amazing smoke movements.

5. Cobra Snake Bong

Looking for the most unique glass bong? Look no further! This beautiful, iridescent cobra snake bong packs a punch in a sturdy 6.5 inches. This purchase will add a psychedelic aesthetic to any room you decide to place it in. Get extra high while also adding this trippy friend into your unique bong collection.

6. Glow-In-The-Dark Monster Bong

This bong is probably one of the most trippy unique bongs. The monster face is straight-up silly and glows in the dark, offering two different looks in one. With a handmade clay appearance and a creepy set of eyes surrounding the bong, this is surely the best pick for lovers of monsters, horror, and other creepy crawlers.

7. Pineapple Glass Bong

What lives in a pineapple under the sea? This bong! Out of all these unique bongs for sale, this one is the most fun and whimsical. Why not get fruity with this pineapple bong as your centerpiece for any room? It’s not too cumbersome and will surely bring compliments for its beautiful orange shape. Plus, the texture of the leaves and fruit shape are so satisfying to hold on to!

8. Twisted Iridescent Bong

Looking for a piece that’s sturdy but also elegant? This bong glistens and captures beautiful light fractals with its twisted shape. Even better, it stands tall at 12.5 inches, with a thick lip at the top to provide that perfect dense bong rip. The thick, textured glass and beaker shape makes for a great everyday bong that brings an additional sparkly flare.

9. Coil Recycler Bong

Lastly in our list of the best unique bongs for sale is this mind-blowing coiled bong. This glass is perfect for seasoned weed smokers who can take big hits but want a more refined mouthfeel. With this bong, you’ll watch the smoke coil up to the mouthpiece and enjoy one of the best tokes ever. With its 12.5 inch height and classy look, this is one impressive bong.

10. Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost Bong

With this spooky ghost bong, you can celebrate Halloween all year! Adding these glow-in-the-dark ghost buddies to your classic beaker bong experience will surely make you smile during every toke. Plus, this bong has sturdy glass and a medium size that is great for the smoker who doesn’t want a bong with a crazy amount of cleaning upkeep.

11. Silicone Sriracha Bong

Nothing goes better together than snacks and weed. This bong is perfect for stoners who love Sriracha and any other spicy munchies. Even better, it’s made of silicone and can be transported along and cleaned easily.

Trippy Tokes Ahead!

With all of these fun choices, there’s no limit to unique bongs that are for sale! Whether you want a small or large bong, a cute or cool bong, there’s bound to be something out there for you!


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